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Differ B/W Friend and BestFriend 🍂🍃

Sumbal Shahid
Friend bring happiness in your life. Best friend bring beer.
Friends never see you cry. Best friend cries with you.
Friends borrow your stuff and return it after few days. Best friend keeps your stuff for so long you forget if you even owned it.
Friends rings before coming home. Best friend walks right in and lay on your bed.
Friends never ask for food. Best friend is the reason you dont get to eat your own lunch.

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Arayyyyyyy. Awwww.... Awwwiiiee 💖💖💖😭😭😭 dil le gaye. Thank you for such a lovely post. And sorry for being a kutti to you but i know i made a true friend here and blah blah blah. Wannabe ki tarha jo naam k sath awesome lagaya hai asal mai bhi ho thore boht

This is the first time i am seeing you this emotional😂😂 well also this is the first time i ever wrote something for you👅 abey jao na main bahot awesome hun tumhari validation ki zaroorat nahi hai lanti😂😂

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Maira Azfar
Lol aaj to murde bhi jaag rhe hain😂😂 My first friend here. Inseparable since 3 years. You still owe me all the money i wasted on international calls i made just to hear your bullshit 'pta hai aaj maine kya kiya' 😂😂 We both have been through ups and downs of each others life.. it was never an easy journey but worth it. Most admirable thing about is you are childish but still mature enough to know whats best for you. Everything is fun when you are around.. thanks to you for teaching me most of the pakistani curse words😂 our video calls were the most awesome things ever❤ insulting you on daily basis was my favorite activity.. and i never thought you would turn out to be so smart (she recently scored highest marks in her class in one of the toughest subjects) Even though we have same choices in everything, we never stop arguing😂 Halloween❤ you are the most beautiful.

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