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What's your favorite font? 🔠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I was writing fanfiction a long time ago and planning several RPG-based stories with others, I was constantly visiting the page "dafont" to look for a specific style that would suit certain layouts and pictures I would then edit in GIMP afterwards (good old times).
I think that no other font mesmerized me as much as "Eternal Call". The curvy, sort of romantic nature of the line structure combined with a few floral ornaments here and there took my heart by storm. I still use this font for the thumbnails of my Lies of P livestream I prepare for my friends weekly. It's so dreamy but only suitable for fancy headlines. In terms of writing I mostly prefer serif font, such as Times New Roman or non-serif font like Arial or Calibri.
This question kind of made me think of the two characters Comic Sans and Papyrus from Undertale. Great game.
Anyway, I made cringe-worthy signatures like that and experimented a lot with GIMP. xd (The picture is originally from the game 'Amnesia - The Dark Descent').
I kind of miss this time.

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Whats your favorite font

Was sind aktuell deine Lieblingsspiele 🌱°•?

SadMilkyWay’s Profile Photo⊹°⸙┋MilkyWay┋⸙°⊹
Ach, es gibt so viele so gute Spiele.
Ich gehe erstmal auf ein paar Spiele ein, die ich selber gespielt habe und sehr mag, bezogen auf 3ds Spiele und danach auf Spiele, die ich nicht gespielt habe, aber dennoch sehr mag. :>
Also ich mag sehr gerne die The Legend of Zelda Teile. Von denen, die ich gespielt habe, finde ich Ocarina of Time am besten. Bis auf Majoras Mask, habe ich alle 3ds und ds Teile gespielt. Bei Majoras Mask kam ich irgendwann ganz am Anfang nicht weiter und habe es nie weiter gespielt. Ich habe aber Mal ein Lets Play zum gesamten Spiel gesehen. Zuletzt habe ich mir Hyrule warriors legends gekauft und das spiele ich aktuell sehr häufig. Weitere Spiele, die ich sehr mag sind Fantasy Life, Theatrhythm, Yo-Kai watch, Miitopia, Terraria, Mario Party, Animal Crossing und die WarioWare Teile.
Fantasy Life gehört mit zu meinen Lieblingsspielen, obwohl ich es ehrlicherweise nicht so weit bisher gespielt habe. Ich liebe es, man kann sich da so viele verschiedene Berufe aussuchen und deren Quests machen. Ich hoffe, ich vertue mich nicht, aber ich glaube, ich habe damals den Alchemist soweit ich konnte durchgespielt, danach als Paladin, Söldner und zuletzt habe ich als Angler angefangen. Es gibt da halt noch viele weitere Berufe und in jedem macht man natürlich andere Dinge. Das muss ich auf jeden Fall Mal wieder weiter spielen. :D
Miitopia liebe ich auch so sehr und das muss ich auch weiter spielen, ich habe mir irgendwann Mal das Ziel gesetzt, es zu 100% durchzuspielen, ich glaube ich bin aktuell bei 97%, es dauert aber noch, bis ich die 100% habe. :3
Jetzt komme ich zu den Spielen, die ich selber nicht gespielt habe. :3
Ich werde bestimmt einige vergessen, aber ich liebe Cult of the lamb, Undertale, Forager, Reventure, The Stanley Parabel, House, Pony Island, Little Nightmares und Life Is Strange.
Die Spiele habe ich alle durch Lets plays kennen gelernt.
Die meisten habe ich bei Zombey gesehen, andere z.B. bei Maudado, Sev, Gnu, Unge oder Corrupted. :3

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Shadow: *can shapeshift* Gaster: "b!tch please" *Molds body into impossible shapes and sizes*

LordOfDunesAndDemons’s Profile PhotoThe Great King Of Evil
@DontcallmeSans @Gorogorogorochan *Reaper can shape-shift too maybe not as much as a literal Shadow can or someone made of goop like Gaster and Nightmare but he can also give people a scare like Shadow can by hiding himself in darkness since he's made of darkness too xD- if Shadow were in Undertale I am pretty sure he'd be turned into Reaper cause they're so much alike, Reaper isn't even really a skeleton, he's the literal Greek God Thanatos who took on a skeletal appearance to blend in with the Underverse, all of the RT Gods are the Greek Gods who took on different names and appearances which is why they don't act exactly like the regular UT cast, RT Undyne is much more serious than normal Undyne and hardly jokes around, you just have to guess based on clues Renrink gave to which God is which and the same goes to finding out their birthdays and everything else, their AU is shrouded in mystery with hints sprinkled throughout numerous posts by their creator, Renrink, so a lot of info about their AU is mixed, you ask 3 different people about ReaperTale and I guarantee you'll get 3 different answers that don't match up with the others, their AU is covered in mystery, guess it fits with the dark and mysterious type of character Reaper is*

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Shadow can shapeshift Gaster btch please Molds body into impossible shapes and

((That would have been my other guess to be honest. Which makes sense. I remember for an Undertale one I got Toriel before.))

