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Привет) Накиньте пожалуйста, сколько не жалко 💫 руб 20, 30😅 На кофту немножко не хватает. Спасибо большое❤️ Обняла) Хорошего настроения вам побольше) 2204120100673470

sneja2009’s Profile PhotoСнежа
October 04, 2022
"" sneja2009’s Profile Photo
"Hi) Throw on please, how much is not a pity 💫 rub 20, 30😅 A little bit not enough for a jacket. Thank you very much❤️ I hugged you) Have a good mood) 2204120100673470" ""
~ WOW! ~ totally charmed . . . .
First , you must scrub your knuckles thoroughly , with carbolic soap & scrubbing brush .
Then try building a decent account , follow some good people , read & 'like' their likeable posts . . . . . have patience ; ask the better subscribers to send some questions, and answer with creative, thoughtful answers . . .
~ ВАУ! ~ полностью очарован . . . .
Во-первых, вы должны тщательно вымыть костяшки пальцев с помощью карболового мыла и щетки.
Затем попробуйте создать достойную учетную запись, подписывайтесь на хороших людей, читайте и ставьте лайки их понравившимся постам. . . . . иметь терпение ; попросите лучших подписчиков прислать несколько вопросов и дать творческие, вдумчивые ответы. . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6Pjj1cLPtIigotamatch’s Video 171517311866 V6Pjj1cLPtIigotamatch’s Video 171517311866 V6Pjj1cLPtI

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Привет Накиньте пожалуйста сколько не жалко  руб 20 30 На кофту немножко не

Tatuagens são cicatrizes da alma pintadas no corpo? (Livre Interpretação.)

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
(personal Q, ie , not a mindless shout!)
* * *
"" "Are tattoos soul scars painted on the body? (Free Interpretation.)" ""
I've stared at this so long & . . . . .
~ I desperately hope not !
But , they are surely mental health wounds, if not scars . . . .
Only skin deep
So , they can be shed one day
Turned to slime, or powder, or directly atomised in the coming holocaust , imploded to . . . . . nothing , not even N.R.G.
Do you think the SOUL has a 'flashpoint' ?
Whatever it is way above that of Hell . . . . . which is 0 Kelvin, absolute zero; -273.15°C . . . . . nothing!
Tatuagens são cicatrizes da alma pintadas no corpo Livre Interpretação

Inspired by a question - Do you collect anything? What is it? Give us some "backstory" of how it started. If you don't collect anything, ignore this question. 👗👜👟

M1ssSemy’s Profile Photos ⭐ i
I received a personal question from s ⭐ i:
I collect some things . . . . .
They got pillaged . It was a terrible thing
There's a CHAIN . . . . I collected , it got smashed . . . .
Now I collect . . . . my thoughts . And My Most Precious Viki x
Our Chain is for ever , no-one can touch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmd4Se9m0dIigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 dmd4Se9m0dIigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 dmd4Se9m0dI
'coz we walk among the hills . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1r-VRF2CpQigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 V1r-VRF2CpQigotamatch’s Video 171499691642 V1r-VRF2CpQ
Inspired by a question  Do you  collect anything What is it Give us some

O que você faz com a verdade; você a queima, enterra, deixa ir embora ou absorve o que precisa ?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
** *dz9ronin’s Profile Photo
What do you do with the truth; do you burn it, bury it, let it go or absorb what you need?* **
Prove the Truth, and come to terms with the truly good of it ~ live it while you can.
Defend against the evil truth.
Protect & Survive
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUYhZYuoWx8igotamatch’s Video 171497127034 qUYhZYuoWx8igotamatch’s Video 171497127034 qUYhZYuoWx8

I’m so pissed off right and so is my partner. A relative got a dog, that we live with, I told them from the beginning that I’m allergic so I can’t care for a dog, let alone having one in the house, they got him anyways and they expect me to care for him when they’re working 8 hours shift…

UsagiWhiteNight’s Profile PhotoAlex
Time to move into the Doghouse . . .
In which no dog ever entered
Get your neighbour's Lion to regularly pee all around ~ I'm told dogs can't stand it
Im so pissed off right and so is my partner A relative got a dog that we live

If the punishment for a crime is a fine. Then it’s an activity which is legal for a price

teammichael’s Profile PhotoMichael R Bradley
Try repeating the crime & you'll find just how legal it is .
And you will find you get a free gift of:
A CRIMINAL RECORD - which is yours to keep for life .
And sooner rather than later, a prison sentence .
If the punishment for a crime is a fine Then its an activity which is legal for

Whould you mind to helpe me practicing english?, 'am Egyptian and it's very important for me.

I could give it a try . . .
~ it must be an extra challenge using a new alphabet ~ but I'm assured the Latin is the easiest !
'Proper Names' ~ of people & places always start with a capital letter !
Even though they are inferior to Scots (Scottish People) - that includes 'English' !
Here are two correct versions of your question:
"Would you mind helping me practice my English ?
I am Egyptian. It is of much importance to me."
"I am Egyptian.
Would you mind helping me practice my English ?
It is of great importance to me."
It does not need to be spaced out as I have done, I just thought it might be clearer !
My wife is Russian, though I think her English grammar is probably better than mine!
Pronunciation of spoken English can be the trickiest part. But it will appear differently for different ethnicities .
Few British on this site can speak or write properly - they are mostly very stupid !
A truly sad thing is most none British seeking to learn English are in fact taught 'American' , which is a truly vile way of speaking.
If you are reading any other of my answers , please bear in mind , some (many?) are not strictly serious !

