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Did you hear Justin Timberlake was arrested for drunk driving?

Who hasn't? it's everywhere on social media 😂

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When you watch old movies or series, do you find some things ridiculous when it comes to technology? For example, I was watching this series from the 90s, and a woman invited her best friend to see her new house and had to write the address down on a piece of paper. Like girl just share location.

You do realize that smart phones literally weren't invented until the 2000's right??

It's my 🎂 🥳birthday today !!!🎉 🍰🍾🎈What's your favorite birthday cake flavor?

Happy Birthday!✨✨👏🏻🎂🎂
My favorite is confetti cake!
Liked by: Jacky C.M.

"Money isn't important" says Person who's never had a financial struggle in their life.

Exactly, this!

Why is silence the best revenge?

Because sometimes it's better to stay silent and succeed without those who've hurt you!!

What were you most afraid of when you were younger? Do you still have that fear?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
For me as a kid my fear was always being forgotten if I died young, but then at 25 I was hospitalized and legit almost died of sepsis and the amount of people who prayed for me, checked in on me, etc was just incredible. I no longer have that fear, because after that experience I know I'll never be forgotten by those who care and love me back❤️❤️

Do you prefer a man who is “softer” or a man who’s more “rugged”?

You could say I like the rugged, protective type that my husband is!

Do you think mainstream media has overhyped skincare? I have a 20 y/o relative who's really into skincare, but she uses all the wrong products. You don't need stuff like retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, etc. in your 20s. Those are 30+. At 20, sunscreen, vitamin C and moisturizer are enough.

Yes and no.
12 year olds are buying skincare that isn't made for their constantly changing skin and they need way more supervision when it comes to skincare as ingredients can cause chemical burns if not careful.
For adults or young adults I'd say no, because taking care of your skin in your 20's is legit a huge part of why Asian people are always looking amazing for their ages.
They take skincare very seriously in that culture as you age and we all should, too.

Do you like having 4 eyes? What resonates with you?

4 eyes are better than two...
two more eyes to see clearly that you're ugly 🤣😝

Coincidentally, I also have autism. Because of this, people don't always understand me and that affects me.

Just keep on being you. 🤘🏻

Oh dear. What kind of disability do you have, if I may ask?

I have several.
I have cerebral palsy
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
.....and more


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