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(2/2) Mitől lesz valaki unalmas számodra?

alkalmikerdesek’s Profile PhotoAlkalmi kérdések
Leginkább attól, ha látom, hogy nem érdeklem őt. Akkor is ha úgy tesz mintha érdekelném, vagy azt hiszi érdeklem, mert félreért. Mint pl mikor valaki ránézésből megállapítja, hogy egy edgy goth picsa vagyok és ilyen red roomokrol kezd nekem beszelni. Sajnos a legtobb emberi interakciomban eleg sokan felreertenek vagy bekategorizalnak valami sablonba es onnantol nem tudom oket konyan venni.

If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style. What would you dress like? For example : from preppy to punk, or girly to goth etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Idk how to describe my style (if I do have one😅) maybe somewhat lazy-girly-business casual-kinda-style lol it's because I don't wanna spend forever thinking what I should wear next haha, but if I were to change it, I would like it to be classy & chic or gothic🖤

If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style. What would you dress like? For example : from preppy to punk, or girly to goth etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I don't really have a specific style lol
It's all over the place and changes almost daily anyways xD
If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style What would

If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style. What would you dress like? For example : from preppy to punk, or girly to goth etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I don't think I have exactly any fashion style, I just really wear what I like and that's it I guess. I like some clothes with Marvel theme, I'm just not sure if I'd call that some fashion style. 🤔
I guess I don't like for some reason too colorful things whether it's clothes or some different stuff.
I don't wear only 1 color, I can wear black, white, blue, red and probably some other colors, I just don't think I have any fashion style and I'm currently too lazy to google fashion styles so hopefully my answer is somewhat understandable. 😁😅
If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style What would

If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style. What would you dress like? For example : from preppy to punk, or girly to goth etc

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Oo, that’s a good question! I love grunge/edgy styles, but also clothes that seem to fall under the dark academia style? Or at least, that’s what it keeps cropping up as, but I could well be wrong. This kind of vibe I think looks pretty cool, basically! :)
If you were to change your fashion style completely to another style What would

Well your dad isn't going to dust so those fears don't even matter *uhm Geno didn't address what would happen if Reaper DID dust though....*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
But..*Goth being Goth, he noticed that and was going to bug his mom about it-*You wouldn't ever put us up for adoption..right?
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Goth I suggest you just shut the fuuck up before you make things worse. *wow Geno basically never swears at any of the kids*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Geno has never sworn at them and it was at this moment, Goth knew, he royally messed up*
*Being told to sht the f-ck up stunned him, especially coming from his mom, he then hugs his mom from behind* I'm sorry..!
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Jak ubierałeś/aś się do szkoły?

hopelovedreams1’s Profile PhotoFrāgilē Spēctrē
Od drugiej gimnazjum w końcu tak jak chciałam. Też wtwdy nie było tych zakichanych mundurków, co w SP.
Czyli jak typowy metalhead (No i nie wyroslam z tego bo kocham to całym sercem❤ jednak, lubie bawić się stylem więc rożnie wyglądam) a czasami gotycko. Zawsze mi się te kiece i gorsety podobały, cala w sumie subkultura i poszczególne style w gotyku jak np. Pagan Goth
Vampire/Romatic Goth
Hippie Goth
Trad Goth
Perky/Pastel Goth
Nu Goth
Jak ubierałeśaś się do szkoły

*When Life leaves the room to check on Goth and Silver, Geno just gave Shadow a look, the teen nodded in response and used his dark magic to replenish the god's drained soul*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*One dark magic user helping the other-maybe Reaper can take Geno to hyrule one day and they both bug Shadow and Vio--*
*The Gods body jolted slightly as he started to gain magic back in his system and it took quite a while for Reaper to wake this time around..the trio found themselves sitting there for a few hours which probably felt like forever to them..Life probably had enough time to aid both kids and bake that pie she talked about by now..and Shadow is probably past exhausted by the time the Death God shows signs he's waking up, Geno would probably be the first to notice the tiny things like a hand twitch here and there or sounds of his breathing returning, though all this probably scared Geno to death..i don't think he or Reaper will ever let the other head off anywhere alone anymore even if it's just to a grocery store-*.. nnh..

