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"Ah, you can see that too, huh? Shouldn't be surprised... not like they're normal cigarettes." *He tucks his hands in his pockets.* "... Feels weird... I... think I should get out of here myself."

BaitedBreath’s Profile Photo【Garcello】
"I'm half-Angel, of course I can see what happened to your soul, and probably best we part ways before your demon benefactor checks in."

"Yeah, honestly, what's gonna faze me these days...? I've been dead one day, only to wake up the next. My smoke changes colors, my tongue even. I apparently participate in random rap battles." *He laughs lightly.*

BaitedBreath’s Profile Photo【Garcello】
"And now an angel purified you of the demon smoke."

*He cautiously stands back up.* "Oh. Uh... thanks." *He narrows his eyes, stomping on the 'remains' of the cigarette.* "... I... appreciate it..." *He dips his hat.* "But you... should probably get out of here then, right?"

BaitedBreath’s Profile Photo【Garcello】
"So no reaction to what I am, guess that makes sense if you deal with demons."

*He grips his chest, but is surprised it doesn't hurt when he breathes in.* "How did you..." *The cigarette crumbles to dust on the ground. Though no longer clinging to his soul, it'd still appear damaged.*

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*she flashes him a sheepish grin and taps her halo*
"I'm kinda diametrically opposed to the powers that made those things"

"Little lady, I doubt you could do anything about this..." *Its like a curse.*

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*Nova bites her finger and a drop of golden blood thrumming with angelic magic spills out*
"Buddy, I think I can."
*with a gesture the golden aura from inside her envelops Garcello, though in the process her halo manifests and she has to spread her wings as the light tries to purify him of the poison*
(Up to you if it did anything, and even if it did, it could be reset next revival)

"At least I ended up changing my mind. Kinda have gotten protective. Not that I've seen em in forever. Probably good that I don't." *Yes the writer's classic excuse.*

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"A new question, why is there an air of death around you, death is clinging to you like a shroud."

"Well, Nova. If you know so much about the demons around here, you should be staying away. Wouldn't want to get wrapped up in all that..." *The glow in his eye dies down, yet the smoke remains. A lot more than what should be coming from the single cigarette.*

BaitedBreath’s Profile Photo【Garcello】
"There's too much smoke, and your eye was literally glowing, I took you for a human. . . was I wrong?"


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