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I doubt these knights of yours stand as a threat against me. *He flashes a toothy grin*I see no point in hunting your kind the only reason to hunt them is just amusement. The screams and cries are hilarious I heard at least.~*he nuzzles a large spider of his hand*

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
*Blue's lips pull back into a snarl, however unlike Shadow no growl accompanies it*
"Well you should hope you don't have to find out*

*he glares*Fine as long as no one is dumb enough to enter the nesting I created I have no reason to harm them. These spiders are my kin now subservient to myself. Arachnids can't easily resist my influence.~ The only time I plan on leaving is to collect prey for them and myself..

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
"If any of that prey happens to be Hylians, you will be killed. If not by one of us then by one of the regular knights."
*Sorry kinda crashed from the heat for a little while*

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Maybe a little but.. Hehe..*sinister laugh* I won't bother you or your people if you keep them out of here. This is my new summer home I'm not Leaving.~ *he creates more webs to encase the trees further*

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
*Blue laughs*
"You're in the outskirts of the lost woods, every Hylian knows not to wander too close to the lost woods. Those who enter who aren't blessed by the faeries are doomed to wander lost in the forest until they're reduced to nothing more than shambling skeletal monsters with no sense of ever having been anything else. But if you're lying, even a little, and a single Hylian disappears around here, I'm bringing @PyromaniaRed here with his fire rod and burning all your webs away."
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Monster?Ouch you offend me.~ I'm more of a demon of certain subspecies. *He eats a bird that lands near him wiping the blood off his mouth *Nothing dangerous.~

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
"Ok so you're almost exactly like Shadow, except with spiders instead of darkness. Also I could hear the lilt to your lie at the end of that sentence. You're Din Damned dangerous."
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Oh please I'm not phased at all. *He nuzzles one* I'm a prince the heir of Arachnids as you say these creatures are similar enough not to mind my presence. I've always looked like this. You know you're quite cute.~ *his creepy eyes stare into Blues soul*

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
"Yeah I have a boyfriend, so not happening. So are you actually some sort of monster then? Aside from Shadow I've never met a monster that looked so Hylian, ugh makes killing you feel awkward."
*He groans and hefts his hammer over his shoulder with a single movement looking up at the spider prince. He seems uncomfortable, but not because of his spider aspects but rather his human ones*

I think they are quite cute .*a male is perched in a tree that is engulfed with spiderwebs he is covered in the creepy skull spiders and some related to where he came from he looks human except for the eyes fangs and spider limbs coming out his back*I'll have to take them home with me.~

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
"Wait, aren't you suffering from the curse of the skulltula? I thought the curse was broken, how are you fused with a skulltula. Also surprised you're not screaming in agony like the other cursed, then again the curse doesn't seem to be as bad for you. . ."
I think they are quite cute a male is perched in a tree that is engulfed with

*When Blue goes near the forest he notices a strange sight it seemed oddly infected with spiders. Though a couple webs seem much larger that the others entire sections encased in webbing. Serval reds are seen in the shadows*

SpiderPrince’s Profile PhotoPrince Kumo
"Oh great, looks like a skulltulla infestation, I can get rig of it on my own, but damn they're creepy"
*They really are*
When  Blue goes near the forest he notices a strange sight it seemed oddly

Hey wait you can't leave me out here!!*he follows after him* I'm a child you don't really expect me to be able to survive out here alone do you? *He frowns*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"All of us did as children, besides I doubt monsters would attack you, odds are they'll mistake you for one of them."

What!? You can't be serious!She has to be around here somewhere. I can't of come all this way for nothing! I'm a prince so I uh...Order you tell me where those two are! *like Blue would listen to him lol*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"Shadow is the Prince of Darkness, and as far as I know he and Vio traveled to a different world through the shadows earlier. I didn't ask where they were going. Also the only Monarch I am beholden to is Princess Zelda herself, not you."
*Blue turns to head back into town*

Oh..I don't have any siblings my parents considered me a mistake.. My mom ran off and my dad is too busy being a king and stuff.. So I ran off to find her . She was last seen somewhere here.. *yes he's a prince lol*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"Mom died when we were little, none of us even have memories of her. Dad was always off working as a Knight, I mean we're proud of him as the Knight captain but still would have been nice to have him around more. Look do you have any information on your mom? Any idea what I should look for?"
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Who's Vio is he your brother?

