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Halloween is on the doorstep 🎃 Witches, ghouls and werewolves, lets do some pranks! 😈

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Prize fund: 100,000 coins
Assignment: write to as many people as possible in PRIVATE CHATS: Trick or a treat ?!
Each of your such messages in the new chat +1 chance in the lottery! (We will count only dialogues in which you were answered. So do not write to those who will not notice you)
Start October 25
Finish October 31
Results next week in the main account:@askfm

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Halloween is on the doorstep  Witches ghouls and werewolves lets do some pranks

Anonymous chats on the product have been available for 14 days!

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During this time, users started 156,737 dialogues and even created their own secret network of content that no one sees!
PRIVATE CHATS are the best tool to confess your love or ask something private and not be rejected in public!
Everything that is written will remain only between the two of you. And you can conduct the entire chat anonymously until you realize that revealing your identity is safe for your image.
How many pairs would have been built if this function had existed before? Millions!
Chats are available in a subscription with 6 additional bonuses: askfm://screen/subscription

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Anonymous chats on the product have been available for 14 days

CHAT FOR TWO ONLY: the beginning of a romantic story ...

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Public chats in askfm are awesome. But all messages in public chats are available to any user. This limits the topics of communication.
Here your correspondence will be reliably protected from others. And you can start a private chat only with the user you choose yourself!
To activate private chats - activate an ASKfm subscription here: askfm://screen/subscription

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CHAT FOR TWO ONLY the beginning of a romantic story


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You can chat in private and public chats. Both types of chat are safe.
What is the difference?
📢 Public chats:
▪ available to all users
▪ the maximum number of users in the chat is more than 300
▪ all messages are visible to any user
▪ any user can enter the chat
▪ the author of the post can write only openly. other chat participants - can choose: to send messages anonymously or openly
🔒 Private chats:
▪ only available to users with a subscription askfm://screen/subscription
▪ the maximum number of users in the chat - 2
▪ access to chat by invitation
▪ messages are available only to the author of the chat and the user invited to the chat
▪ you can create a completely anonymous private chat, where both users will write to the chat anonymously. each of them at any time can open his identity and continue the chat openly.

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An exclusive offer that will never happen again!

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YOUR CHANCE TO WIN 1000 coins! Few?! Then get full promotion: your post promo, profile promo in inboxes and mentions in our accounts.
The lottery can only be purchased from 1/04 to 7/04! The results of April 9 on the page @ASKfm. Don't miss your chance to become 1000 coins richer! 🤪
askfm://screen/offers for app users for web users

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An exclusive offer that will never happen again

There are 6 days left until the most romantic date!

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Not decided on a gift yet? Do you know where she wants to go? Buy a teddy bear or this is the last century? Askers will help to find out answers on all these questions ! Just send shoutouts and collect answers!
💬 Girls, what's the perfect gift for you from $ 10 to $ 50?
💬 Guys, what do you give your soulmate?
💬 How unusual to make a declaration of love?
💬 Should I give a gift for February 14th, or is a romantic dinner enough?
💬 What to cook for February 14?
💬 How did you know you fell in love?
💬 What date did you kiss?
💬 What surprise would you like to receive on February 14th?
💬 Should I give stuffed animals or balloons girl 18 years?
💬 What's the coolest gift your soulmate has ever given you?

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There are 6 days left until the most romantic date