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/It wasn't that weird lol the end explained it all that was funny Sans just walking in seeing Papyrus being filmed by Mettaton Papy: (☉_☉) I SWEAR IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE! Sans: (ಠ∩ರ) /MEGALOVANIA INTENSIFIES//

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*He just laughs maliciously at that statement, probably for longer than necessary* That wasn't even him at his worst. Maybe you should stay away from the dark, you never know what may be waiting in it to snatch up hapless victims like you

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Hey! I'm stronger than I look..! Don't underestimate me.. I could destroy everything with Toxin if I chose to be evil. But I have morals unlike you.. I choose to lose rather than hurt others. *she now has bandaged hands from her visit with horror*
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*When she's out of @TenYearNeutral 's Horrortale, she might run into someone else she really didn't want to see, fortunately his hypnosis no longer holds* You really never considered you might one day end up in a different Horrortale amalgamate?

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Nightmare?!Just great why are you here to gloat?*she frowns*It's embarrassing I could immediately tell he wasn't my one. *shivers*I never knew horror could be so scary...

There we go, now make sure Horror follows my commands to the letter, and speak nothing of this little encounter, or you might find your way over to New Home and this timeline's Undyne.

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*she nods* As you command.

(cont) *Allura feels her thoughts are no longer entirely her own, by forcing her to look him in the eye, he made it incredibly simple to hypnotize her* Having you under my thrall could prove far more useful, after all who better to keep Horror on task than the one he 'loves'

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*she seemed stunned not expecting that at all but she had no chance to fight back. She seems slightly dazed but it seemed to be working on her, her thoughts were partly clouded over.Her iris slightly changes but otherwise looking the same on the outside*....

*He gets a sneer as a tentacle reaches over and tilts Allura's skull up to look him in the eye, it's cerulean glow seems positively malicious* I could easily get rid of you, and you know it too. But you might be a useful tool for keeping Horror in line (tbc)

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((answer was deleted so here's her answer)) He has a family now of course you wouldn't be understand what that Is.. Don't call my kids that!*she snapped offended*Hmpt! If he wasn't already working for you before I met him I'd have done something... But I guess you're part of the package of being with a "bad sans".*she makes a displeased face*

*When Allura is walking back to the Horror skelebros house, but is well out of hearing range of Horror, a low rumble of a voice calls out from the darkness* You, Amalgamate, we need to talk

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!!!*she shivers fearfully but retorts with an attitude she wouldn't give him that pleasure * What do you want. *she glares looking behind her towards him*

*he watches her silently, contempt in his bright cerulean eye light, the aura of fear and malice coming from him seems far thicker, darker and more malevolent than usual*

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...I'll leave you two be.. *she seems is extremely uncomfortable backing away slowly. She has no fear towards Horror but Nightmare is another beast completely. *

Allura watch yourself, someone has a malicious eye on you

I live in horrortale take there's always danger.. I'll be fine.

*She just kissed Horror in front of Nightmare who is currently not happy with his minion* If you're quite done with the public display of affection, I need the idiot who works for me, TO ACTUALLY WORK FOR ME

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Right sorry..! *she backs away from Horror because Nightmare scared her for obvious reasons*

*He gives her a desperate look* XChara, we can overwrite

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Sh!t.. Sorry force of habit-*suddenly geno kisses her and she shoves him away roughly being he's like a bestfriend/brother to her she feels really embarrassed now* Sorry! How did he possess you!?


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