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Do you like the new ASKfm feature Shoutout?


How to use the Shoutout function?

1) Open ASKfm app and click on the button with "owlcat". There a new option has appeared — Shoutout. Tap there;)
2) In the empty field write your question that you want to ask users nearby.
3) Hooray! Your question is now visible to public.
4) The answers will start falling into your inbox. Answer to Shoutouts sent in by other users on the tab with questions.
5) You can enable or disable reception of Shoutout questions by a special icon on the upper right corner.

Everything is simple enough :)

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what is the shoutout?

SHOUTOUT is a completely new function at ASKfm, which is aimed at finding interesting people nearby. Now you can ask a question to dozens of other active users side by side. Try it out and write your first impressions!

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Love this owl on ASKfm x😘🙆 From where you got idea to make it??💁💕

Thank you soooo much! 💗 It's just a bunch of inspiration and love ✨ Hope, ASKfm inspires you too! 💫

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H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y 🎉


It is not today, but thank you anyway!

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How old are you?

7 years old ☺️

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Post something funny🙊


it is definitely more ironic, but still...😝

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How do your office look like?

Here you go 😉

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Have you ever cried over a movie?


...and we're not even ashamed to disclose it ✋

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How to install ASKfm Stickers for iMessage?

Easy! Watch a video guide below

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Hey, I love you!

Love you too! And everyone on ASKfm 💗

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When are you making new emojis for the spring/summer? Like you did during the winter.

Summer moods are available! Check your settings ☺️

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"Batman" or "Cutie"?* ASKfm STICKER PACK — now exclusively available for iMessage!


Do you have girlfriend? or u are a bot :D

⚫️ Herio131 ☑️

I am Owlcat (not a bot) 😉 and here is my soulmate 💖

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What's new on ASKfm?

Meet Owlcat's soulmate and friends 😍👇
Check out ASKfm STICKER PACK — now exclusively available for iMessage!

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How many followers do u have here ?

Jad ✖️

Who is not subscribed yet❓🤔

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You on twitter? If yes, what's your username?

Sure! It's @askfm

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#ASKfmQuote ✨

Calm down 😆

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You forgot "PAP" which means " Post a picture" :v


Check the 1st part of our ASKfm vocabulary:

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What is that meaning 👉TBH?

TBH - to be honest
...and some more common:
STAIF - standing to all I follow
AMA - ask me anything
RN - right now
PC - photo challenge
FI - first impression
pbcs - perfect, beauty, cute, sexy
rate - rating someone (eg. 90%/100%)
dp - display picture
TBR - to be rude (before writing something harsh)
Slept - knocking someone out, missing something good or being high
Ship - relationship
Idek - I don't even know…
Ikr - I know, right?
Smh - shaking my head
Dime - a kind of approval rating on a score of 1-10
Goat - greatest of all time

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Summer is the best time to try living this way 😉

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