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*but considering Goth has his own version of a death touch, wouldn't he be immune to death touch magic or else he'd be dusted by his own*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*He is immune to it but Reaper still gets worried about interacting with him at times given the fact Goth is still half mortal and how Goths death touch works is he drains the life out of anyone he touches while Reapers causes them to rapidly age and dust, so while Reapers instantly dusts you on impact and affects everything around him, Goth has a chance to stop the person from dusting on the spot, all he has to do is pull himself away from the person in time before their Hp drops to zero and his death touch can't affect everything around him, he can't cause things to break or decay like Reaper can, his is a life drain kind of Death touch, same with Silver who has the same thing..which might be why his Soul is the way it is, he blames Reaper for it but..Silver is a fully mortal kiddo who has the life drain ability..even if Reaper didn't take him out or send him away, I think he would of died regardless-*

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D-Da-ah!? *Goth froze himself when he realized the spear had hit him too..his eyelight vanishes as he slumps over*..

GothsOfDeath’s Profile PhotoGoth
G-Gothy..? *That had knocked Reaper somewhat out of his shocked state and he stares at the kiddo in horror* ..g-ghk..this..this can't be h-happening.. i tried to k-keep you kiddos f-from dying.. .. G-Gothy.. you ..b-better not dust on me..
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Did this brat just call you DAD!? *Undyne moves swiftly over and unsummons the spears around Goth and yanks him up roughly by his scarf* And if I heard correctly..you said OUR FAMILY!? What the F-CK DEATH!?

Goddess0fWar’s Profile PhotoUndyne
*Goth squirms and grabs onto her hands to try and make her let go since being held up by his scarf which is wrapped around his neck was starting to choke him* Gh..A-Aunt Undyne..? Can you l-let me down..? C-choking..
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*But in the middle of their family meeting, they get a very unexpected visitor who breaks down their wall and launches several spears at the skeletons, pinning them all down* ALRIGHT! THAT IS IT DEATH! Why the heII have you been--huh? *She takes a look around* ..WHO ARE THESE BRATS!?

Goddess0fWar’s Profile PhotoUndyne
AAAAAHHH!!! *Goth shrieks as he gets nailed to the floor by spears* M-MOM!! DAAAD!! *he starts screaming for his parents out of fear*
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*Shadow becomes his living darkness self* "I'm literal darkness kiddo!"

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
U-uh..*Goth was taken aback at Shadows new appearance and stares at the Shade in shock* you were serious!? But..you look just like your friend and..this is really distracting me--I need to go now, we can chat later but I need to do something about my brother, I can't believe he hurt our mom..*he then teleports to @VoidOfEmptiness room-its like anons have it out for the kiddo, they should of told Goth the whole situation and not part of it*
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How bad would it be if your Undyne found out about Geno, and considering Goth is going to be a god of death soon himself how are you gonna explain him?

..She's the Goddess of War..more than likely I'll be in another war with her..*Reaper sighs* Undyne upholds the rules here and makes sure they're followed..meaning since I'm the known rule breaker here..me and her don't always see eye to eye.. I'm gonna have to tell her about Geno and Gothy..there's no way around it but..when I do..I know what's gonna happen.. I just got healed though so I'm not really trying to get back into trouble already where I'll be right back to square one having to rely on Geno so..no telling Undyne just yet..
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But Goth is an adult and will be another God of Death soon, how will you hide him then???

..That is one situation I don't think any of us had thought about..this will be problematic.. I'll have to speak with Alphys later..I bet she knows what to do.. or we could lie about Goth and say he's from another AU and has come over to help us? But..I couldn't see that going past Undyne easily
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I never said it did, but considering Goth is going to start acting as another God of Death soon, how is that going to be kept from your Undyne

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..Sh-t..did nobody really think about that? *Reaper actually looks afraid, his eyelight had vanished from its socket* ..I'm gonna have to fight her again aren't I? ..
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Heh hey boss *a familiar insanity laced voice lazily calls out, the mismatched eye lights of a madman seem to drift over his 'master' in a state of topor* "Told ya he'd be back." *That comment was not however to Nightmare, but rather Dust's ever present hallucination* [[Admin AJ here]]

BloodAndAsh’s Profile PhotoD U S T
The bundle of ‘joy’ expressed his displeasure at the sudden intrusion by lifting his brow bone, his tentacles began to twitch in annoyance. “Mmmm… How lovely.” The goth responded, his sarcasm was flowing like venom from his tongues. He lingered in the silence for a moment, cocking his head to the side. He was waiting to see whether the Sans would continue his discussion with his imaginary friend. Moments like this remind Nightmare how incredibly amusing and tragically awful it all is, as he occasionally queries why he even has henchmen. He was, to be honest, suppressing a chuckle.
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Yes you are. Shame on you.

