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This is just another proof that the money, the fame and all the materialistic things will never make you truly happy. Something that I've always tried to preach and practice is take out a few minutes and listen to someone's troubles and worries. Even if you can't help them by any other means, just listening would make a difference for sure,I guarantee that. The least it will do is make them feel a little lighter. There is this wonderful tv commercial that I once saw where this lady has had a long hectic day and she is kinda infuriated. She is waiting for her cab and doesn't read the female cab driver's description. Long story short, she gets into the back seat of the cab and the ride starts. She keeps ranting about her life to the cab driver who just nods or looks at her from the mirror with acknowledgement. When she gets off the cab. She thanks the cab driver with a smile and its obvious that she feels a little lighter. As the cab leaves and she checks her phone to rate the cab driver. Its written there in the cab driver's profile that she is deaf and mute. The lady is full of emotions.
Point is, had she not rant before the cab driver, her day with her family would have been ruined due to all the negativity inside. So, help each other. Listen to each other when you can. Aj Kal to wese bhi depression kitna barh gya hai

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