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Does he really want me back? So there is this ex that lives in another state. We have been talking again on and off as friends for years now. He started talking to me again and as usual he started saying I love you I miss you I want to move in with you. Is he serious this time? Should I give up?

I don’t know.
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I say it all the time look around your neighborhood or look around the city you live in. Subway, Pizza Hut, Jiffy Lube, Costco, Call Center, Amazon Warehouse, Movie Theater. Those are jobs for the poor majority

At least there are jobs for people.
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You are having pain in your right shoulder in the front.

No I’m having pain in my chest on the left side. For a while but it comes and goes.
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Hey I'm sorry they did this to u but we can get u out of that family I'm sorry I started to belive it was u u should have alot of money or they took it all cause I no dude wasn't working

I can relate to this but this shoutout likely wasn’t for me.
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If you send a picture of yourself to a girl or a guy that you’re interested in being friends with and they respond by saying, “I couldn’t tell if you were a girl or a guy” is that rude or a compliment in your books?

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