Ask @Margaaria:

what’s ur fav neighborhood in ur fav city

i love our quaint downtown! right now and in summer, it has some wicked beautiful flowers and trees! c: There are a handful of places to eat, places to get local made paraphernalia, government buildings, a small stage used for local plays, and my personal favorite, the library! Ever since i was a baby, i have been going to that library. I did the summer reading challenges. I did activities there. I got my first library card there when i could sign my name! The librarians knew my name! i love that i live somewhere where the librarians know me.

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Do you trust people easily?

a c h a y a n .
I know that I don't. I probably will always be cautious when it comes to trusting people. I was wicked shy as a child. I trusted neighbors but it has always been hard to me to open up. if you ever meet people offline, do NOT trust right away! It can take me years to trust someone. I want to be more cautious with my heart to spare myself heartbreak.

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