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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time? 🕖

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
• Jamming sessions
• Dancing
• Researches
• Cooking
• Photography
🌟Jamming Sessions
When it comes to losing myself or fully immerse myself to the point that I forget about the existence of time, one of the more commonly performed activity in groups would be jamming sessions.
Given that the world isn’t plagued by the pandemic, I used to gather a handful people that are experienced in music and the uses of instruments with another handful of people that has zero knowledge in music. Then, I’ll leave the floor open to everyone’s choice of music as we jammed to the songs we may or may not heard of.
This can be challenging as everyone has to be very open and accepting of others’ choices of musics — However, this is also one of the methods I used to pull them out of their depressed state as everyone tries to jam in the songs of their choice, it allows them to feel that their opinions is valid and they could feel ‘alive’ again.
I’m bad at choreograph dances but mimicry is my best teacher. This puts me in my flow state entirely and I lose my senses of time after I’ve managed to make a few steps into any choreographed steps or even just freestyles itself.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the time until the sky went dark 😂
This is relatively very random, but more often than not this brain of mine would just pops up a question in which I have no answers to, and that would eventually be the things listed on my ‘future researches’ list.
This is where I tend to learn more and even went out of bounds most of the time, far away from what I was taught back in school, college/university, or even in my workplace alone. With the help of Google, knowledge is free.
I am bad at cooking. Still bad as I’m still an amateur cook. But that doesn’t mean I can’t cook myself so I tried to research recipes myself and try them out.
Sometimes, once I’ve learned how to cook without the recipes, I would eventually find a way to modify the recipes to cater for various tastebuds, or to see if there will be a birth of a new item. This is where I draw the line and called the things I cook through experimentations: FrankenFoods. Judging by the name, yes, the ingredients can be very odd at times 😂
But alas, to every meal that I cook, I tend to have a crafty mind to articulate the meal themselves to make them more presentable (even though I don’t sell nor work at a restaurant in the time being) and that brings us to the next thing that makes me lose the trails of time.
It’s self explanatory, but as I take photos, the essence of perfection comes into play as I want things to ‘look presentable’ and not just to trash them onto any social medias to tell what I’ve been doing, but more of a photo that is presentable even to the point that it can be on magazine covers.
Well, magazine covers is a little too far fetched but a kid could dream. And I won’t take a bad picture and excuse myself from trying again.

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What kinds of activities make you lose track of time

If you can cook or not must Share a recepie 😁 jisko jo b pta hy share kry i want to know your cooking talent plus taste... ✌️

aleee_shaa’s Profile Photo✨Ꮧ Ꮭ Ꮛ Ꮛ Ꮥ Ꮒ Ꮧ✨
The easiest/instant brownie (in case u r sluggish) 😅✨
1 tbsp Cocoa powder
1 egg
1 tbsp all-purpose flour
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp cooking oil
Just mix them all n apply oil to any glass bowl, and add the mixture. Microwave it for 2 minutes. Here u have ur instant brownie. Serve with Nutella or Ice cream. 🍫❤
If you can cook or not must Share a recepie  jisko jo b pta hy share kry i want

What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home?

I like to eat out every now and then because I consider it as a fun activity to begin with.
I also enjoy eating food that is made by skilled people. Since I’m not so skilled at cooking yet myself, it’s nice to have something different every now and then in my opinion. 😄
It’s also a nice way to celebrate something with other people, like a birthday or graduation for example.
What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home

If you live together with someone else may it be your partner, parents, roommates etc. how do you choose to divide household chores among you? What is it that you do? 🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My brother and I are both pretty good about cleaning up after ourselves, and not letting things sit waiting for the other to do it. That said, I do the bulk of the cooking, because he doesn't really like doing it. He cleans the bathrooms because I REALLY hate doing that. We normally walk our dogs, but when instead we let them out in the yard to do their business, I'll usually be the one to clean it up. Whichever one of us is up earlier empties the dishwasher, and throughout the day we both put our dishes inside, and whoever's closest when we're done for the day starts it. Floors, laundry (communal stuff, we each do our own), garbage, counters, etc., we just do as needed.

