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Guys I never thought breakups hurt this much , have any idea how I can overcome this phase?

eat ice cream and spend more time with friends

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Is education free at universities in your country? For example in my country you need to pay for all years.

i wish

What languages do you know?

fluent: odia, bengali, hindi, urdu, english, spanish, and korean
learning right now: mandarin, japanese, french, italian, and russian
want to learn in the future: german, vietnamese, swedish, telugu, tamil, arabic, zulu, yoruba, and more if possible

are you afraid of tickling? very much scared? which body part is most sensitive to tickling?

i'm not afraid of being tickled but i am ticklish yes

if you were married how different will your life be?

i don't think it'd be much different! i'd be doing my own thing and my partner would be doing theirs. the only difference would be i would have a lovely human to come home to and snuggle with!

Who do you love most in the world and why?

i'm not sure i believe in love anymore, but i'm sure someone will come along and change my mind

Do you have any advice for people starting out on youtube?

don't get lost in what your viewers want. make videos that you want to make. i'm not sure if you want to make videos for yourself or as a job or both, but make sure you enjoy what you do.

is love to the grave old-fashioned?

i don't think so! for some people, loving one person to the grave makes them happy and i think that's wonderful and sweet. however, it's also natural to move on after a relationship ends so that's entirely okay too!

What type of music are you into?

oh jeez. i'm into a lot of music actually! i like exploring music from different countries and i like quite a variety of genres too. anything from R&B, ballads, classical, hip/hop, pop, metal even haha. i've been into indie and R&B a lot recently.

Some advice for those who wanna be better?

don't compare yourself to other people. compare yourself to yourself. you're the only one that has gone through your experiences and if you're a better you than you were in the past, then you're already doing great.


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