Ask @Margaaria:

What personality type are you out of the 16 personalities? I'm INFJ ✌🏼

Yay for rare personality types! i am the dreamer- INFP, which accounts for only 4-5% of the population! ^_^. INFPs are highly idealistic. We want to believe in all of the good in the world. Maybe this is why i am drawn to helping people and animals. Our personality types both have empathy and feel deeply.

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in recent years, do you still go to movie theaters or do you mostly watch movies at home? 80% of the movies I watch are at home. lol. I do like movie theaters. but I hate the noisy people/babies and dirty chairs/floors. also, at home I can turn on captions and pause to go to the bathroom anytime!😝

Kate N
I love going to the theater as a treat! I don't think about those things and enjoy the experience. There's the smell of the concession stand, seemingly endless previews and velvety seats. There is a quaint theater near me showing foreign films and movies that aren't mainstream. There are also theaters dedicated to serving adult beverages and food, which are clean and have wicked comfortable reclining seats! It's worth an occasional splurge, in my opinion. I wait until the movie has been out awhile to avoid crowds!🍿

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Which do you prefer watching movies at home or the cinema?

Have Faith In Me
I love the experience of going to the theater and sitting in the seats that have varying levels of comfort! The smell of the concession stand and buttery popcorn that you eat during previews! The giant screen! There's a quaint artsy theater I love that shows foreign movies and other movies I wouldn't see in the mainstream theater!🍿

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Do you think Tarot cards can be real?

me lol
There's something to them. I once had someone draw a card for me and it said work with animals. I have adopted three guinea pigs and a rat.🐹🐹🐹🐭 Many animals have touched my heart, whether they be at the shelter or a friend or family member's pet.
I once had a psychic read my cards in New Orleans. She could read me based on information I told her. I don't remember exactly what she said but something about experiencing changes. I was graduating high school that year. I experienced a breakup shortly after starting college.
I would take it with a grain of salt. I find it interesting.
I had my aura read too and they were completely wrong about me!

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