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Given their sneaky behavior, are cats secretly plotting our demise? If not for lack of opposable thumbs, they would succeed? Ever had one rubbing against your legs while standing/walking? They are trying to trip you. Napping on your lap? Keeping you in one spot while they plot.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
Yeah,I know. A dog enjoys your company. And tries to pleas you. A cat simply tolerates, you. because you feed it.

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Tell me a true, one-sentence story from your life that opens up more questions than it answers, and demands further context

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Life is a bitch,, and then you die.
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What % do we know about your life? (Job, age, city, relationship status, family etc) Would we be surprised by some things you never talk about? I feel like I am about 70% open on here, but keep 30% of my life to myself.

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoAngel Of Mercy
No one knows me. No one cares.

Is there a particular movie you have watched enough to know all the dialogue of a specific character? What movie and character?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
Clint Eastwood.....Every western he made
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