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What fact amazes you every time you think about it? 🤩 😇

anmolqureshi’s Profile PhotoFayyaz
I heard your close ones never leave you even after death in stories and books. I did not use to believe but after my grandma passed away it feels like she hasn't left us alone it was painful but now its like she is somewhere close, she is around me, her words, her smile... My lips automatically turns in to a smile every time i remember her. She lives in my heart rent free ❤

Sazish m shamil Sara zahan rooh pakar k Dunya.m lao Ek jism m kaed karo Phir khobb zaleel ruswa aur zamamay ki khak chatwao . ITNA k wo paghal hojae aur baghawat kare Phir USKI baghawat par usp AZAB dalo

Mujhey bohat afsos hota hai, how can someone talk like this about God or got converted in to an atheist being a muslim.

What will you name your first born? (without saying uski maa/baap to mil jye phly)

Unaizahkhan04’s Profile PhotoUnaizah Baloch
There is nothing in my mind but when I was in college there was a class fellow of mine named zarsha and I liked that name so much. I used to think I'll name my daughter zarsha. As far as I've noticed, I am mostly attracted to names starting with z.


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