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Does you believe Ask sells our personal information?

I cannot confirm it but I would not be surprised. Sites require streams of revenue or they would not exist. I would be more interested to learn which information is sold and to who. If I had to guess, *all* data is monetized / offered to the highest bidders. If something is "free" in the digital marketplace, you're the product.

The Supreme Court giving up the rights to abortion was based on giving the women (and men) the right to choose. The states now have it up for voting. It's no longer a forced issue.

Not the best assessment of the situation but you're right on one point - it will now be decided by the states, as it should have been from the onset. There was absolutely no reason to involve the SCOTUS in the first place. Its unreasonable decision to allow abortion up until the moment of birth was the primary reason why there was so much opposition to Roe v. Wade. I believe most rational people would have supported a court decision allowing abortion for the first or possibly even the second trimester, but this was not the case with Roe v. Wade. A recent poll reflects this sentiment (70%, including pro-life and pro-choice advocates).

How would you describe your connection to nature? Do you enjoy being near flora and fauna? 🌲🦋🌻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I might describe it as spiritual and / or entwined with my entire being. I've lived in large cities throughout most of my life but I try to "escape" as often as possible - nature brings me solace and clarity while the hues of flora and fauna offer endless wonder and inspiration.
How would you describe your connection to nature Do you enjoy being near flora

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Fake news not only wastes the audience's time, energy and feelings, but even has a negative impact on the normal functioning of the society.

Correct. Propaganda disguised as "news" does not exist to inform but to influence. Every major "news" outlet is heavily biased and there is little to almost no accuracy with regard to what is "reported." You can research the C!A's Pr0ject Mock!ngb!rd and The Church Committee ("US Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities" which was chaired by then-Senator Frank Church in the 1970s) for more information. Fake news is not an accident. It is by design and it has been a major problem for decades.
Fake news not only wastes the audiences time energy and feelings but even has a

why do you think people like you.

samueloyewoleayindesamuel4042’s Profile PhotoEmil Marshall
Unlike shallow, ignorant, insecure, jealous, inconsistent and deceitful creatures, I tend to mind my own business and not pry into their personal affairs or obsess over minute details of their lives. While I have no problem judging others if it is deserved, I also try to be fair and treat others as they treat me. I can be harsh / unforgiving, but those who appreciate me (or the way I conduct myself) seem to understand what the others can't / won't.
why do you think people like you

esp arrow is expensive bruh least i can afford a randy v llol

USA and custom shop models, of course. Both can cost well over $4,000. I paid just slightly over $4,200 for my Black Andromeda "Arrow." Today, it costs $5,200 if you can find it. That said, you can look at their other lines of less expensive V guitars. For example, ESP's LTD line has some really nice "Arrow" models with plenty of great features and they aren't insanely expensive:
esp arrow is expensive bruh least i can afford a randy v llol

What's a good translator app?

No idea. I don't normally use any of the online freebies or commercially available ones. Some are better than others but you'll have to hunt around. Certain government and law enforcement agencies develop / use their own. If you are acquainted with anybody who serves in that capacity, you might want to ask them... Good luck. =)

now he says u only use google translate......

Of course. *ALL* of the imbecile's "observations" ignore the other points which were made. Like a dysfunctional child, he latches on desperately to *ONE* detail and completely ignores the rest. There's no mention of translation software or one's familiarity with other languages. Please, kindly stop polluting my page with this cretin's monumental ignorance and inability to form a coherent argument. If the coward had a spine and two functioning neurons, he would address me directly instead of asking himself moronic "questions" and regurgitating prepared responses in order to appear edgy. Pathetic specimen, insanely jealous and an obvious failure. On a positive note, I've received several followers due to his latest spasms. Perhaps you might be kind enough to extent my gratitude? 🤣
now he says u only use google translate

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i’m trying to find an excuse to contact my ex. hear me out. we dated in the beginning of quarantine. i was going thru alot. i wasn’t in a great headspace at the time & ended things very badly. he’s an amazing guy. i just want to fix things & maybe form a friendship again :(

Why do you need an excuse? If you want to talk with him, get in touch and express your feelings. Don't complicate a simple matter...
im trying to find an excuse to contact my ex hear me out we dated in the

now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

> now he saying u have low self esteem
Expert analysis. As everyone knows, it is impossible to have high self-esteem unless one impersonates others, obsesses over trivial nonsense and "hides" behind 10,000 profiles just to get one person's attention. It's all very flattering and it has done wonders for my "low self-esteem." 🤣
> andlike answer u dont understand
Another brilliant deduction! Translation software does not exist, Google Translate is probably just a conspiracy theory and as you are aware, it is impossible to read / understand more than one language. Yes, the law specifically forbids it!
"Ioi... No, tulai Doamne!" Ardeleanu' nostru... 🤣🤣🤣
now he saying u have low self esteem andlike answer u dont understand

How do you know that enough is enough in a relationship? I'm so lost and don't know whether to give the xth chance or leave.

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Unfortunately, there are no simple answers in these matters. If a relationship has deteriorated to the point where it seems irredeemable, I'm afraid that only option exists. However, if the channels of communication remain open, voice your concerns and try to reach an understanding. Ultimately, both parties must be willing to make concessions and act in tandem toward a goal. Pedestrian euphemisms are usually ignored but for what they're worth, let us consider the following: there is unity in strength, a house divided cannot stand. I honestly hope that you can move forward together harmoniously and without further complications but if this is not possible, it might be better to sever ties...
How do you know that enough is enough in a relationship Im so lost and dont know

What do you usually do to deal with really bad heat? What if you're at a place that has no air conditioning? 🥵

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A simple trick is to run cold water over your wrists for a few minutes. If outdoors, find a body of water and submerge both forearms periodically - streams and rivers tend to be cooler than lakes. You may also use a cold / wet compress for your head or an ice pack. Lastly, try to avoid any direct sunlight and wearing dark colors since they can draw more heat. Ideally, you can also go around half-naked like I do. 🤣
What do you usually do to deal with really bad heat What if youre at a place


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