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Have you ever experience racism

I'm from Anglo Saxon/Hispanic mixed family. Some of my family members have Latino last names (mines and English name) and look overtly ethnic and the treatment in society is a world of difference from how I'm treated. So I don't get the luxury of ignoring what a serious race problem there is in the US today

Are you singleeeee 🙈

I'm a poly guy. That said this girl on here who's username is Beautiful Kiwi is so cute and sweet. Like my day lights up when I see her here. Caitlin if u read this: big kisses for you 💋💋❤️💋

Why do some people dislike attention while others crave it?

People have dramatically different personalities

Who’s got tumblr

I used to until I came to my senses and realized that it's kind of a dead platform now

Did you ever have an ex that was a tad delusional?

One of my exes thought she qas destined by God to be president


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