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Did you know in the Twilight Princess manga, Midna actually recognizes Hero's Shade and tearfully hugs him

[[Yanno I think Twilight Princess may be the one LoZ manga I haven't read. So no I actually did not know that]]

// I just finished Minish Cap/Phantom Hourglass btw, tempted to make Ezlo and Linebeck reminds me of Majima

yggdrasilplayer7’s Profile Photoᴏᴠᴇʀʟᴏʀᴅ ɪᴠ
[[. . . now that comparison is in my head it will never leave it
Also Ezlo was Vaati's mentor when he was still a Minish, or wait would your Ezlo still be in hat form? we don't have a Four though... I mean we have the colors split up but not LU versions of them so I'm a little stumped as to where to work Ezlo in, or would he just be on @MrImportantHero 's head XD]]

*her fur stands up slightly*Don't do that!*she jumps*

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
"Don't do what? This~"
*he melds into her shadow, white eyes and a grin appearing in it*

*she growls but even she could tell something was terribly wrong.She hufff trying to calm down* Youre not worth the effort.

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
*she blinks and the teen had vanished into darkness, he steps out of it behind her*
"So calming down now? I won't need to show you more of why messing with me is a horrible idea"

You didnt answer my question of what you are.. Whatever you are this wolf wont roll over for you!And don't go calling me a furry again or I'll implant my canines into your arm!

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
*he now gets a masochistic grin*
"Feel free~ Warning, y'all will regret it."
*he literally holds an arm out, daring her to bite him, the smug satisfaction on his face should clue her in on the fact there is something seriously wrong here*

I don't trust ya. *she growls*

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
"Probably smart, but yanno ya still haven't addressed da issue of what I am and how badly y'all might have screwed da pooch by ticking me off."

What the hell are you!? *she bares her teeth aggressively*

MysticWolfie’s Profile PhotoLexi Wolf
*he just holds up his hands in a gesture of mock surrender, placing violet claws on full display*
"Man just seein my clawed hands is enough ta freak ya out?"
*he gets a cruel grin as he begins to clearly levitate off the ground in front of her*
"I wouldn't be baring teeth at me if I were you. Y'all have no idea what I could do."


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