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are you okay? which account did you lose? are you logged out of your line account? i’ve messaged you on instagram and kik as well. i really hope you’re okay. (you don’t have to answer this on your page. just write me on my askfm)

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I'm fine. Just lost all communications it seems. Working non-stop to get them back. I'm so sorry.

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Given their sneaky behavior, are cats secretly plotting our demise? If not for lack of opposable thumbs, they would succeed? Ever had one rubbing against your legs while standing/walking? They are trying to trip you. Napping on your lap? Keeping you in one spot while they plot.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWhat Dust?
Yeah,I know. A dog enjoys your company. And tries to pleas you. A cat simply tolerates, you. because you feed it.

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Tell me a true, one-sentence story from your life that opens up more questions than it answers, and demands further context

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Life is a bitch,, and then you die.
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What is the first memory you can recall... Like, your first reclaimed consciousness as a child? 😛🙌😵‍💫

I remember something unbelievable. When I was 6 weeks old, my mother took me to see my dad, at the military base he was stationed at. I remember how he looked, and what he said to me.....a true event.
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What % do we know about your life? (Job, age, city, relationship status, family etc) Would we be surprised by some things you never talk about? I feel like I am about 70% open on here, but keep 30% of my life to myself.

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoDust Repellent
No one knows me. No one cares.


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