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Qual a energia você acredita que carrega?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
"" "What energy do you believe you carry?" ""
~ very little indeed ,
FUMES . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egqx1IVMhx8igotamatch’s Video 171367135098 egqx1IVMhx8igotamatch’s Video 171367135098 egqx1IVMhx8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3k4oq8_bkoigotamatch’s Video 171367135098 q3k4oq8_bkoigotamatch’s Video 171367135098 q3k4oq8_bko
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5sWgFyWpugigotamatch’s Video 171367135098 E5sWgFyWpugigotamatch’s Video 171367135098 E5sWgFyWpug

Qual seu sonho de consumo?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
a heated debate between a Venusion warrior and a Martian drainage consultant . . . .
All the dreams are gone , they are not ever real.
It is over.
The American dream is become a reality , and now, too late, my warnings can be seen to be valid ~ they are . . .
Coincidentally , this came up :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP1na4h5srkigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 LP1na4h5srkigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 LP1na4h5srk
and this:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av_kouLuHYsigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 Av_kouLuHYsigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 Av_kouLuHYs
- when I was looking for:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppjQqP-W5jMigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 ppjQqP-W5jMigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 ppjQqP-W5jM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40TJTw-pW8sigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 40TJTw-pW8sigotamatch’s Video 171385513338 40TJTw-pW8s
Qual seu sonho de consumo

Should you fight for a person even if they don't have feelings for you?

monna_1999_’s Profile PhotoMona | مُنى
I'm being sincere in saying , asking ;
Do you mean 'fight for' in the sense , to defend a person who is without feeling ?
I suspect you mean , 'fight for' in the sense , to bully into having feelings for you ~ against their wishes
- for that , when it comes down to it , is what the latter amounts to !
So , that is my answer, also .
In the latter, absolutely no way. Leave them alone . Manipulation however subtle, of a person's feelings, will only lead to , and end in, misery & worse for everyone .
As for the former , well that might be noble !
Should you fight for a person even if they dont have feelings for you

Qual a última vez que andou descalço na terra? Você gosta da sensação que isso trás?

dz9ronin’s Profile PhotoDz9
Maybe I'll try it . . . .
I've been firing blank 'likes' for G-knows how long . . . .
Well , I feel , Ask-administrators would look better with their heads facing backwards
Qual a última vez que andou descalço na terra Você gosta da sensação que isso

How do you get rid of the fear inside you?🍂

monna_1999_’s Profile PhotoMona | مُنى
(my words, metaphor)
Sapiens (us) have a floppy Temporal Lobe , making (enabling) us to Dream, Scheme , & Invent
It also makes us vulnerable ~ to fear . . . . our serotonin depletes , drains away . . . causing extreme paralysing terror.
There is also the latent fear that nags.
Either / any way , we have to find our way of making our temporal lobe go ridgid
I could go into the SPIRITUAL paralel , but I think that might confuse most.
I have come to these conclusions , through my studies of Heidiman ("Sabé" , "Sasquatch") & Sapiens encounters with . . .
(the fear he can install , his ability to remove & place images in in our consciousness , remove our ability to 'see' him ! He , a different species of Homo, has a very different brain - especially temporal lobe from us)
Some witnesses have been able to override his 'trick' , he is reported to run away, looking over his shoulder with a look horror & confusion on his face ; he cannot comprehend how his special talent that mean so much to him, has failed .
FOR LATENT , PERSISTENT FEAR , try breathing & stomach muscle tightening exercises ! . Exhale hard, rapidly, vigorously , against rigid stomach muscle . . . . etc.

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How do you get rid of the fear inside you

Ответ на твой вопрос! https://ask.fm/DeeJayAim/answers/170387960948?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android

DeeJayAim’s Profile Photoส็็็็็ТвойБывшийส็็็็็็็็็็็็็
I had/have forgotten EXACTLY what my question was !
But I get the jist . . . .
(I recall checking which language you were using, and I'm certain it was РУССКИЙ ! ~ and not УКРАЇНСЬКА ! ~ ?)
I think you had a lucky escape, being male . . . .
Or been in po-po-land for long time !
Ответ на твой

Should more women be in charge in government

views1261282’s Profile Photoviews1261282
We had a good woman in Theresa May ; she put her country before party . . . .
So her party got rid of her.
Then we got a Baffoon , & now we have a Ditsy-Warmonger . . . . . coz that's what our stupid nation wants ~ evidently .
OK , if the female isn't a ditsy , but a strong, humane, intelligent woman ~ she is better , on balance , than an otherwise reasonable man , because there are no balls to get in the way .
Should more women be in charge in government

What qualities do you find attractive in someone?

~ the quality of mercy, is all that is real ~
(um, my quote only . It is taught by LIFE & can only be written on a free & open heart . . . .
(No exemplification is perfect , here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcIxaTO97lIigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 rcIxaTO97lIigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 rcIxaTO97lI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwgtnsdMRYYigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 NwgtnsdMRYYigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 NwgtnsdMRYY
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7HKmRLGnggigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 v7HKmRLGnggigotamatch’s Video 171426040698 v7HKmRLGngg


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