We're working on new ways to filter your feed so you see just what you want! 💥 ASKfm

top 3 funniest people you know

We can't name just 3!

I'm DYING for the update. when is it due out?

So soon! Within the next two weeks.

You asked! Finally, we're going to have the option to delete answer notifications for the questions you've asked. ASKfm

can you say hi in spanish ?? luana caldas

Hola mi amiga. 👋🏻

Happy Safer Internet Day! Are you doing your part for a kinder, safer Internet? It's not too late to answer the QOTD and spread the good vibes! #SID2016 http://bit.ly/SIDUS ASKfm

What, when, why…ask

Our thoughts exactly.

We're building the ability to choose your own color for ASKfm in this next release. Ready for more than blue or orange? Which color is most you? ASKfm

Thanks everyone - your input does make an impact. We've started work on navigation changes for iOS. ASKfm

New Release Update: We’ve been listening to all your constructive input on the new ASKfm. We're working on app changes as we type! ASKfm

Who do you have Snapchat streaks with?

We don't have a Snapchat. Should we make one? Would you watch our Snaps?

Either way your nose hurts.👃 Find out what @lizzzavine is up to and answer her #QOTD! #justask ASKfm

What languages to you speak? :)

We have a translation team that speaks 50+ languages!

Ever wondered what it takes to get half a million followers on Vine? #justask @parenttrapfan now! 🍳 ASKfm

You know, it would be really helpful if there's an option where our friends cannot see our liked posts.

Is it okay if we like that idea? We're working on something like that right now. 👏

How can i know that a actor/actrees/singer or whatever have real ask.fm account not fake ??

Just look for a verified badge on their profile. You'll know the account is legit if they have it.

Fill in the blank. Happiness is ______. Let @whoisdsharp know and #justask him anything! #QOTD ASKfm

How to approach someone without being weird?

Just be yourself! (Making eye contact is also a good idea.)

you're my only friend on here

Hey, those scented markers sure smell edible... Don't be shy, tell @theyloveearii your answer to her #QOTD! #justask ASKfm

Will you be my Valentine? 💖👀

Yes! Yes! A million times yes! 💁

good morning, it's just a suggestion i wanted to tell you, why there is no page for the answers i liked? i don't want to lose them. so if we can have one ill be so grateful to you.

Thank you for your suggestion! We're always open to hearing input from our community. It's understandable that you don't want to lose answers you liked and we'll keep the idea in mind for future builds.

We've all had a moment. Or two, or three, or too many to count. 😳 @theannaclendening is waiting to hear about yours! #QOTD #justask ASKfm



Is this emoji a poo or a scoop of ice cream? 💩

Never looked at it as a scoop of ice cream. That changes things...