*Goth does feel bad getting the looks from his mom that says he's really disappointed in him, which is worse than just being angry with him*
..Sorry? I don't like being the oldest though..makes me feel old..*Mod facepalms*
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Goth, you are a horrible big brother. You're as bad a brother as Reaper is a father. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

..What!? *Goth looks shocked to hear that but out of all the AfterDeath kiddos, Goth has a balanced mix of both his parents magic and their personalities, Reapers sadistic humor is very noticeable-but I think Goth surpasses him a bit in the dark humor department..Reaper wouldn't sit there laughing if Genos kiII wound acted up*
I am not that bad!
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Happy birthday Goth *Geno hands Goth a gift box filled with [insert creative gift here]*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Mom!? *Goth actually tackles his mom into a hug, knocking over the box filled with manga xD him and Raven are both into anime thanks to Alphys so that would be a good present*
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Happy Birthday Gothy!! *Palette hands Goth his gift* (I can't come up with anything so just pretend it's something good)

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
*XD It's still cute to have Palette pop in and wish him a happy birthday*
*Goth just hugs Palette before taking the present* You remembered my birthday! Thanks Palette! *he then turns bright purple realizing he just hugged Palette* ...u-UhhHhh..*he then backs up and turns his attention to his present, opening it and pulling out a little cat plush, Goth and Shino both love cats but due to Raven being deathly allergic, they can't have a real one around* I love it!! I'm calling you Palette Jr--*With Palette right there-*
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How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I could decorate my house how I wanted to, it'd be what I'd personally refer to as queer goth chic: a mainly monochromatic colour scheme with pops of colour here and there (especially the green of houseplants and rainbows of pride flags), stereotypical Halloween-grade decorations (like bug art and anatomical figures), a crystal/geode collection on display (I'll never not love crystals), and more. The furniture would be fairly minimalist but the blend of decor would make it feel more cosy, and there'd be a few nooks tucked away for one to be able to sit and read (a bay window would be a dream) or just chill out by themselves.

What was the most "out there" style choice you've ever made? What do you think about it looking back? 💇‍♀️👠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The only thing I can think of was when I looked extremely goth, with black hair and black lipstick. I know other people didn't like it, but I did! I thinking of dying my hair back to black soon, to be honest. I love coloured hair but it's hard to maintain.
What was the most out there style choice youve ever made What do you think about

4. How would you describe your style? x

Skyex56439’s Profile PhotoSkye x
I would say alternative but probably more on the grunge side with elements of other aesthetics. I like dark academia and elements of goth too :) x
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Jaki masz styl ubierania?

Monia069’s Profile Photoxoxo
Styl noszenia się jak i styl bycia. Ponoć orginalny, choc nie do końca bo mi podobni zyja sobie gdzieś w Polsce jak i na świecie. Jednak kazdy metal czy goth jest sobą i kazdy, z nas ubiera się tak by choc odrobinke było inaczej. Dlatego tak bardzo podoba mi się, że w stylu jakim ja się noszę a jest to odłam gotyku, precyzyjniej #pagangoth #witchcore #shieldmaiden można popisać się kreatywnoscią 💚
Czy jestem gotką? Nie do końca. Być tru goth to było moje marzenie od dziecinstwa, jednak nigy taka nie byłam. Zawsze gdzieś przewijał sie u mnie mix stylów w tym wytworzyłam swój własny z elementami własnie gotyckimi, pogańskimi, boho, witchy czy nawet hippie (hipis). Ogolnie opowiadam sie za byciem metalhead czyli Jestem prawilnym/ną metalem/metalówką.
Tak, daje mi to satysfakcje ze moj styl pod wzgl wydlądu, otoczenia, muzyki, wiary czy zainteresowań łaczy się wlasnie z tum wszytkim. To jest takie piękne i kompatybilne a poza tym wnosi urodzaj i wiele kolorów do życia.
A tu chwaling dzisiejsza wizją artystyczną 👇

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Jaki masz styl ubierania

milyen hajat szeretnél ha bármilyen lehetne? szín, fazon, hossz, egyenes/hullámos/göndör/stb.

