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Best childhood memory?

ShaheerXd’s Profile PhotoMr. SOLO
Maybe going to Wild Wadi Waterpark and standing under that gigantic bucket full of water waiting to get poured upon or playing with that one kite.
I almost drowned in this water body by the way, and while drowning, I had to pretend that everything was okay because the lifeguard was getting suspicious, all the while trying to save my goddamn stupid ass.
Best childhood memory

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What’s your fav memory of you? 🕰️

IAbiAnjum’s Profile PhotoᏗ Ᏸ Ꭵ ♾
I keep thinking for one but, for some reason, I just can't recall. Maybe 1st January, 2017, that was a good day, or that field trip from college or when I decided to cook for my family friends, a person jokingly asked me if everyone even liked the dish when I was in the kitchen, I smugly smiled at him and showed him the empty pot. I can't choose one.


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