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*he looks dizzy falling back he was free from her power for the first time in years* What was that?I feel different.*thanks to Geno he may be able to recover his old memories now that his mind isn't clouded*Geno ..I don't hear her anymore my mind is finally clear. *He seems amazed*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
You're welcome, we probably need to find you somewhere to stay though. Mortals can't exactly live in Death's house...
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*he snaps out of it for the moment looking heartbroken backing away from her*How could she be so cruel..?! *Grim was in shock this is probably genos chance*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
*He snaps his fingers and his blaster appears and with a beam of energy forces the Skeleton Queen back through the portal into her castle, the portal closes behind her*
You ok buddy?
he snaps out of it for the moment looking heartbroken backing away from herHow

*she growls* Of course the sans I do want I can't have..These CHEAP pets are so fragile once i'm bored of them they are as good as decoration for my castle~*she just admitted she only values Grim for his entertainment purpose and will k!ll him when she gets tired of him*

HalloweenIncarnate’s Profile Photo~The Skeleton Queen~
*Geno gives her a malicious grin, hoping that her words were able to penetrate the fog of hypnosis somewhat*

*he slips right past Geno going to his queen he smiles in a dazed state it's clear her powers had a grip on the him. * Sorry Geno but she needs me.

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
I can't save fools from themselves
Enjoy your pet b!tch sadly the Sans you actually want @HalloweenIncarnate are outside your ability to control. Guess you have to settle for the scraps
*yes he's being mean he's hoping to get the queen to say something that proves she doesn't really care about her pet beyond just owning him*

He is special dear Geno, he's been mine since nearly the beginning.. I picked this sans broke him down and molded him into the perfect pet. Enough trauma and my influence made him perfect for my beautiful image. He belongs to me now.... Get out of my way..*she glares*.

HalloweenIncarnate’s Profile Photo~The Skeleton Queen~
You can't use your hypnosis on me to make me bend to your will, so what would you do to make me move?
*he raises his lone brow, arms crossed, but since he's facing her @GrimSkeleton could slip by him back to her side*

So this where my sweet grimmy ran off to!~*the skeleton queen comes out the portal holding chains in her hands*Playing with trash at that...*she stares at geno*

HalloweenIncarnate’s Profile Photo~The Skeleton Queen~
Hello, I'd say it's nice to see you but we both know that would be a total lie. So how long has this guy been a pet of yours he doesn't even seem to remember life before enslavement unlike most of your coterie I've thus far encountered. Also no I'm not just letting you take him back to that macabre castle of corpses

*he tilts his head the longer he's away from her the more he regains of his free will* I..Don't understand.. Why would she hurt you?You dont seem bad to me..

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
I wasn’t going to play along with her “happy kingdom” image.
*Geno pulls back his shirt exposing his nonexistent bones*
I was no use to her as materials and when she found she couldn’t brainwash me she was angry

She's not that bad! She just wants what's best for our kind..*he smiles*I know she wouldn't hurt you Geno. In a perfect world we'd all be apart of her kingdom. *it's clear he's still brainwashed to a degree* I doubt she'd come looking for me. I'm not that important. She could easily replace me.

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
Oh she's already tried to hurt me. You're still really deep in the fog huh. Trust me she'll look for you, she's the type who doesn't like losing her playthings

The skeleton queen is my queen. I've been apart of the skeleton kingdom for ages now. A kingdom for only skeletons..She rescues miserable skeletons like myself (I guess) and makes them part of her kingdom. And well those that upset her literally become part of her castle of bones.

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
Oh fuuck I remember her does this mean she's going to come looking for you. I don't want to deal with her again

I'm...*he looks at the name attached to his spiked collar*Grimorie. I'm...Not sure how I got here. One second I was helping my queen with some important task the next I find myself burning up here. *he puts out the fire on his clothing* Everything is so hazey.*he grips his skull*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
Your Queen? So you come from a timeline where Toriel rules instead of Asgore then...
*of course his first assumption is Toriel, it's been so long since a run in with the skeleton queen Geno's blanked on her existence*

Nnngh ...Who? *the figure struggles but gets up this certainly wasn't reaper he looked bruised up and his clothing was on fire in spots but otherwise he was fine * Who are you? *he glances to Geno*

GrimSkeleton’s Profile PhotoGrimorie
*Geno sighs in relief, though given this guy hasn't really reacted yet he must not have registered Geno's condition*
I was worried my partner had ended up an Error, if that happens his magic manifests as blue fire, nearly gave me a panic attack kiddo
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Uhh...your not..joking are you? Whoops..that sorta explains why I've never heard of it..or been there.. I saw it listed on my reaping list but I've never heard of the place.. and uh..technically, I asked our Muffet to drop them off there..so..I have no idea if she managed to or not..eheh..

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
No one there can even die Reaper, they're stuck in that post Genocide state because Error wills it.
You better contact your Muffet and tell her not to enter that timeline

Calm down Love, I don't think I sent'em to anyplace bad, I mean, the place is called HappyTale so..how bad can it be? *Reaper then gets punched in the face by a screaming Geno-* Just..iťs a timeline I've never heard of and never been to so..it might be difficult to go there? I had Muffet drop'em off

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
How- how'd you even access that timeline, Error created it as a sick mockery of AUs and is the only one who can get in or out. He named it that out of a demented sense of irony, it's basically a genocide run except everyone's still alive, goddammit Reaper you need to run this stuff by me. Hopefully Error kept them out, he's protective over his perverse creation of endless suffering

Alright, alright~ But for the record, they just stare cause they can see your glitches are cute but they forget the glitch bunny is already taken by Death~ *Reaper then leaves and comes back moments later dressed in their usual going out clothes*

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
*I'm guessing this is separate from Reaper encountering @Halluciv *
Just let me text the kids so they know where we are at least
*although who the hell knows where all of them are, they never stay put*
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Uh..right..unless you want me to wear this on our date?~ *Reaper winks* I mean..I don't have a problem wearing this out~

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
Just put on more normal clothes, we already get enough people staring because of my glitches we don't need to draw MORE attention to ourselves
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Uhh..I don't think so..I have this *Reaper holds up a empty Starbucks cup* but..I don't really remember anything.. anyway, how do you feel about us taking a trip to the surface for a date?~

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
Maybe you should change clothes first?
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