Ask @AwesomeAnurag:

What's wrong but sounds right?

you know why people self harm? cut themselves? because its a distraction.. for one moment you dont feel the pain the loss the heartache All you feel is that blade going into ur skin, the blood dripping down your arm, leg, stomach.. you don't think about the way people treated you. you dont think how you lost the person you loved more than yourself. you dont think about your friends expecting you to act like nothing even happened. all you think about is the blood.. but you have to do it again and again and again.. till you get over it eventually.. when the cut isnt fresh and you can feel all the buildness of sadness and loneliness inside you.. so you have to do it again, but a little deeper so the numbness will last longer.. the pain inside would not be on your mind.. and as the pain inside gets worse and worse you have to make pain outside worse and worse.. its all about how long can you distract yourself from all that darkness inside you..

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Are you happy with the person you've become?

I'm not perfect, i make mistakes like every other person and try not to repeat them.. I fail, sometimes fall hard on my face, literally.. But I'm learning through it all.. Im happy when i look at myself working towards my dream, fighting through a lot of crazy stuff thats been happening over in life lately.. I couldn't forgive myself for a lot of things, i wish i could go back to that day and correct that one mistake but i cant.. All i can do is never let that happen again and as time passes by it heals everything. I hv forgiven myself and I'm happy with who I'm “becoming”, i'm growing through time and I'm changing . I still gotta improve in a lot of things and learn..

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