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So what's actually going on in your life? As in share all the details.

I have exams in March,
For that I have to study but not getting the time because there is this ongoing series of Pakistan vs South Africa.
I planned to go to movies with my Friend and watch Aquaman and it's getting postponed due to some reasons xD
In past two weeks we had so many guests that we had in the period of 2006-2018 in total.
Another problem is that 'Winter is really coming" this April and I have to end GOT's seven seasons first :')
Another problem is that World Cup is coming and Im planning to take 4 subjects in my next attempt O.o
We want a Bhaabhi as well,
My brother waited a long time but now this the perfect time for his wedding.
We want to sell our house and have to find a new one that should accommodate 3 families and Mama.
PSL matches will be played in Lahore and we will be grounded because of security as the stadium is just 5 minutes walk away from our house,
My exams have exact same dates :'(( And Captain Marvel will be coming just before Endgame so I have to arrange money for both the films.
And Lastly I'm not getting likes on my answers so
1Like = token of appreciation xD

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