If you can cook or not must Share a recepie 😁 jisko jo b pta hy share kry i want to know your cooking talent plus taste... ✌️

aleee_shaa’s Profile Photo✨Ꮧ Ꮭ Ꮛ Ꮛ Ꮥ Ꮒ Ꮧ✨
Epic recipe for Filtered Water:
Open the tap....let the water pass through the filter....collect the water in a glass or a cup (hasbe zaroorat) from the other end of the filter. Voila!

Obligatory “What are your plans for today?” question 😅. I will be spending this lovely day cleaning the house, cooking dinner and putting together Mother’s birthday presents before chilling. So, what are your plans for today? 😏

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
I am just relaxing!
I only have today and tomorrow before I go back to work! So just wanna chill and not do much at all haha
Obligatory What are your plans for today question  I will be spending this

Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
There are many things that annoy me. Here are a few examples:
1. Toilet Paper - nobody in my house will replace the toilet paper.
2. Toothpaste - the toothpaste cap is never screwed on properly.
3. Cooking - the burners on the stove a left on.
4. Getting dressed - I have to get dressed in the dark to not upset my wife.
5. Driving - I live in Florida where drivers either refuse to use their turn signals when making a turn, or they use the incorrect turn signal.
6. Highway driving - some people drive the speed limit. Some folks drive 40 miles over the speed limit. And yes, the remainder drive 40 miles under the speed limit. It is literally a shit show.
7. Religion - I perform at several churches. Both of these churches have operating budgets that are in the red. The average age of the congregation is 70+ years old and very few young people attend; and yet, these churches do literally nothing to attract young people into their congregation and each week the priests and ministers complain about financial difficulties while offering no realistic solutions.
#1. Pick your battles - When I get annoyed, I ask myself this question:
Is this a battle worth fighting for?
Will my voice and effort make a difference?
If not, I remain silent, disengage, and pursue my own interests and goals. I refuse to fight battles where I am not allowed to affect change.
#2. It is what it is vs it is what you make it. -
This is more of a philosophical argument or issue of perception, similar to the question: is your cup half full or half empty? In my experience, when people refuse to change, it is what it is. And unless I have the authority or power to force the necessary changes, the cup will remain half empty; however, if I am in control and allowed to make changes, my cup is half full and the outcome will be what I or we (the collective group) make it. I suppose that is why I am an introvert and enjoy writing poetry, playing golf or playing my guitar. Only then am I in complete control of the outcome and the goals and objectives that I have set forth.
#3. It could be worse - whenever I am annoyed, frustrated or impatient, I do the following:
a. I take a deep breath and count to 10.
b. I think to myself that it could be worse.
It could be worse if I was married to, or living with the person who is annoying me. This realization both comforts me and grounds me with an often overlooked truth that I am indeed in control of my own reality. A smile immediately appears on my face, and I silently thank God for blessing me and allowing me the common sense to put my reality into perspective and to stop worrying about people and things that I have no control over.

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How to unlove, how to let go of a person? HELPPPP😢😢

dilnahilagta’s Profile Photofareeha Durani
You can't unlove anyone. The only thing you can do is try to forget ya phir try some other activities like (will not suggest cooking or baking XD) But like reading, writing you can play games, painting, coloring. This helps. Aur Allah ka wasta hay phir na kar bethna love ☠️

Wat vind je leuk om te doen in je vrije tijd? // What do you enjoy doing in your freetime?

belsammael’s Profile PhotoMark
Geocaching and playing video games! Also cooking, baking, traveling, going out, etc.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Wat vind je leuk om te doen in je vrije tijd

What do you enjoy doing in your
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anxiety ziada ho to kya karna chahye?

I read it somewhere and it did work for me, to some extent...
"Relax your shoulders.
Focus on your breathing rate.
Drink cold water.
Listen to calming music.
Do something to distract yourself (or something what makes you feel calm). It can include reading, writing, cooking and baking, painting, watching your favourite show, or whatever you love doing."
Anddddd use Pinterest (because that's what I do. :))

What do you do for fun?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
If you mean how I am relaxing during my free time, so :
1.watching various tv shows (about singing, dancing, cooking, baking and other talents or knowledge and other competitions - just now about surviving 👇😁)
2.reading crimi book
3.watching funny or historic or fantasy or thrilling series and movies
4.browsing social sites
5.chatting with friends or meeting my best friend and talking
6.going out to walk or bike (warm days)
7.visiting theatres and cinemas.
What do you do for fun

