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Do you believe planets have an influence on us astrologically speaking? Why or why not?

i believe sometimes people can’t think for themselves:,)

Have you ever tried being “mean” but just couldn’t do it due to your personality or for other reasons? Or, are you the kind of person who is prone to being and easily comes across as mean in the eyes of many?

all the time but i actually do get annoyed really fast lmao

When I go outside and my right eye is open it feels like I'm pass out yo lol and when to much light gets into it

anonstar838383’s Profile Photoanonstar838383
I like when it’s cloudy & cool outside & u can just hear the breeze as u get high 😭🖤

When it comes to love, what makes u weak?

jessica_denny’s Profile PhotoJessica Denny
the thought of my love all day especially when I’m not with her.. as a natural born lover all I think about is loving on her:,)

Would you defend your bae if someone spit in her face?

Yes u can drop them cold then call the cop’s because that’s assault bruh


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