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Vio: *plotting mass murder*

"No, just, harvesting some deadly plants for dark magic, as long as no one burns any of it though it'll be fine."

"Red hair, markings, deep purple wings? I hear she has become quite popular with the men recently ."

soleannashade’s Profile PhotoMᴇᴘʜɪʟᴇs
"Oh right Nova, haven't seen her in awhile actually and my admin was tryin ta think of characters within the Zelda-verse dat ya mighta meant."
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Is Neo going to flirt with this guy too

Oh right the blue rat thing, I dunno, he doesn't seem ta have fangs and dat's her thing."

"I have ... An acquaintance here, that you may know of . I have not seen her in some time, and I have heard that she has had some interesting developments of her own . Call it a cordial visit ."

soleannashade’s Profile PhotoMᴇᴘʜɪʟᴇs
"An acquaintance here? Someone I might know?"

*Emeralds glint at the mention of that name* "Shadow ... ? Even more intriguing, is fate attempting to mock me, or has it deepened it's sense of irony ? ... No matter ." *An attempt at a bow* "I ... Am Mephiles the dark . A pleasure ."

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"Fate mockin ya. . . yeah assumin dere's a story dere but also know better than ta ask. What brought ya here anyway, I mean it's kinda obvious y'all aren't from 'round here."

A figure begins to arise, though if the quills were any indication, it wasn't humanoid . Unmoving, lifeless, like a puppet being pulled up by strings, until finally the head slowly looks up, emerald irises locking onto the shade .

soleannashade’s Profile PhotoMᴇᴘʜɪʟᴇs
"The fuck, y'all are, like me. I didn't even know dere was anyone else out dere like me."
A figure begins to arise though if the quills were any indication it wasnt

Yeah.. my mom told me to get your help.. I can't believe the idiot hurt himself this time..

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"Eh who hasn't done something stupid and hurt themselves before, I mean I once walked into a doorframe cause I was staring at @Stoicviolet and didn't become incorporeal to walk through it. That was embarrassing. I'll help out though, ya mom is probably havin conniptions over his health."
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