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook? Feel free to post pictures if you have any 😋🥘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I looove cooking simple but delicious pasta dishes. Broccoli/lemon/cheese pasta and feta chesse/cherry tomato pasta are my recent faves, but there are tons of other options and all of them are great!

cooking & cleaning is a basic life skill not a gender role, setuju ga?

agngprstya’s Profile PhotoYour Deepest Desire
yaps betul. karena penting untuk kehidupan sehari-hari biar stay alive, hidup mandiri tanpa bergantung pada orang lain. budaya patriarki juga ga sesuai dengan ajaran islam.
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How do you make biryani

Take cooking pan add 1 and half kg chicken add 4 diced onion ,4 diced tomatoes ,7 tbs yoghurt ,grated garlic add salt red chilli powder garam masala soonf powder fry in 1 cup oil ,add tsp black pepper corn ,4 Kali elaichi ,4 cardamom ,3 star anise ,2 nut meg ,4 cinnamon stick 10 cup water cook 46 minutes
2 cup boiled rice
Take cooking pan add chicken gravy now do 1st layering by putting rice cover gravy with rice now pour chicken gravy now do 2nd layering by putting all rice cook 15 minutes put tawa under cooking pan it's ready

How would you go about this? I’m a 21 year old college student working part time and lives at home with my dad. I do all the cooking (including buying groceries) and cleaning yet he still expects me to give half my paycheck to him.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
That's not fair especially if he doesn't do anything. Tell him you need the money as you are the one taking care of the house.

Have you ever made pizza at home? What kind of toppings do you like to have when you make them yourself? 🍕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
yeah. But it wasn't really a real pizza, because firstly, it was square, and secondly, topping... to be honest, I dream of one day cooking a real pizza with real ingredients.
usually at home I used to cook "beggar pizza": sausage/mushrooms/minced meat/bangers/all of this together/none of this (depending on what is at home, most often there are only mushrooms), the mandatory ingredient (sometimes the only one☻) is leczo (it's free, there's always at home, and there are tomatoes kind of), cheese/egg yolk (yeah, ew)/none of this. But my favorite pizza is triangular, with lots of cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil.

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook? Feel free to post pictures if you have any 😋🥘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love cooking pasta! There are so many ways to cook it. I would love to create pasta from scratch in the future and have my own pasta maker.
I also enjoy cooking fried rice dishes! 😄
What are some of your favorite dishes to cook Feel free to post pictures if you

What things does your partner do that annoys you

EVERY single time I take a bath he comes into the bathroom and says "boobs!" & he'll just stare at my boobs for a few minutes then leaves. Every time. It's annoying but it's also funny & cute so I don't mind it.
He also likes to come up behind me almost every nignt while i'm cooking & harass me until I smack him with the spoon. Usually he'll like grab my ass or snap my bra or try to steal food before it's done & i'll ask him if he wants me to be hit with the spoon, he'll do it again so I follow through & hit him with the spoon. True love😂🤍
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What are some of your favorite dishes to cook? Feel free to post pictures if you have any 😋🥘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't really enjoy cooking edible things. I feel safer with titrated solutions, hair dye or epoxy resin - if I mess up, at least I won't have to eat it later. I usually eat things like fruits, vegetables, or cereal crackers that don't need to be cooked.
However, recently I noticed that homemade jelly turns out much cheaper, more and I can control the amount of sugar. Honestly, it's not bad even without it. However, it takes too long to cook.

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook? Feel free to post pictures if you have any 😋🥘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My answer is quite lame and I must apologize in advance.
I do not cook but I am an excellent dishwasher. My idea of cooking is boiling water, peanut butter sandwiches, raw hot dogs with mustard and frozen dinners.
I admit that in some areas of my life I am not only useless but also incompetent. I try to compensate by fixing things and understanding how things work. But when it comes to eating? Garbage in --> garbage out. 😂😂😂😂😂

What makes ur day special ? Talk about it in some words.

mohamed7assan00’s Profile Photoنِيكُوتيِنْ
I am so attached to my family. If they are fine and doing well, I will be fine too. They are the most important thing in my entire life. I am doing my best to make them feel proud and satisfied. I like sharing my ideas with my bestfriend. Long unstoppable chatting about everything (fine or bad) makes me fine and stable. My cats are so adorable and each one has a significant character, noticing the little details and catching them doing their things makes me happy. Achieving something that makes my day productive has a good influence on me. A good movie/episode of my fav show, reading, cleaning, cooking or just relaxing is great too.