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"Uhh. . . it's a little hard to explain, we're both 1/4th of the Hero, the others are Red and Green, you also have our literal living shadow, Shadow. . . look Link and by extension us, isn't good at naming things. We see each other as brothers in arms and probably have a bond similar to brothers I guess, but the 5 of us are NOT brothers."

My mom doesn't look like me. Or my dad. They aren't the same species.. I kinda ran off to find her but she's left no trace of where she went.. I'm scared she got eaten or captured by someone. Thank you for not slaying me! I'm Nix..!

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*He leads the kid out of town silently, he seems deep in thought*
"So you're saying you're similar to a kid with a Zora for one parent and a Hylian for the other parent? I didn't know that even worked. . . maybe Vio would get it. I'm just confused."

Agh ow!*the kid winces* What are you gonna do to me?*Nix was scared now Hylians haven't been friendly since he showed up to Hyrule attempting to hurt him or capture him every time he's gotten close to civilization.* I don't have anywhere to go. I'm just looking for my mom.. *it's clear he's a kid*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"Look this secret stays between us but, I'm going to let you loose outside the city, but you need to know, you look like the monsters that live in the area. Even though you can speak most any Hylian that looks at you will panic, not wait and listen to you explain you're not a monster. Stay away from cities and towns, there's no way a creature like your mom could have gotten in and survived. Search the wilds for her, if she entered Castle Town, looking the way you look she'd have been killed by the other knights."
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*once the other knights leave Nix attempts to bolt past Blue guess he isn't trying to get caught for his actions*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*The hammer slams down on the kid's tail, he can feel the vertebrae in it shattering, the tip of his tail would be paralyzed, but the bigger problem is, he's now trapped as he can't free his tail from under the hero's hammer*
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*Nix winces looking up dazed he bares his fangs. *Stay back! *The little creature whimpers unsure what to do in the situation being trapped. Sure he shouldn't of been stealing things but this was to much for him to handle alone.*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
"I really don't think you're in any situation to tell me what to do."
*Blue looks at the other knights*
"I'll deal with this alone, return to your patrols."

*There is a small figure wearing a dark cloak in Castle Town they were caught stealing items from several different shops. But they seem to be avoiding the knights without too much difficulty. *

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*Well they were avoiding the knights, until someone picks them up by the back of their cloak, causing them to hang from his captor's grasp like a kitten carried by their mother*
"Seriously? Even children have become thieves now?"
*there's a huff*
"Doesn't change the law you're still headed to the dungeons brat."
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You're cute when you're mad!*she sticks out her tongue she doesn't feel much romantically for blue unlike with Shadow.she just likes messing with him thanks to his short fuse lol*

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*Blue just huffs, rolling his eyes."
Youre cute when youre madshe sticks out her tongue she doesnt feel much

"Ok well I'm gonna be useless until my head trauma is addressed, which really screws us all over as RED WAS F-CKING ABDUCTED!!" *Shadow tries pushing himself up off the floor only managing to get to his knees*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
"RED WHAT!??!"

Ahhh!!! Everything is on fire come out quick!*when he goes to open the door neo splashes him with cold water from the bucket she was carrying*You're welcome I thought you needed to cool down.Hehe!

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Neo got kicked out of the way by Shadow and got to see Blue possibly break their shade's skull as he was sent crashing into the ground*
"Shadow!? What in Nayru's name are you doing!?!! I thought it was that rat knocking at my door again. Din Dammit I didn't mean to hit YOU. Hey @Stoicviolet kinda had an accident here."
*he shouts the last bit*

*Unfortunately for Shadow he kicks @NeoTheSkrix aside right after that and knocks on Blue's door aggressively*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*True to his word, the moment Blue's door opened his hammer came down, except instead of on Neo, which would have probably crushed her, he nails Shadow in the head sending him crashing to the floor, confused and disoriented*

Oh come on!*she knocks again*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Right Neo doesn't know Red is missing so she can't draw him out with that info*
"Knock again and I'm answering with my Hammer!"


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