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*XD just one word from mod- LOL* *Goth pauses for a minute* ..Wait..what's a cuccoo..? Uh..I think what you said earlier about not needing therapy was a giant lie..I mean..Shadow definitely needs it but I think you have more problems than he does now..

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*Blue suddenly backflips away from Goth realizing what @Stoicviolet just did. Vio did say he'd use bomb arrows on Goth next time he saw the kid, and now Goth knows what his dynamite pranks can do to people*
"Fuck Vio give me a bit of warning before you blow someone up right in front of me."
XD just one word from mod LOL
Goth pauses for a minute Waitwhats a cuccoo UhI

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Not really..um..*Goth then throws his slipper in Blues face and tries to snatch his hammer from him, hoping the slipper distracted him- omg-*

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*The hammer is more than twice as heavy as Goth is and the kid is crushed under it, Blue picks his hammer back up off the skelekid*
"Kid this hammer takes two hands for most Hylians, full grown Hylians, as in not tiny children."
Not reallyumGoth then throws his slipper in Blues face and tries to snatch his

*Goth just barely avoided getting his skull smashed in, he saw a small shadow on the ground suddenly getting bigger and looked up to see Blue about to smash his skill in, he teleports off to the right, just before he gets smacked with that thing* HOLY SH-T!? Shadow wasn't kidding, you have issues!

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"Not as many issues as the demon himself has."
*Blue hefts the hammer over his shoulders, a normal Hylian would need 2 hands to wield the weapon but Blue could easily use it with one.*
"I just have some anger issues, I don't need an actual therapist unlike some of us."
*He does need a therapist, they all need therapists*
Goth just barely avoided getting his skull smashed in he saw a small shadow on

*Goth is wandering outside the castle then and confused it for a house XD* *He then simply wanders up to the castle door since..it doesn't seem to be guarded right now, did he scare everyone off? Well, maybe not everyone, Blue seems like he's ready to attack him-* Helloooo? Anyone home?

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*Goth gets a few moments between Blue's hammer being drawn, and him slamming it down where Goth was when he drew it, I hope the child dodged*

*A very unexpected visitor is seen wandering around the house Blue, Red, Vio, Green and Shadow all live in, the Colors might know him from that one time they traveled to the Underverse or at least recognize that they've seen him before* If I remember right, this should be the place they live at..

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*Well they live in a wing of the castle actually*
What in Hylia's name? How'd a Stalchild end up here
*Blue huffs pulling out his Four Sword*
I can deal with this though I'm yelling at whoever was on guard

This would be an inopportune time for an anon, so here I am, at this inopportune time

"Are you fucking serious right now?"
*of course he's angry that is his default emotional setting*

*Gage moves out of the way whipping out of his daggers Gage swiftly goes to attack Blue though he's not intending to hurt him hes just trying to get close enough to cut off a lock of blues blonde hair*

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*Getting close was a bad idea as he gets shield bashed, the metal defense hitting the skrix in the face hard enough to break a Hylian nose and knock loose teeth*

Wouldnt you like to know blondie.~ *he scoffs that was much of an answer* Why dont you go see for yourself? The curiosity must be eating into ya. *he gestures to the dark alleyway something felt horribly off about this. He is trying isolate Blue so he wont have to deal with him getting back up*

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"Not until you're dealt with"
*Blue switches to his Four Sword and attempts to run Gage through while the beastie is still close*

*Gage attempts to get off the hammer but his on of his claws had gotten stuck he ends up taking the impact appearing dazed*Nnngh lucky shot..

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"Maybe don't jump on top of someone's weapon. What the hell happened here, I heard screaming and then when it stopped you were skittering away from the area."

*he stepped out of the way easily when Blue looks up he finds the strange creature perched on top of his hammer* Easy where you swing that thing someone could get seriously hurt. *there's the sound of mockery in his voice*

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"Well fuck you too"
*Blue tries to slam Gage into the ground while the creature is perched on his hammer*

*The Gage sprints past Blue he's so fast the hylian only sees a blur the creature now behind him*

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*He spun and brings the hammer down hard on where Gage should be*

*the screams become quieter till he hears a loud thud before eerie silence. Two red irises are seen from the darkness*

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*Blue pulls his hammer out in an instant, the head of the hammer is likely larger than Gage is, and despite it's obvious heft, the cobalt knight seems to wield it with one hand with ease*

*Blue hears a female voice screaming for help*

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*He freezes up, obviously as a knight it is his job to handle something like this, but aside from Zelda, Erune, and knights in training, Blue has trouble interacting with women*

june is over GOODBYE SUMMER

"But summer literally starts on the Summer Solstice which is on June 21st. It's been Summer for 5 days."


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