*lol, the only time I took a UT quiz it was for AU Sans, and well my result is about who you'd expect*
That would have been my other guess to be honest Which makes sense I remember

//I do like Undertale at all! In fact, I was running Chara's acc @Wherearetheknives for a while and some AU accounts for a short time! I must admit that sometimes I usually stop by to meet Reaper and his circle since I was quite interested in Reapertale (and I still do, but I do it in secret haha)//

Gorogorogorochan’s Profile Photo嶋 野 の 狂 犬⠀!
*I had no idea O.O you played as Chara!? and do like Undertale-would you feel okay with me throwing Reaper over to bug you and Nova then? I'm gonna join the bug Nova club XD*

Qualcuno amante dei videogiochi come me??

gaiacicerone’s Profile PhotoMorgana Crown
Li adoro ma dipende dal genere.
Soprattutto, siccome sono scarsa mi piace guardarli, spesso mio fratello gioca e io lo osservo consigliandogli strade o risposte.
In particolare tra tutti i giochi mi è rimasto nel cuore Hollow Knight. 🌹
I disegni, le canzoni, la storia. Tutto. È semplicemente un piccolo capolavoro e l'ho amato.
(Cito anche Alice Madness perché si è Undertale assolutamente)
Qualcuno amante dei videogiochi come me

[[Nightmare's admin ran it, so if the mood strikes him, or he pawns it off onto me like he's tried before]]

DontcallmeSans’s Profile Photo⟥G▫e▫n▫o⟤
/The admin pulls out the Thanos card and snaps Papyrus out of Axetale in one piece// @GrimReapings please don't send Papy into a place like that again ( ̄▽ ̄;) I don't want him permanently dead, canon wise, none of the characters in normal regular undertale stay dead because we, the player, can manipulate time, we can pause, reset, save, basically do anything we want/

Welche "modern-day treasures" vermagst du aktuell zu empfehlen? Bei Bedarf auch gern jenseits des Film-Mediums!

Vvysyr’s Profile PhotoVvysyr
Das ist natürlich sehr stark davon abhängig, welche Zeitspanne man als "modern" aufgreift, aber ich beschränke mich jetzt auf die letzten 10-12 Jahre (2010 bis heute), um zu starke Bezüge zur "Vergangenheit" zu vermeiden. Und es sei dabei angemerkt, dass mein Gedächtnis ein Sieb ist, weshalb ich nicht umhin komme, den ein oder anderen erwähnenswerten Titel vergessen zu haben.
Film (real und animiert):
- あん ("An") (2015)
- Ame & Yuki (2012)
- Night Is Short, Walk on Girl (2017)
- Our Little Sister (2015)
- Parasite (2019)
- Your Name (2016)
- Shape of Water (2017)
- Amour (2012)
- The Artist (2011)
- I Lost My Body (2019)
- Still Life (2013)
- Bajirao & Mastani (2015)
- Samsara (2011)
- Winterschlaf (2014)
- Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (2011)
- The Wild Pear Tree (2018)
- Sarmasik (2015)
- Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi (2013)
- The Handmaiden (2016)
- let's be real: Alle Ghibli-Filme, Zeit egal
- Mr. Robot (2015-2019)
- Chernobyl (2019)
- Psycho-Pass (2012)
- Penny Dreadful (2014)
- Hunter x Hunter (2011)
- Steins;Gate (2011-2018)
- Violet Evergarden (2019)
- Demon Slayer (2019)
- Mr. Sunshine (2018)
- Altered Carbon (2018)
- The Witcher (2019)
- Game of Thrones (2011-2019)
- Undertale (2015)
- SOMA (2015)
- FFXIV (2010)
- Life Is Strange (2015)
- OMORI (2020)
- Ib (2012)
- To The Moon (2011)
- BioShock Inifnite (2011)
- Ori and the Blind Forest (2015)
- Conarium (2017)
- NieR: Automata (2017)
- Dishonored (2012)
- Hollow Knight (2017)
- Fran Bow (2015)
- Observer (2017)
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)
- Blasphemous (2019)
- Grow: Song of the Evertree (2021)
- Durian Sukegawa - Die Katzen von Shinjuku (2021)
- Durian Sukegawa - Kirschblüten und rote Bohnen (2017)
- Madeline Miller - The Song of Achilles (2011)
- Hanya Yanagihara - A Little Life (2015)
- David Mitchell - Die tausend Herbste des Jacob de Zoet (2011)
- Mieko Kawakami - Brüste und Eier (2020)
- Mizuki Tsujimiura - Lonely Castle in the Mirror (2021)
- Ruth Ozeki - A Tale for the Time Being (2013)
- Haruki Murakami - Die Ermo.rdung des Commendatore I (2018)
Okay, mein Gehirn hat seine Kapazitäten vollends ausgeschöpft. xd

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des jeux vidéos à me conseiller svp?

