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I understand..*As she appeared she was gone a dark figure had picked her up teleporting away with her*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Nova sighs, wrapping her arms tightly around herself*

I..Can make it up to you! I'm not like everyone else. I respected you.. I still do. Maybe I get jealous and aggressive sometimes.. But who doesnt? I just had a moment of weakness it won't happen again. I promise. *she offers nova her hand*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Nova draws away from Neo, turning away from the alien*
"Give me time to myself Neo, I need space to figure out if I can come back from this or not."

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We don't have to be.I was having fun just being your friend.Can't we just go back to that?Forget my stupid feelings. No one really cares for me anyways. I know you only kept me around cause I was willing to listen to you and your needs. It can just stay like that.*she shows the friendship bracelet*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"I don't know Neo, I feel like you betrayed my trust pretty badly here."

*saddened ears pin*I did all this cause I care for you Nova.. I lied cause I know better you'd never be with someone like me no matter how hard I tried to win your affection. Him or someone else would always beat me in the end. I had to play dirty because I'm SICK of always losing the ones I love..

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"What made you think I'd ever want to be with ANYONE? How many times have I lamented to you about the issues I've had with people having feelings for me. How many friendships have been broken by how people want me in ways I don't want anybody. Sorry to hear you're sick of losing the ones you love, cause you just lost this one too."

... He told you about that..I should of know not leave loose ends. Nova.. I did what I felt like was best for you.I gave him a scare cause I know first hand what men like HIM do to girls like us..I wanted to make sure he knew not to mess with you.I might be small but I'll keep you safe Nova.

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"What about your confession? Yes he mentioned that too, you've been lying to me about what you think of me. I thought I had an actual friend in you, someone I could trust, but no just like everyone else you obsessed over me. Only you were brazen enough to lie about it to my face and stab me in the back every time we spoke."
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Majima?*the color in her face starts to fade but she snaps back to normal*We...Had an argument. But we came to understanding. I dont affiliate with that guy anymore you shouldn't either he's bad news. *she's acting calm now but wont admit anything that would make her look bad*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"And the kidnapping?"
*Nova is deathly calm*

Huh? Rumors? I mean I have a ton of enemies but you already knew that. What did you hear?*tilts head giving a innocent look as if she was unaware of what Nova was talking about.*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
"Neo, what happened with Majima. I am not above reading your mind to get to the bottom of this."
*Nova usually stays out of the minds of friends except in emergencies, so this threat is a sign of something serious*

Sorry about earlier kind of got distract! You know how crazy my life can be sometimes. Hehe.. Is something wrong?*she tilts her head she was unaware there was a problem glancing to see if nova was wearing he bracelet she gave her.*

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Nova isn't wearing the bracelet this time since Neo betrayed her trust*
"Neo I've heard some unsettling rumors about you recently."

Oh hey Nova!*Neo smiles waving to her friend Nothing seems different about the little alien except the bruises and black eye maybe she got into another fight?*How you been buddy?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*Nova actually froze for a moment when she heard Neo approach her from behind, but the moment was over quickly as her ears flick back towards the alien in recognition of her. Nova turns around, unlike the past few times, there's no smile on her face, just a neutral expression*
"Oh hey Neo."
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Well, that's part of being a house wife, save your kids when they get into trouble, I stand by what I said babe! But..if this rope was done by a girl, I should be able to get free! *he struggles to get through the rope* any second now! I'll slip out! Some angel actually going around killing people!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
"I told you I'm half human, and humans are monsters."
*she pushes him over and he can't catch himself since his limbs are bound*
"Just because I can bring you back from the dead, doesn't mean you should be trying to provoke me to put you in that state again"

You ARE a woman, right? The weird ears and tattoos are just from the whole angel business, right? No offense girly but women are good for only 3 things, their looks, how good they are in bed and being a cute little house wife, you are beautiful and look the part of an angel, how can you resist this?

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*suddenly there's a white hot pain in his chest, if he looks down he sees there's a hole punched through his ribcage, she slowly pulls something out of the crevasse in his body, he can see the red mass pulsating, it's his own goddamn heart*
"I have more than just killer looks, don't worry, when you die from bleeding out in about 10 seconds I'll revive you."
*fuck around and find out*
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No? Why no? That's a damn good deal! You literally don't do anything but show your face for a few minutes! It's perfect for a woman!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
"Perfect for a woman? I'm sorry are you implying my gender is somehow restrictive to what sorts of jobs I can perform?"
*her voice went ice cold, sexism bothers her, a lot*
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I don't care if you were half monkey! This is a good deal and you know it, you wouldn't kill someone offering you the best deal you could get! A million yen! Just one day a week you show your face and boom! Loads of yen you won't know what to do with! Think about it!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*all her celestial aspects vanish in an instant, the only oddities about her are her ears and crimson markings*
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*She nods*You are young filled with so much potential! You will be unstoppable one day I can tell!*she winks* I hope my brother didnt cause too much trouble for you.. Father banished him to a pocket room as you called Game room to keep him out of trouble.

QueensCards’s Profile PhotoDarcy
"He was jealous of my ability to leave."
*though she seems uncomfortable with the statement she'll be unstoppable*

You won't have to, everyone there is dumber than a squid in a barrel! The only thing you have to do is just show up once in a while to prove you exist and that we aren't lying about having a deity, all I have to say is the chicken we had turned into a angel and goes off doing angel sh-t!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
"You do know I could kill you in a heartbeat right? Because I'm Half-human, I don't have the same strict adherence to morality full angels do."
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How does a million yen sound? We make loads off everyone dumb enough to join! Some we force to join if it's clear they're weak and helpless chumps! You would make loads of yen you could swim in! Even an angel could have some use for money! We wouldn't be lying about having a deity anymore either!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
"And what if I don't want to draw that kind of attention to myself?"
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// hi yes, this account was made over a year or two ago and I never used it, have my oc 😎

ThatSpaceBetween’s Profile PhotoR I F T
[[I remember this account vaguely, also currently watching horror movies]]
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Uhhh...can we use you instead of the chicken? *You suddenly see a chicken squaking and running away with several men in white robes chasing after it* Chicken: BAGAWK!! Man1: CATCH THE MESSIAH!! Man2: Whose bright idea was it to try and stick a robe on the chicken!? Now it's running away you idiots!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*She just snickers at the scenario*
"You want to use me in your money grab? What do I get out of it?"
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// you have no idea how hard it is to restrain him from hitting on Nova

MrImportantShade’s Profile PhotoThe Main Shadow Link Aka Green
*She can control light, she could kill him. Hell even with his increased light resistance, Nova could kill Shadow. She won't however as I like RPing as him too much*

WHAT KIND OF FREAK ARE YOU!? Are you really an angel!? *The man was stunned when he felt her feathers and quickly scrambles to his feet* Of course I didn't believe that sh-t! I was trying to get you in my bed and take your money! Our messiah is a chicken we stole! I thought you were some dumb babe!

MunanChohept0nast’s Profile PhotoMunan Akamatsu
*Sha snaps her fingers as a violet flame forms above her pointed fingers*
"I'm Asexual, so you were never gonna get me in bed, I'm broke so you had nothing to rob me of. Now your whole worldview is screwed isn't it."
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