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If you make burgers at home, what do you usually like to have on yours? Regardless if you do or not, what's your favorite one to order? 🍔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I generally only order these at a pub/restaurant. There are way too ingredients to keep on hand…many are perishable short term.
I order various ones depending on location. A standard type would have tomato, onions, lettuce, pickle, and american or cheddar cheese. Condiments may be ketchup, mustard, or mayo

What are your plans for the summer? ☀️ (Or well, winter for those of you down under ❄️)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
A business trip in June. A personal trip in July to visit family/friends.
Maybe go see a baseball/soccer game.
Beer festival.
Birthday party needing an overnight stay.
Perhaps a concert…need to see what tix are out there

Four horseman unite!

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
The fourth member signed on (Justine). The apocalypse store was out of G Wagons so I picked up a new White Lexus RX350 for F*mine (see pic below…I test drove it a few days)
We met at the *Tim Horton’s” (grumble). P slid in wearing black business suit pants, a black collared fitted shirt, ankle boots, and a black fedora with a red hatband (my idea).
D bounced in with gray cargo shorts, gray hiking boots, and a gray sport shirt topped with a gray jungle hat. Hmmm….
Right behind her was the new addition F. In similar white attire with a shirt adorned with sparkly sequins. She reached out her hand and gave a firm shake. I told Glinda to stay back…no time portal activator on my belt or in pocket.
“F, what have you done to start?”
“All people’s private gardens in the northern hemisphere are not growing. Pardon me, I have to grab my notebook out of the Lexus.”
“D, and you?”
She pauses “Well, everyone in Antartica is deceased.”
“D, it is winter there. Nobody is there! Can you at least send one person to the great beyond today?”
“P, see that woman eating a pastry. Make her sick.”
P focuses, then the lady starts coughing. Soon, she starts gasping for air.
D jumps up “I have to go to the bathroom.”
As P and I look out the window, a white RX pulls up. D bursts out the side door near the bathroom and hops in the Lexus with F. A time portal opens and they drive into it.
Turns out, F is also a pickpocket. She slipped off my watch which had the portal activator in it.
P jumps up “ W*r, we have to track them. I’ll drive.” The TH started to fade out of existence. Without an activator on me, I had no protection from time waves. P yells, “C’mon Neo, move your *ss.” We jump into my red Mercedes time machine with the incursion alarms going off. The AI blurts out “Time Guardian not detected in driver seat.”
I say “Time Guardian Neo, override.”
AI “Voice approved.”
P fires up the G Wagon. The pipes rumble heavily. She touches the screen “Track and pursue time incursion.”
P yells out “Let’s Roooooock!”
The beast shakes, the clock counts back.
To be continued…

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Four horseman unite

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So how did it go with Jack and Penelope? Did Penelope come up with a date?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Penelope forgot about the challenge. It wasn’t on her mind. I advised Jack to just cease contact and fly solo. Last report, he is feeling good and suffers no heartache.
Jack asked where this idea came from. I said it was a lady in the desert. She is known as the Desert Sparkle. Took me awhile to come up with a nickname for you. You live in the desert and like sparkly things.

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Why do people even use anonymous instead of their profile like what you got to hide?

albertkurth4599’s Profile PhotoCasper K
I’m not sure. We can easily be anonymous with our account names.
I’m not really Neo from the Matrix
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What could you talk about passionately for 30 minutes straight?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoAngel Of Mercy
Vehicles of all sorts. I’m a “car guy.”
Do you know the difference between a turbocharger and supercharger? Well, let me explain (you should order a beer or cocktail)
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I need a trainer to help me with my form in boxing .::. Anyone? I’d love ❤️ to have some help 😈💚#not anonymous

Type “boxing gym (city)” in Google. Better than all the thirsty responses you’ll receive here
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To the people in the U.S., how has your Memorial Day been?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
The whole weekend was nice. On Monday, I decided to see the movie Kandahar with about a 35 min notice from looking up showtimes. It’s good to be feral.
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What was the most hooligan thing you did as a teenager?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoAngel Of Mercy
Making my way to the roof of an elementary school building. I was probably on the edge of being a teen. It was pull down steps. Can’t recall how we pulled it down. Thankfully, it was before there were cameras everywhere.

What’s the last thing you ordered from Amazon? What is the next thing you’re thinking of ordering?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoAngel Of Mercy
A smart sensing snake.
Upcoming: A casual girlfriend? Amazon does have everything, right?
Ok, maybe a clothing item to replace something worn out.

Time incursion:

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
We had another meeting of the horsemen.
D*ath @GlindaBells pulls up in the striped G Wagon yet again. She bounces out and gleefully gives me a hug…a bit too long from her norm.
P*stilence @Applepop arrives and coolly slides to the door this time in black jeans, a black LuLulemon top, and a black beret.
As we walk inside, D*ath says she forgot her new sc*the in her SUV and scurries off. As we walk inside, I check my pocket for my wallet to order a coffee. To my horror, I realize my activator for time portals is GONE. She took it! As P*stilence and I ran outside, there was the gray G Wagon rear bumper disappearing into a time portal. Fortunately, as a Time Guardian, my G Wagon is also a time machine. It can track all time incursions. P and I jump in, and I immediately hit the alert button to track. The red machine shook while watching the clock going back 65 MILLION YEARS. What did she do?
The Red Mercedes finally shudders to a stop immediately mired in a swamp next to the gray Mercedes.
There *she* is gallivanting about in the wetlands of what is now Florida in knee high rubber boots. I ask “What are you doing?”
She gleefully retorts “Looking for a baby velociraptor. I bet they are cute!”
No Glinda, no! Baby raptors will also have a mama nearby. Oh, nevermind. Give me the activator. I opened a return portal. P*stilence escorted her back to 2023.
I had to call in other Time Guardians to remove the vehicles and try to restore the timeline. The further back one goes, the more difficult the task. Finally, I set the activator to go back to the Panera parking lot about 30 sec after the other two horsemen would have arrived.
To my shock, it was NOT Panera. In its place was a Tim Horton’s.
“Glinda! Look what you did! There are no Paneras!”

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It's date night and you get to pick ANY movie at the movie theater. What are you watching?

Christina_Furby’s Profile PhotoChristina
If she is thrilled about it, then definitely a keeper.
I’ve read good reviews about it.
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