How do I tell my down stairs neighboors that the smell of there cooking is to much in my apartment?

Open a window, grab a bottle of wine and join them. Life is too short to yell in the hallway and disturb the other neighbors. =D
The Feast of Achelo (1615) / Peter Paul Rubens
How do I tell my down stairs neighboors that the smell of there cooking is to
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Happy Easter 🐇🐣🐰 🥚

mommywifeybadass198’s Profile Photoᴵ’ᵐ ʰⁱˢ Qᵘᵉᵉⁿ
Hope everyone has an amazing day and y’all make plenty of memories 😇🥰
As for my famILY and I we are cooking it up this morning, (for our Easter lunch, Easter desserts and this evening another crawfish boil) finishing the plastic eggs (with candy, money and glow sticks for our hunt tonight) cannot wait to spend time with all of our famILY
Happy Easter

If you live together with someone else may it be your partner, parents, roommates etc. how do you choose to divide household chores among you? What is it that you do? 🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Cooking for hubby, baking for me.
Tidying for hubby, cleaning for me.
Trash for hubby, cat toilet for me.
At the moment everything is messed up a bit because the little bean needs much attention some days. But we're trying pur best 😋

Do you have any scars

I do. However the majority of them are no longer visible, either because they have faded or because I have tattooed over 'em. Up until recently, the only scar on my body that was noticeable was the burn scar on my inner left arm. But that has also been covered with a tattoo now!
For those who might be curious about how I got such a scar in the first place, it was a cooking mishap. I was lifting some oven chips out of the (you guessed it) oven and I bumped myself on the arm with the scalding hot tray by accident. 🙃

Welches Essen ist für Chile bekannt und würdest du mir das empfehlen? :)

ShortMan679’s Profile PhotoSergej Fährlich
Oooh you make such good questions! 🤩 This is gonna be long:
In Chile the most common dishes are either streetfood or home-cooked . It's usual to eat Empanadas de Pino (meat dumplings) which are normally eaten at home with the family for the national holidays. Completos are also common and loved, it's the chilean hot dog, it has the bun, the sausage, avocado paste (we call it palta) and tomatoes and you can buy it in almost every corner for around just 1 euro. But we also have different dishes that are broth based, like Paila Marina which is seafood with its broth or Cazuela de Vacuno which is a beef soup with different vegetables. But the most delicious thing for me besides our traditional lemon pie is the bread. The bread is very different but soooo good.
Also, an easy way to incorporate chilean food to your cooking is doing our traditional tomato salad, which is done with peeled tomatoes cut in quarters, onion, salt and oil. It's soo simple but sehr lecker. You can eat it with rice and fish or meat 😎
The End

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If you're working atm, what is your job and how did you get into that line of work?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Not right now, but will be tomorrow. I work at Sociables (the social group I go to), I work on a Monday & I help out with the cooking & now I also help out with their social media which is there YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjGRPxcf628dvB_eypUjsKw) . I get paid too, not a lot, but hey it's better than nothing. They wanted me to help with the social media & they're gonna pay me extra for it, so that's great! :D How I got it was I talked to the boss of Sociables I wanted a little job & then she helped sorted it out on a Monday for me & some others join who wanna work too. Not very many of them at Sociables do wanna work, but some do.
If youre working atm what is your job and how did you get into that line of work

You often don't "feel" like cooking, do you? I mean, not to sound rude or disrespectful, don't get me wrong. But imagine not cooking when you have kids... lol poor things

Imagine not being able to read. I literally said what we ate before I said I didn't feel like cooking. My kids aren't going hungry. I'm fucking tired. Get the fuck over it.

👩🏻‍🍳 What would you rather have: a housekeeper, a cook or a chauffeur?

This is a tough one.
Especially since I am responsible for every aspect of my life and cannot yet delegate.
I want to have them all.
A butler and a personal assistant as well.
Although I wouldn't mind automating housekeeping, cooking, and driving.
So I wouldn't mind robots doing all that.
In that case, I might only need a personal assistant (just for the fun of human company).
And maybe a butler to make sure everything stays under control (I'd want someone to call me when the house is suddenly undertaken by an AI-led riot)

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