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Why has it been me to never find someone who honestly wants me like i do them probably they were but i didnt see it cause i wanted the hot one the one in sweats an waits for u an worries if u late makes sure u have eaten thats the hot one i didnt no it till now

Now that you know, you can change your approach to meeting a potential partner.
Why has it been me to never find someone who honestly  wants me like i do them

Anyone that is experiencing air quality alerts, can you post a picture of the sky?

Had to cancel a trip last minute because the skies are a smokey orange-grey at the destination. It'd be a nightmare on my athsma 😔

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Do you think this App will ever update, again? 👨‍💻 What updates would you like to see?

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
Guuurl, I've been here like 9ish years, and I've been asking for a simple
"EDIT" option this whole time. It's so annoying to have to delete and repost if a typo bugs me enough.
Another update that would be nice is to be able to add more than one image, and/or be able to place the image(s) anywhere on the post instead of it defaulting to the bottom.

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Concerning Witchcraft @GlindaBells

Ok, so I don't have too much info because except for my mother and two of her cousins, none of her grandchildren will talk about her. Whereas her children never have a bad thing to say about her, her grandchildren say the opposite or nothing at all. Her step children (she was grt grand's 2nd wife) all left home as soon as they could (in Mx in those days it was about 13/14), rumor has it to get away from her.
The biggest event is known as "The Doll Incident", and my mom and her two cousins who will talk all experienced it together.
So this lady had a fondness for terrorizing her grandkids, often locking them up in a dingy room with a bunch of broken stuff and a dusty bed. And apparently on one occasion she'd had enough of the three kids playing too loud and locked them up, and they felt something in the room with them. When they turned around, an old broken doll began to move and walk toward them. They screamed so loud a neighbor came by and the lady had to let them out. When I asked one of my cousins if her mom had ever told her the story, she said no. She went and asked her mom about it, and I could see in her face it was something she had blocked out. She asked us not to bring it up again, but then later talked about it.
Another one that stood out was there was a lady who would come to the shop they owned early in the morning when my grt granddad was there, and grt gma didn't like that and suspected something going on. They both got incredibly sick out of nowhere, practically wasting away before everyone's eyes. The woman died, and soon after grt gpa made a miraculous and speedy recovery.
She had a lockbox of some kind in the back of a kitchen cabinet that no one was to touch. One of my mom's cousins got curious and noticed it smelled funny. She couldn't open it, though.
She also said that her brother hated staying at her house because he always had the most horrific nightmares (she wouldn't elaborate).
Sometimes she would have friends over in the middle of the night, and if any children were around they were instructed to not leave their rooms. She would often make them a special tea to keep them asleep on these nights.
Other nights she would go out wearing nothing but a robe and be gone for hours.
She had specific instructions on what was to happen and where she was to be buried when she died. Spoiler, it was not the family plots; it was with some of her friends who had already passed.
I've been to that house a few times, and from the first time I got a nasty feeling when I stood in front of the punishment room. This was before I'd heard anything about this woman (and it's why my mom told me).
I know there were a couple of other things they'd told me, but they escape me atm.
But yeah, she was a nasty piece of work.

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If an independently wealthy man and an independently wealthy woman get married, do you think they argue about who cooks or cleans?

People will find things to argue about no matter the situation.

Someone asked me what my city needs ? My city needs free education free housing and everyone in ebt or any government assistance should get a 1000 a month I would say free healthcare but that's impossible so not gonna ask for make believe shit just realistic stuff

While it's a nice idea, it would really only help those with common sense. So like, maybe a third of the people who could use it most.

Have you ever ghosted a dating interest? Why? Been ghosted? How did you accept it?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
I want to say yes to both, but I can't seem to remember the details. Guess I wasn't that into him 😅 💁🏻‍♀️
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How old were you when you lost your two front teeth? Did you talk funny?

The only thing I remember about losing my teeth was that it happened at the library once, and I ended up spitting it out on the counter as the guy was checking us out 😂 he grabbed a tissue and wrapped it up for me 🤣
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Where y'all traveling to this summer?

I leave for NYC next week to help my brother move again (same area, different neighborhood), then I come back and get ready for a trip to CO, then prep for a trip to MT in July, and some "weekend" excursions here and there.
It sounds more exciting than it is lol!

Are you the oldest, middle or youngest among the siblings?

Oldest of my mom's, middle of my dad's.

Pay for xfm satellite?

No, I just put music files on a thumb drive and leave that plugged into the car.
I do pay for Spotify, though. Actually, my brother pays for it 😅

How has the passing of a relative, who cause you so much trauma, affected you?

For a time I was depressed, and for a short time I felt I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Now though, I feel more at peace than I ever have before. I'm actually sleeping now! For 36 years I suffered from insomnia, and after about a year of sleeping 12+ hours consistently, the last 8 months or so I've had something resembling a normal sleep schedule.
I mean, I still go to bed really late, but I'm not awake early in the mornings anymore.
TL:DR- It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
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What item you own sparks joy (reference Marie Kondo)? (A pet does not count)

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoWar
Lol ok don't laugh, but the chest freezer I was given. I already filled it and it's so nice to have the space to have a bit of everything and not have to go to the store when a craving hits 😋
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