yulia3665’s Profile Photochew.。.:*☆
alors, quasiment que des trucs très chill (enfin, la plupart du temps, et certainement pas sur les émotions ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ) :
- tous les life is strange (même si c'est connu LOL, mais c'est ma série de jeux favorite, je m'en suis retrouvée très marquée + le dernier est sorti en septembre dernier, donc ¿ (;^ω^))
- detroit: become human (ça pareil, même si tu connais sûrement déjà il y a TELLEMENT de fins possibles !!)
- danganronpa
- your turn to d..ie (très, très semblable à danganronpa)
- undertale
- sally face (PÉPITE, mon second favori après les life is strange, je l'adore et le porte au fond de mon cœur)
- fran bow
- little misfortune
- en simulation de vie, stardew valley (ʘᴗʘ✿)
- football game (il ne s'agit de jouer au foot à aucun moment (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) c'est un tout petit jeu sur switch, si petit que je ne trouve aucune aide pour me permettre d'avancer là où je suis bloquée depuis plus d'un an MDR, mais j'aime bien ce qui s'en dégage ! ça fait très vieillot mais en toute évidence c'est intentionnel et à titre personnel, je suis fan)
- en visual novel, doki doki literature club (du contenu additionnel est sorti l'été dernier, en plus ! même si bon, c'est le jeu principal, qui est [TRÈS (☆▽☆)] intéressant hah)
- toujours en visual novel, butterfly soup (ça va faire quatre ans que je n'y ai pas rejoué ceci dit et je ne me rappelle même plus de si on à vraiment un rôle à jouer dans l'avancement de l'histoire ou si celle-ci avance quasi toute seule [j'aurais plutôt tendance à pencher pour la deuxième option, malheureusement ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ], mais elle est touchante, enfin c'est relatif, mais en principe, elle l'est ( ;∀;))
- il s'agit plus d'un morceau d'histoire interactive qu'autre chose, encore plus que les jeux précédents : lydia — très baddant, basé sur une histoire vraie, mais j'y avais “joué” une nuit et me rappelle avoir passé un bon moment (^_^メ)
- y a un nouveau five nights at freddy's qui est sorti récemment, à voir si c'est ton délire mais ne sait-on jamais (✿^‿^)

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What is something that was changed due to the advancement of technology, only for it to feel like it's missing it's original feel? What could it be missing, iyo?

"What is something that was changed due to the advancement of technology, only for it to feel like it's missing it's original feel?"
pixelated type characters.
"What could it be missing, iyo?"
maybe the graphics these days are just too polished, y'know what I mean? I get so nostalgic thinking about old games/toys that featured cute pixelated characters like tamagotchis, pixel chix, nintendo gameboys etc. 👾
ps: this is also probably why I absolutely love undertale. 💯
What is something that was changed due to the advancement of technology only for

Who's your all time favorite villain from movies, books, video games etc.? What made them so devious yet likeable at the same time? 😈

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"Who's your all time favorite villain from movies, books, video games etc.?"
mettaton from undertale. 🤖
"What made them so devious yet likeable at the same time?"
he's just...amazing. he's charming and has such a fantastic personality! 🎙🎶
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSTcRzpL7pQnurbzee’s Video 168260658631 wSTcRzpL7pQnurbzee’s Video 168260658631 wSTcRzpL7pQ
Whos your all time favorite villain from movies books video games etc What made

Wenn du ein Spiel entwerfen Dürftesrät, Was würdest du machen? Worum geht es? Altersbegrezung? Ist es vlt inspiriert an ein anderes spiel oder so? (wer das schon als schotout hat gerne ignorieren haha)💕🐙

sxsxia_bln’s Profile Photopizepuze
Ich habe keine genaue Idee.
Ich würde aber ein Spiel entwickeln, welches je nach Entscheidung des Spielers eine andere "Geschichte" in dem Sinne hat.
Das wäre dann an Undertale inspiriert, falls du es kennst.
Da man dort auch 2 Mögliche Wege hat, ohne zu sehr ins Detail zu gehen, falls das noch jemand spielen/angucken möchte (kann ich sehr empfehlen 👀). :D
Ich würde ein Spiel entwickeln, in welchem man frei rumlaufen kann und immer mindestens 2 Auswahlmöglichkeiten hat, wenn man auf ein Npc trifft. Es wird dann auch ein Single Player Spiel sein. :D
Genauere Ideen hätte ich tatsächlich nicht und das ist jetzt quasi nur die Grundidee von Undertale. Ich mag das Spiel einfach sehr und würde irgendwie so etwas machen wollen, ich hätte so oder so am meisten Spaß daran, die Charaktere zu erstellen, sprich das aussehen von ihnen. :33
Was würdest du denn machen wollen, wenn du könntest? :D

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Does the idea of cosplaying as a fictional character at a convention appeal to you? If so, which character would you wanna dress up as if you had an unlimited costume budget? Why? 🧙‍♂️🦸‍♂️🧝‍♀️👨‍🚀

