Ask @cliquegirlzmedia:

If your mother kicked you out of her house on Christmas Eve, would you forgive her? She hasn't apologized to me for the hurt she had caused. I was 30 years old at the time and going through a divorce.

Ashley Nicole Simmons
Did she have a good reason to kick you out? Sometimes people who love us do things that seem cruel at the time, but they're doing it to teach us something or push us into something that we need to do to get to a better place in our lives. Maybe she was just trying to do that? Obviously I don't know the situation, but I try to see thing from every perspective. I'm sorry that happened to you though. It's never easy when something like a divorce or other hardship happens to us, and to have someone who is supposed to love us unconditionally do something to make it even harder, that's just adding insult to injury 😞 I hope things have gotten better for you though, even if she hasn't tried to fix your relationship. As for whether or not I could forgive that, I think it depends on you. Sometimes forgiving is what helps us move on. If holding onto this grudge is hurting you even more, I would try to forgive just so you could start the process of moving on. But not everyone deserves to be forgiven. So I think that really depends on how you feel. No one can tell you how you should or shouldn't feel about something that happened to you.

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