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I have caught feelings for my best guy friend.... I'm terrified of losing him completely if I make a move/complicate things. Even if we stay just friends I couldn't imagine him not in my life... Should I kiss him?

Omg same thing has happened to me.
I eventually lost her though.
And I never told her how I developed feelings for her but she started ghosting me:)))
If you want my advice make your next move based on the way he acts or gives you hints maybe.
If he’s interested then go for it and upgrade the thing between you two.
If not then never risk ruining your friendship.
Liked by: Eric L

Do you think that more often than not, social anxiety is confused with being shy?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I’m pretty shy and I can get anxious af whenever I’m in a crowded place;
So I’d say yes .
Liked by: Merve

Do you ever feel upset, angry, or hopeless and it ends up affecting you physically (such as feeling pressure behind your eyes, feeling stiff, random pain that comes and goes, etc.)?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Yes anxiety always ends up affecting me physically
Liked by: Merve

What do you do to stay alert and motivated during an intense work / study day? 🔋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Unfortunately I’m somehow a perfectionist….so I just want everything to be perfect when I care about it.
And it sometimes makes me stay motivated.
Liked by: Tobbe

Your best tattoo؟ 🌚

Geka_1’s Profile PhotoGeka
The only tattoo that I have is also my best one lol.
I’m gonna get more tho I’m just thinking about the design I want currently
Your best tattoo
Liked by: Geka

Why are people mean to me

sagetoriola58’s Profile Photosagetoriola58
I never tried to be mean with you since you were never annoying me (I see you in my inbox a lot lol that’s why I talk like I’ve known you for a while lmao) so I have no idea why they’re mean to you
Liked by: Eric L

What’s your mood right now? And why?

voodoo31260’s Profile PhotoVoodoovomit
Stressed cause I hate surprises and my friends surprised me for my birthday and gave me a huge shock which also makes me pissed that they don’t know me after like 4 years( I already mentioned thousand times that I hate surprises and they still surprised me and made me anxious as hell wtf:)))
Liked by: Eric L

So if your ex was on fire, what would you use to put them out?

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincess
If it was an electrical fire I’d use water to help her burn even worse🤭
Otherwise I’d do nothing and just watch lol
Liked by: Eric L

какое блюдо ты любишь горячим, но с удовольствием ешь его холодным? What meal do you like hot, but enjoy eating it cold too?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
My stomach doesn’t allow me to eat cold foods unfortunately:))
Liked by: Morgen_muffel


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