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
"Does the idea of cosplaying as a fictional character at a convention appeal to you?"
yes! 😄
"If so, which character would you wanna dress up as if you had an unlimited costume budget?"
every single character I've ever loved from my favourite animes, movies, and games. if I had an unlimited costume budget, I'd go to town making an endless supply of costumes. 😍🤩
dressing up is fun! the process of making costumes is so rewarding when you've done a wonderful job of it. knowing that your cosplay could spark joy in the people who love this art form is an incredible feeling.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMjrpzSTuCAnurbzee’s Video 167171464135 uMjrpzSTuCAnurbzee’s Video 167171464135 uMjrpzSTuCA
ps: also, I'd like to change my answer* to one of your questions. when I wrote "...the scariest so far would probably be watching the "The Last of Us" series," I didn't recall what *truly* was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced.
my true answer to that question is photoshop flowey from undertale. ohMYGOD that is the stuff of LITERAL NIGHTMARES — I kid you not.
I first played undertale in late 2016. I got to the part where this horrendous character came along, and I was scarred for life. 🌼
I only had the courage to open up and replay undertale again in 2017. it was that bad. I had nightmares about it. but! because I wanted to see how the game ended, I did watch the playthrough of it on youtube. 😅😆✨
*this answer: https://ask.fm/nurbzee/answers/167493347527
gif from: https://cimamatoki.tumblr.com/post/165543648384

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Does the idea of cosplaying as a fictional character at a convention appeal to

‹ M—ma TU SEI UNDYNE! WOW—— cioè, perdonami per la molestia ma Undertale è uno dei miei giochi preferiti! Non so quanto possa valere, ma per me vinci il premio "miglior costume": è ufficiale. › ; non ho potuto resistere, sorry.

wanderingchaos’s Profile Photojolene
❮ Mon dieu, hai capito il riferimento?? Pensavo che non ci sarebbe arrivato nessuno! Già solo il fatto che hai capito da cosa sono vestita vale / tanto /, credimi. Non potevo fare altrimenti; Undyne è un pesce, è lesbica, a parte il fatto che a differenza sua sono bisessuale siamo praticamente due gocce d'acqua. Sono così contenta, adesso, che non posso non offrirti da bere; ti va? ❯
; MI HA FATTO PIACERISSIMO INVECE, Undertale è il mio videogioco preferito, sigh
Mma TU SEI UNDYNE WOW cioè perdonami per la molestia ma Undertale è uno dei miei
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У вас есть возможность сказать благодарность одному человеку. Кто это будет и за что вы скажите человеку благодарность?

nar_koti’s Profile PhotoПереехал
Спасибо хочу сказать одной давней подруге по имени Полина, что затащила меня на обратную сторону фандома андертейла, а именно Undertale AU.
Ну, и людям, что общаются со мной. :D
Этот смайл - моя новая зависимость...

Undertale to jest fabularny masterpiece, po prostu to uczucie jakie pozostawia po pierwszej rozgrywce jest nieporównywalnie do niczego innego ^..^

KR3000X’s Profile PhotoCharlie's art corner
Zdecydowanie się z tym zgadzam. Chyba żadna inna gra nie zrobiła na mnie aż takiego wrażenia jak właśnie Undertale^^ a początkowo nie oczekiwałam od niej zbyt wiele, bo wygląda jak wygląda xD ale na szczęście fabuła, postacie i muzyka nadrobiły za grafike :v
+1 answer in: “Gdybyś mogła spędzić dzień jako postać z gry/ książki (w uniwersum tej postaci), kogo byś wybrała?”

*DA honestly I don't see you use Fresh that often so it's kinda surprising and the meme with Nova was funny btw XD because it fits, nearly every monster is after her*

GrimReapings’s Profile Photo{͜͡͡ Reapeɾ͜ ͡}
Well broski sorry ta have ta answer a DA but got things ta say. Reason my absoradical admin don't all up use my account so often is cause it takes totes mad amounts of energy ta stay this Fresh. But funny thing brah? This account actually existed before Geno Broski's. At da time she just made it for fun this was before she got all up back inta Undertale

*Appears in a secret room in Deltarune, walking up to the fourth wall and looking up at it with a casual smile on his face*

EntryNumber17’s Profile PhotoW. D. Gaster
Hello there. Yes, player, I am talking to you. You are no doubt wondering why. Well my friend... I will tell you, and you only. Don't worry, I've made it so no one else can see or hear us. This safe room ensures that. Now then, about the truth... you no doubt know about Underverse, yes? And Reapertale and Aftertale and so on? Or at least... you've heard of them? Good, good. The truth is, my intriguing friend on the other side of the screen... I orchestrated all of it. I created the Undertale multiverse. I created this one, Deltarune. I had help of course, but it was mostly me, working from behind the scenes to make sure everything is functional, to make sure that everything is stable... and as for the three timelines I mentioned... those were different. Those were experiments. I manipulated events in Aftertale so I could see what would happen if a peculiar chain of events occurred, and to my surprise, the multiverse was created. Now, I wasn't expecting that, mind you. How could I? It's creation was wholly and completely unintentional. It was an accident. Deltarune, obviously, is a different story. This was by all means fully intentional, much to your delight, no doubt. I won't bore you with the details, but it was a long and complicated process... one of which a counterpart and student of mine was of great importance. Everyone knows X-Gaster's story... but no one knew it in it's entirety. Not even him. X-Tale, the Overwrite, Underverse... the whole thing was just one singular experiment, the goal of which was to test my limits, to... discover my full potential, if you will. And, as you can see, it was an unmitigated success. Everything my counterpart did served to confirm my hypothesis, to prove that I very well could create an entire multiverse by myself, albeit with Toby Fox's help. This, my dear friend, is the truth that they've all been seeking. Unbeknownst to all them, everything that has ever happened in the multiverses of Undertale and Deltarune has been one massive experiment conducted by none other than I, Doctor Wing Dings Gaster, all along... in truth... I have always been the one in control. It's just nobody noticed it. Well... I'm sure you have things to do, in your mysterious world beyond the screen... so I won't keep you here any longer. Goodbye player... and remember to always seek the truth. You never know what it might be... *Chuckles to himself and leaves, turning to gaze at the fourth wall one last time before vanishing completely*

