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What's that Neo? Your plans to move to Alaska have fallen through? You are looking for a room in Indy instead? Oh, I have just the room for you! You can help me take care of this cat I'm planning on getting. Maybe help me mow my lawn too.

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Antartica is looking more appealing…

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How was the movie? I'm still debating whether to see it in theaters or wait til it's streaming.

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To start, I’m burned out with MCU so was reluctant to see it.
That being said, I was thoroughly entertained. I splurged on the XD screen and 3D. The villain was not clear in the trailers which is good. The intentions of the villain is a little weak (compare to Thanos killing half the universe) but is worked into the story.
My criticisms: there is a LGBTQ theme thrown in which is really irrelevant to the story.
Strange eventually goes to a universe and meets a “council” (think Avengers or Justice League). They have little screen time, are arrogant, and the viewer really doesn’t give a poop about them.
We do have a crossover of two MCU’s which have not been portrayed on screen.
I’d recommend a theater.
As @thecasualfanrises already posted, Strange doesn’t end up with the girl…in any universe. No real spoiler there.
I drank beer and had to pee when the villain said “I’m coming to attack.” Also grabbed another beer. Hopefully didn’t miss much when Strange beefed up his defenses of his fortress.

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Serious question... 😱 (Ruh ROH)... *Puts lamp over your head*... Do you think someone has blocked you on here, before?!? *GASP!!* If so... Why do you think so??? What's their deal? Lol. You're super cool in my eyes, though 😎✨🖖🆒

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I probably have been blocked, but I couldn’t guess who. It probably isn’t part of my regular crew…definitely not my tire twin!

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The lies of women inform the lives of men. Is this true or is it just a cool sounding line with no real substance to it?

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This doesn’t make much sense to me. Where do you find this stuff?
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Am I your favourite writer? :)

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Considering you are the only one I read on the Cafe, you are the most and least favorite all in one.
We don’t use British “favourite” in the U.S. Same goes with color. Your spell check probably highlights it.

Have you ever purchased... A self reflective/positivity book? Would you ever consider it? 🤪✨🤗 There's one by the author Lisa Currie that I'm super inspired by! It lets you write down all your thoughts and doodle!!

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Does The Millionaire Next Door count?
I have one about being “happy” on my list to buy, but can’t recall the title/author.
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Happy Mother's Day!! 🤗✨💐🌄 How will you be spending the day? Do you have a good relationship with your mom, or have someone in your life that you would consider a mother figure?

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I just rested. Called my mom. Sent her a card. Her and my dad will go for supper in a few days. All local places were packed in their town
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Why isn't Serena answering more of our questions? I'm happy she's back but should she be answering more questions? I wonder if this is all Neo's fault somehow. He has a way with women for sure...

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Ask better questions instead of your repetitive “Do you like this song?”

Have you ever opted out of something/opportunity/what have you, that just didn't feel right about? What was it? Do you feel you made the right decision?

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I opted out of a job offer for a startup. I was worried they would run out of funding in a year or two.
p.s. Well, the tire goblin got me. Had a flat on work commute…in the dark and raining. I pulled into a nearby gas station for overhead cover to put on the spare.
grumble, grumble

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How old a home should I buy? Most of these homes I'm looking at were built between 1898 and 1947, lol!

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I’d recommend newer construction. Old houses need more maintenance.
Maybe no more than 30 yrs old.


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