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*Casually walks in between Geno and Socket* Good afternoon, just a normal monster child here, nothing to see here Madame, move along.

OurDetermination’s Profile PhotoGaster!Frisk
[[admin here considering Geno is currently using zip-ties to restrain Socket's arms behind his back there is no space between them for Gaster!Frisk to walk through, so freaking him out has to wait. Have a nice morning]]

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DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno pup
[[To anyone I lost my temper at last night, I'm Sorry. I lashed out unfairly everyone has reasons for why they RP what they RP and I should have considered that as opposed to just looking at it from my point of view. Point is, I'm majorly sorry about how I handled last night and hope those involved can forgive me and go back to having fun even while I'm absent]]

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