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Secondo me Chara é tipo la coscienza del giocatore più che un personaggio vero e proprio, quello é l'unico collegamento con Undertale alla fine. Magari un universo parallelo? Magari Toby l'ha detto solo per sviare e nascondere tutta la trama? Possiamon olo sperare hahaha

chi lo sa?
comunque io Chara penso sia un personaggio, come spiegato nella storia ahaha.
anche perché "Chara" vuol dire proprio "character" per cui HAHAHAHAHAHA.

в кратце , эти "эмодзи" это windings , язык персонажа gaster в игре undertale , и меня (подростока ) что-то сподвигло написать пост , которым вы отметили сердечком , в следсвии чего я написал привет на виндингсе в ваш инбокс сообщений . Вот :P

DarkButLive’s Profile PhotoDmitryKhait
Боже как умноооо😀Блин, хз почему, но у меня аш настроение поднялось 😝Доброй ночки тебе🔥💦
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Как говорил мудрый кто-то там.. Существование - это страдание ░░░░░▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄░░░░░ ░░░░█░░░░░░░░░░░░░█░░░░ ░░░█░░░░░░░░░░▄▄▄░░█░░░ ░░░█░░▄▄▄░░▄░░███░░█░░░ ░░░▄█░▄░░░▀▀▀░░░▄░█▄░░░ ░░░█░░▀█▀█▀█▀█▀█▀░░█░░░ ░░░▄██▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄██▄░░░ ░▄█░█▀▀█▀▀▀█▀▀▀█▀▀█░█▄░

Strigol’s Profile Photoアズモデウス
Это Undertale reference?¿ Не играла в него, увы. Думала по скидке в стиме купить и ознакомиться... Сиюминутно забила, пхпхпх
Мы пришли в эту жизнь, шоб испытывать боль, да:D
+3 answers in: “Ну как оно, касавица? ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ”

Hey Dream, did your timeline have any of the other main characters of Undertale or was it just two Sanses.

.... Dreamtale was fairly unique, for one thing the war between humans and monsters never happened there so we all lived peacefully on the surface. No, we didn't have say a Dreamtale Toriel or Papyrus or any of that... though we did have a Frisk ... brother.... @WelcomeToMySpecialHell I know you regret her death.
*certain canons of Dreamtale have a Dreamtale!Frisk who Nightmare was in love with before his corruption I know Nightmare's admin likes that Canon so I'll roll with it*

T: *she sighed as she began to heal him though she was able to tell this time without him being a Error that he was in limbo since soon after he was healed,he still appeared to be injured* how is this possible? Unless..DEATH!! You broke one of our main rules! D: So what? It ain't a big deal!

If you're talking about my injury, technically he didn't do this, I was the very first Sans Killed in an Undertale Gen0cide run, I had injected myself with Determination. Before I dusted I transferred over to the save screen effectively cheating death, the concept.... Reapertale didn't exist yet back then none of the AUs existed... that was my fault too, in fleeing to the save screen my soul ended up in 2 pieces, and from there I watched as AUs form....
+9 answers in: “Geno you up?”

Привет. Играешь в игры на подобии Undertale, Deltarune и т.д.? Или же предпочитаешь хоррор игры?

Angel_from_dark’s Profile PhotoДаст Фриск
Играть люблю в интерактивное кино, ну если брать хорроры, то только смешанная с этим жанром игра, это RPG - "Fallout". И еще одна из экшенов, Серию игр "Splinter Cell", серия игр создана американским писателем, Томом Клэнси. Это все).

https://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2018/10/30/trump-planea-eliminar-la-ciudadania-por-nacimiento-con-un-decreto-presidencial/ JAJAJAJ como siempre el mejor presidente del mundo le da su lugar a los marroncito latinos y defiende los derecho de nosotros los Arios jajajaja pobres cubanos, mexicanos y sudacasXD

Tú no eres ario, Armando, eres latino y tonto.
PD: Mañana a las 5 subo vídeo del Delta Runer (A.K.A Undertale 2) Y ES MARAVILLOSO

See why I said you'd never take over the multiverse? And that's just the UNDERTALE Multiverse. Then you have the rest of the entwined multiverses out there.

