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My mother and I watched the news now haha, tell me why the Western media have hatred against us Arabs? I mean haha all the news they are dying of anger about messi dressed up 🤣 I honestly don't know you and Eddie how you live there

Haha, so people got upset about that shit, ha? If Messi had won the world cup over here, he would be ridding around on a white fucking horse, dressed up as Pippi Longstocking, talking to a fucking monkey on his shoulder all the way back home to Argentina right now. I would have loved to see people's reactions then 😂
My mother and I watched the news now haha tell me why the Western media have

Hello, did you see the list that I gave you? and what is your assessment?🌚

These two caught my attention. I am on the first one now, and I really like it. Thank you so much😇
Enola Holmes | Official Trailer |
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d0Zf9sXlHkMrjensa’s Video 171780346723 1d0Zf9sXlHkMrjensa’s Video 171780346723 1d0Zf9sXlHk
Enola Holmes 2 | Official Trailer: Part 1 |
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKXNmYoPkx0Mrjensa’s Video 171780346723 KKXNmYoPkx0Mrjensa’s Video 171780346723 KKXNmYoPkx0

My best friend is cheating with my other best friend behind the back of her boyfriend who also happens to be my best friend. Everything is just a mess and I don't know what to do.

Since you all are such best fucking friends here, why dont you take her fucking spot until you all have figured out how to solve this shit? Maybe you swap around and bring along a fucking scoreboard. Maybe you call Jerry Springer. I dont fucking care!
I think I take that back. If you get on the "Jerry Springer show", then you should fucking contact me. That shit could be entertaining as fuck.

هو بجد ف ديسمبر تنتهي كل الآلام ..؟

Kimoayman204’s Profile Photokimo Ayman
If it ends? It is now it fucking starts. All the awful fucking Christmas music. All the annoying fucking kids who go:
- Momy!Momy!Momy! I want this! I want that!
Yeah? Here is a fucking Christmas present for you: "Life is a bitch, and then you die." The sooner you learn that shit, the better. So merry fucking Christmas, and shut the fuck up!
Then we have all the homeless people who go:
- I have no home. I have no food.
Too fucking bad for you. If I gave away all my fucking money to all homeless people I met, I probably dont have a fucking home and food, either. You sit there because of bad karma. And I know all about that shit. I will probably end up there myself in my next life. So excuse me if I have more fucking important things to spend my money on here while I still can.
And then people say they like honest people. Yeah, I guess that's why I must have gotten so many fucking Christmas invitations every year. Whatever...

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هو بجد ف ديسمبر تنتهي كل الآلام

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