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You love this idiot though! *Reaper chuckles a bit* But seriously.. I better not see you on my reaping list.. do I gotta duct tape you to a chair? I've done that to Geno before..and I can do it for you too!

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Hehe it's nice to see people worried about me.~ I'll try not to scare anyone to death anymore alright? I'll need to look for a new place to stay I kinda lost my room there in GVTales anyways I'm sure he already threw out all my stuff. *she laughs nervously*

Allura, you can't go back there, that place is like an abusive ex, everyone around you knows that ex will be the death of you but you keep going back. You have to stop going back Allura.

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*she sighs*I can't fix him. I keep failing. Please tell me you and Reaper are okay.

"You know... you can always come to me for healing..." *They frown.*

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I... I didn't want to bother you.*she looks embarrassed* It looks bad on my part .. How I got into this mess.. *she blushes nervously*

Allura, please don't go back there. . .

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I get you are worried and well this isn't really reassuring. *She is looking at her missing hand* I just wanted to prove I can do good. But I'm not good at these things. I wasn't designed to be a hero. Maybe Nightmare had a point I'm just wasting my time trying.*she looks defeated*Don't let Reaper run off and fight a battle I started.

"Between you and me... I'm actually never comfortable." *They laugh as well, sipping the cider after.*

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Hehe at least you're honest about it.*she drinks some of the spider cider*

*They take a Spider Cider out of their inventory.* "Mm, alright then." *They absentmindedly kick their feet.* "... I'm Sera by the way. Sera or Seras."

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Allura I'm allura. Sit make yourself comfortable I'm not going anywhere.*she laughs faintly *

"Want a snack? I always have spider goods and nice cream. Or special Magic cigarettes ha ha."

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Eh I'm more of a drinker.*that's obvious by all the empty alcohol Bottles all over her floor*

*At some point Sera reappears again.* "So, I know you said you didn't want help. But how about some simple company?"

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*she sighs *I don't mind that. It's boring in here alone. Sans is just being a pain he'll get over himself.


*she wipes away the black tinted tears as they were stained by toxin itself* I got myself into this mess I can fix this.Im no damsel in distress I'm better than this!

How's it going?

*she had smashed the glass bottle against the wall shattering it having her back against the door* He's not going to win this argument. If I really need to leave I can jump out the window it's only a three story drop.

Are you going to cooperate if I unblock the door?*he sounded rather agitated it would be in her best interest to comply to his demands *

GothicVictorian’s Profile PhotoGV Sans
Not happening! You can't keep me trapped back here forever! The locals will get suspicious!


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