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There was a loud fizzing noise as his processors tried to calculate all of that. The leaking skeleton was right and Megatron had to grudgingly admit to that.
"I see your point."
+1 answer in: “Well Brah Geno, Error, and I were all created by the same mad fresh woman, in that order too, Geno's the eldest and has to make sure Error don't try and all up kill me yo. But There's a Sans for every AU and there's THOUSANDS of AUs broham [cue freak out]”

Bonjour, aujourd'hui, j'aimerais vous demander dans quel film / série ou à la place de quel personnage aimeriez vous vivre si vous en aviez la possibilité? (Svp un peu d'originalité pas d'harry potter ou game of thrones) Si c'est pour répondre ''aucun'' ou ''je ne sais pas'' supprimez #M

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Harry Potter aurait sûrement été une personne dont j'aurais envié le sort, mais en me creusant un peu la tête, j'envie limite encore plus le sort de Frisk dans Undertale (oui, je sais, c'est un jeu et non une série ni un film, mais tant pis...). Les personnages dans l'Underground sont tous si attachants, chacun à leur manière, que j'aurais vraiment voulu les rencontrer moi aussi.
Bonjour aujourdhui jaimerais vous demander dans quel film  série ou à la place

Diamine che invidia....non faccio piu cosplay da anni :) il tuo preferito tra quelli he hai fatto? (ah mi sono preso anche la libertà di cliccare SEGUI su inst) U\\\\\\U

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Sono curiosa di vedere i tuoi cosplay, davvero!
I miei cosplay preferiti sono Kaneki e Rachel Amber (Life is Strange). Certo, sono da sistemare, però ci tengo molto. Per le prossime fiere voglio migliorare Ken facendo le kagune e per l'Etna Comics ho già in programma un gruppo cosplay di My Hero Academia o Undertale (ancora da decidersi).~
+14 answers in: “wooow giusto qualche like >\\\< ti ringrazio ! e direi che leggendo la bio abbiamo GIUSTO QUALCHE ARGOMENTO IN COMUNE (purtroppo non la batteria :'( ) e rispondo alla tua domanda dicendo : VEDO UN KEN nella foto copertina?”

В какие онлайн игры ты играл(-а) раньше в детстве? Если не играешь и не играл(-а) то почему? Считаешь ли ты это дело полной глупостью? (Было бы неплохо написать все что ты думаешь и мне было бы приятно читать твой великолепный ответ)

Groin_Graus’s Profile PhotoCoul
Конкретно в онлайн не играла никогда, потому что у меня никогда не было хорошего интернета)) Если конечно покер в Одноклассниках не считается :D Хотя очень хочется поиграть во что-то типа ARK'а. Побегать, незнакомых людей подоставать :)
В детстве обожала детские игры от "BuKa" (откуда и зверёк на моей аве и первая часть ника) типа котиков, собачек дрессировать, фермы всякие)) В "Как достать соседа" тоже залипала. Так же играла в GTA V City (Называла её "Вэ сити" и только через годы поняла, что это 5 :))). Она досталась мне от двоюродного брата вместе с чит-кодами, аккуратно напечатанными на листочке и вклеенными в футляр. Однако однажды я дала её поиграть одной подруге и забыла :D
Лет в 18 скачала её уже на ноут, поиграла какое-то время, но она сильно глюкнула и пришлось удалить.
Сейчас на ноуте у меня 3 игры:
"Niche A Genetics Survival Game" - типа быть Богом и из данный тебе в начале игры существ, пытаться выводить новые виды и не дать племени вымереть. Правда быстро поднадоедает.
"The Sims 4" - тоже знакомая с детства игра, но сейчас я там чаще просто для интереса создаю персонажей своих ориджей и пытаюсь проигрывать какие-то сюжетные моменты.
"The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim" - (ВАББАДЖЕК! с:) играю за тёмного эльфа. Кажется, 38 уровень. Давно не заходила, т.к. однажды пришла в один город за покупками, А НА МЕНЯ КАК НАБРОСИЛИСЬ ВСЕ ЖИТЕЛИ С НОЖАМИ, А СТРАЖА КАК ВЗЯЛА И ПЕРЕБИЛА ВЕСЬ ГОРОД (О.О). Потом я узнала, что это меня так вампиризмом заразили)) Пошла к чуваку, который мог меня излечить, он назначил время и место, я добралась до туда, стою, жду. А он пришёл и... ушёл, лол :D Не знаю, что это было, но больше не могла с ним договориться. Короче, если я вернусь в эту игру, то скорее всего начну заново. Потому что оставлять после себя вымершие города я не хочу - много квестов пропадает. А на поиски жертвы много времени уходит.
Нет, я не считаю игры глупостью. В них можно найти вдохновение :) Есть очень много игр, в которые погружаешься, как в книгу или фильм. Книги ведь не считают глупостью? Сейчас именно как фильмы их и смотрю - по летсплеям (стримы редко смотрю - слишком длинные обычно).
Два самых любимых летсплейщика это:
EugeneSagaz - за душевно тёплые прохождения и интересные размышления над играми и жизнью. Особенно Undertale в его прохождении! Лучшая игра у лучшего летсплейщика!
AlexPozitiv - ЗА БЕЗУМНЫЕ УГАРАЛКИ! Конечно он часто тормоз, не замечающий очевидных вещей, но какой он классный! :3 Особенно, когда в коопе! Поэтому ГТА люблю его с ума сходящей любовью :))
Так же люблю jacksepticeye - за ФНАФ и прочите "орательные" игры (а ещё ему анимации классные рисуют). KuplinovPlay - у него смотрю интересные игры, которые не проходит Юджин. TheBrainDit - "Пятница 13" в его прохождении офигенна! Я аж 10 фильмов посмотрела, чтобы лучше игру понимать))) ViteCPlay - потому что у него смешной смех :)
Спасибо за этот вопрос. Когда задавала подобный на ВД действительно самой хотелось ответить :D
А вот вам Напстаблук. Люблю его :)