Az a baj, hogy
Szívesen lennék rövid, színes hajú SJW look alike.
Husszú, fekete hajú goth p*csa.
De egyszer nagyon szeretnék olyan hajat is, amilyen az AlRawabi school for girls-ből Noafnak van. (a sorozat amúgy szar, de az a csaj 10/10, ezek különböző dolgok 🤭)
De amúgy még ezek a tipikus e-girl hajak is tetszenek

You just said you planned on getting rid of Goth the way you made all our other kids disappear, HOW does that not register as WRONG to you

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..W-well..uh.. I mean.. look at it this way..my powers can kiII most of them and ..with the condition your in..I really didn't think we were cut out for the whole parenting thing..if their Souls weren't living in you..I would of reaped them before they were born..*Oh no he didn't--*
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Jaki styl ubierania się preferujesz?🖤🖤

Andzia112’s Profile Photoм σ ℓ ℓ у
Zrobiłam moodboard ze zdjęciami z neta, ale mam niemal identyczne/ bardzo podobne rzeczy jak na nich. Dużo zależy od tego co będę danego dnia robić. Zwykle zamieniam się w pankówę, goth gf, soft gf, albo dresiarę w jeansach i koszulce z zespołem lub anime. To alternatywna wersja dresiar XD. Trochę też daję vibe dark academia. Mam kilka rzeczy w stylu hippie i boho, ale są w większości na lato.
Teraz na studiach mam głównie warsztatowe zajęcia, więc opcja alternatywnej dresiary, albo „nie mam siły” wypada najczęściej.
Jaki styl ubierania się preferujesz

*Shadow creates a dark flame in his hand, it emits an eerie light* "Hilarious" *he shakes his hand and the flame vanishes* "Excuse me for liking to levitate as opposed to standin on the ground like a human."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
“You’re excused,” he rejoindered as he began to make his way to his throne. He sighs when he sits down, much like a tired parent. He closes his eye, for a brief moment, thinking. When he finally opened it again, it flickered for a second before returning to its dimly lit blue before settling on you. Unless the sceadu chooses differently, the goth decided not to say anything and simply enjoy the stillness. “...”
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We can't revive Goth until Life is back, but how are we supposed to bring her back

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..We would need to find her Soul first..and ..alone..it took me a couple decades in this timeline..fighting off Chara..who was after her too.. and Undyne..who thought I was the one who kiIIed her.. that's why I didn't visit you for a while on the Save screen..*Reaper sinks his skull down* now that I really was behind it.. possessed or not..this..might be a disaster.. G-Geno..I'm..really sorry.. I didn't mean to make a mess this big..

ezen az oldalon miért van ilyen sok gótikus csaj?

Amúgy nincs elég. Nem csak itt, de amúgy sem, pedig kevés szemet gyönyörködtetőbb látvány van egy szép goth lánynál. Bárhol látok egyet azonnal szerelmes vagyok. 🖤
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Look..I'm stuck in a endless loop..I haven't aged past 12 cause I'm always a ghost.. if I didn't die I'd be 20yrs old right now..*Silver is 5yrs older than Goth* leave life for the people who can still live it..we had ours stolen..*he then yanks out his IV and places it in Genos Soul instead*

VoidOfEmptiness’s Profile PhotoSilver
I lost my life a long time ago, I cheated death, that’s how Reaper met me, he’d been sent to reap me since I was supposed to be dead.
*not sure how lucid Geno is if he’s saying all this *
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*Palette jolts upright, of COURSE the awkward screaming woke him* Gothy? *Palette just looks at him confused* What's wrong, did you get hurt in UnderFell?

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
*Goth could not stop himself from blushing, the only thing he could try to do was lie his way out of this--he knows Palette wouldn't get why he yelled like that* I-I--m-maybe? U-um..! D-did..you..s-save me? ..Uh!! S-Sorry I w-woke you a-and..um..*he starts fumbling with his scarf* e-everything..
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*He recognizes Palette's room, he sees Palette's hat and roller leaned up against the couch, seems the smol is asleep there. Looking around he'll see Palette gave Goth his bed*

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
W-WHA!? *Goths eyelight went huge and his entire skull turned bright purple once he realized where he was and what he woke up in--he actually falls right out of the bed from sheer panic* I'M IN PALETTES BEEED!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA--OOF! *Good job Goth that didn't wake poor Palette at all*
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