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В какие онлайн игры ты играла раньше в детстве Если не играешь и не играла то

Ua, no to żeś się rozpisała, aż żałuje, że ja się nie rozpisałem, ale cóż brak znaków w pytaniach boli </3 Cudownie się czyta kogoś kto podobnie się jara jak ja tym uniwersum, chociaż w samego undertale grałem prawie rok temu, to dalej jaram się jak dziecko.

typicalshitlel’s Profile Photo【ᴍᴀᴋᴏᴛᴏ】
Ja grałam dopiero niedawno, ale jestem głęboko w temacie xD Wiesz, jak coś mi się bardzo podoba, to żyję tym przez jakiś czas :D A gra jest naprawdę warta uwagi!

So, da ich jetzt hoffentlich endlich schlafen kann, lasse ich die letzte Frage los? Welche Fire Emblem Klassen würden wohl am besten zu den LJ-Chars passen?

Rookiepirat’s Profile PhotoFalk
Dann auch heute wieder eine gute Nacht ^^
Adrian: Manakete? Die sind auch immer kleine Kinder...
Cyrian: Abenteurer! :D
Dori: Ein großer, beschützender General :D
Kain: Dieb! (bzw. Gauner, weil er viel Erfahrung hat :P)
Naddie: Pegasusritter! °^°
Rinoa: Tänzerin ;)
Sue: Sue kann ich mir gut als Kleriker vorstellen ^^
Tori: Kavalier :D (oder... irgendne andere berittene Klasse, aber ich denke ein Schwert passt gut zu ihr)
Will: Anfangs wollte ich etwas mit viel Power oder etwas, das sich nur wenig bewegen kann - aber Will als General? Ergo habe ich eher so an Fluchtmöglichkeiten und Agilität gedacht. Also Schwertmeister. Einerseits stark (wenn richtig verwendet), aber hauptsächlich seeehr gut darin, auszuweichen. (und das gibt mir wegen Schwert/Messer wieder Undertale Vibes, es tut mir so leid qAq)

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30 Dicembre: Video Game Day 30: Il vostro videogioco preferito di sempre? Concludiamo così anche questi ultimi days del 2017, grazie a tutti! Per Gennaio devo ancora decidere cosa fare ma vedremo :3 Intanto sto pensando a delle domande per questi ultimi giorni dell'anno.

IlDomandante20’s Profile PhotoNo One
Innanzitutto grazie per avermi permesso di (stra)parlare e fangirlare come mai prima d'ora sui miei videogiochi preferiti. Questa è una domanda a cui non so mai rispondere, rigioco ad uno e penso "no, è proprio questo il mio preferito"; rigioco ad un altro e ci ripenso.
Ognuno mi regala emozioni e ricordi. In questi days, parlando, mi è salita tantissimo la nostalgia e la mancanza verso Pokémon Bianco. Sarà perché non ci gioco da due anni, mentre Layton l'ho rigiocato un paio di mesi fa e Undertale quest'estate.
Non vorrei farmi tradire appunto dalla nostalgia ma ripensandoci, mi sa che è proprio Pokèmon Bianco il mio videogioco preferito in assoluto.

(Ismerős ihlette kérdés, akit irritál, hogy a 25 éves barátja néha videójátékokkal játszik) Te gyerekesnek tartod-e, ha egy felnőtt ember is játszik videójátékokkal? Miért az a válaszod, ami? Mit tartasz bennük jónak/rossznak? S ha már itt tartunk, Te játszol-e valamivel?

anonymouschriis’s Profile PhotoKrisztián
Egyáltalán nem. Jól teszi. :D
Regényt kellene írnom, ha minden kérdésedre teljesen kifejteném a válaszom, így hát próbálok dióhéjban fogalmazni...
Ez nem olyan dolog, ami gyerekes - a videojáték mára ugyanolyan jelentőssé vált mint pl. a film vagy a könyv, minden korosztály és személyiség megtalálhatja a neki szólót köztük.
Ez pont olyan, mint amikor a képregényt és animációt megbélyegzik gyerekességgel, alaptalan és felületes.
Nem a kifejező eszköz határozza meg a korosztályt, hanem a tartalom. A videojátékok többsége amúgy elég jellegzetesen az idősebbeknek szól inkább, legalábbis én a kiskorúaknak szóló játékokból szoktam látni kevesebbet.
A számtalan pozitívumot inkább most el sem kezdem sorolni, hátránynak is egyedül a függőséget tudom felhozni - a lehetséges következményeket pedig már mind ismerjük. Egyszerűen csak ismerni kell az egészséges mértéket, és nem lesz gáz.
Amúgy én is nagyon szeretem a játékok világát, de egyszerűen kevés időm, motivációm jut gamerkedésre.
Legutóbb Neverwinterrel ütöttem el az időt, aztán ráuntam a monoton játékmenetére. A D&D elég silány hiánypótlása volt az ok, amiért elkezdtem. Hát mi mást tehet az ember, amikor asztali szerepezne, de nincsenek barátai, és képtelen új embereket megismerni.
A sztoriközpontú játékok nagyon érdekelnek, de lassan haladok velük, még mindig az Assasin's Creed sorozatot próbálom végigtolni, de van itt még egy félbehagyott Firewatch, egy szinte meg sem kezdett Witcher, és egy ugyanúgy motononitásból megunt No Man's Sky. Az Undertale legvégén is elakadtam már az első játéknál, azóta nem volt kedvem tovább küzdeni vele.
A többi kijátszásra váró játékot meg nem is sorolom, mert végtelen hosszú a lista, és talán sosem fejezem be ebben a tempóban, de nem vagyok hajlandó végigjátszásokat nézni, saját élményt nélkülözve.

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Ha tetszett a Mass Effect, akkor a készítők egy korábbi játékát tudnám még ajánlani, a Dragon Age-t. Az középkori rpg, nem kell lövöldözni, és van lehetőséged pause-olni csata közben. :) Továbbá, ha LiS és hasonlókat szereted, akkor Night in the woods vagy Undertale. Vagy a South Park játékok.

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Hatalmas nagy Undertale fan vagyok, már 3x játszottam ki, de mindig csak true pacifistába, mert nincs szívem megölni senkit.
A Stick of Truth-ot mind a 4 kategban kijátszottam, a Fractured but Whole pedig sajnos nem fut a gépemen, vagyis csak eszméletlenül akadva. :(
A többinek pedig utána nézek, köszönöm! ^^

Ismered az undertalet?Ha igen,melyik a kedvenc szereplőd?(nekem Sans és Undyne)És melyik a kedvencc undertale AU-d? :)

Sans, Temmie, Chara és az a kezes csávó (elvileg Sans és Papyrus apja), akinek folyton elfelejtem a nevét... ^^"
De, amúgy mindegyik karaktert nagyon szeretem! <3
Kedvenc AU-k: Aftertale, AskErrorsans és volt még pár, de nem emlékszem a nevükre (volt kettő Sans és Papyrus múltjáról és egy ilyen halál vs életes...)

Eso de que en Undertale te reprochen que sigas la ruta genocida es bien cierto y es un poco molesto, ¿por que siguen apelando a tu humanidad cuando ven que estás intentando matarlos a todos?

En fin, una manera de llevarte a su terreno, de hacerte entender que eres un ser cruel y despreciable y que el camino correcto es la paz.
Una manera de hacer aflorar la culpabilidad de cada maldito ser humano que quiere simplemente "saltarse las reglas" por "una vez" para poder satisfacer su curiosidad asesina.
O, quizás, hay un objetivo oculto rebuscado que nunca hemos pensado, se trata de hacerte contener esa necesidad de "deslomarte éticamente" hasta el punto de acumular tanta necesidad que explote como un termo de lentejas bien lleno al abrirlo.
Y, decidas poner remedio en la realidad, sucumbiendo al síndrome de abstinencia y matando irreflexivamente al primer ser que veas, que serás tú en el espejo, te atravesarás con la punta del cepillo eléctrico matando a tu yo de un universo paralelo y provocando un desbarajuste universal que los creadores de Undertale observarán ansiosamente para salir de ese aburrimiento que a todos persigue.
Dando comienzo a una guerra inevitable de hombres contra ellos mismos que hará las delicias en un par de siglos a los nietos que escuchen a la luz de las velas las historias de sus abuelos sobre cuando el mundo, era todavía mundo.

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Parlando di giochi su steam, ci sono alcuni indie o pseudo-tali che girano bene e sono dei capolavori, titoli come Botanicula, Hollow Knight, FTL, Cave Story, Sunless Sea, Valiant Hearts o se ti piacciono le avventure grafiche particolari anche A Normal Lost Phone e One Night Stand sono simpatici.

Evendur’s Profile PhotoInadequacy
La Gioia.
Quando ricevo queste domande, provo pura gioia.
Grazie per i consigli, botanicula ed hollow Knight sono una meraviglia per gli occhi e vedo che mi hai consigliato delle visual novel, devo solo scegliere quale giocare per primo.
Finora di indie fame ho giocato ad Undertale (quanto mi manca Papyrus) ed ora sto sclerando con Cuphead.
Entrambi bellissimi titoli.
Parlando di giochi su steam ci sono alcuni indie o pseudotali che girano bene e
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¿Que opinas sobre el nuevo videojuego Cuphead?¿Crees que se volverá muy sobrevalorado como Undertale y Five Nights At Freddy's?

¿Sobrevalorado en que puto sentido?
El juego no tiene ni una semana y ya están mamando con que "está sobrevalorado"
No, sabes que...
Olvidalo, me importa una puta miérda tus opiniones sobre si un juego de mierda está sobrevalorado o no.

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