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How do you want to be remembered when you're gone?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
I want to be remembered as the person who always spoke their mind, but also knew when to keep their mouth shut. if people remember me for my ability to nap anywhere, anytime, well, that's just a talent that not everyone can appreciate. And if people remember me for my amazing cooking skills, that would be a pretty sweet legacy to leave behind.

do u agree that every household needs a woman? im a young adult living on his own and its hard to take care of the house i cnt do shxt. i hate cooking, cleaning, dusting sweeping scrubbing. i need my mom . she does it best after all thats what she's done all her life

Let me tell you a little secret... Your mum probably hates those things too. Women weren't born to be maids. Grow tf up and scrub your own sh*t 😂

How to deal with frustrations?

Coping mechanisms and strategies differ from person to person, depending on what's the source of your frustration. These sources can be both external and internal.
Sometimes it's because of build up emotions inside you, your capacity to hold on to those emotions, wo khatam ho jati he because it's just emotions generating and living inside you, there's no outlet for them to be channelized.
Sometimes it's because your psychological and biological needs are not met.
And sometimes it's simply because of something that goes out of your control or something that's not happening acc to your will, i.e., cognitive dissonance.
In any case, know your triggers, accept the situation, try to analyze the external/environmental causes, then look at what you're feeling as a result of those triggers (your internal state), introspect, try to have a solution focused approach.
Try to respond than to react. Mindfulness and exercise can also be very helpful in most of the cases.
I personally try to do something where I can experience control and that can act as catharsis. As in cooking or writing.
And, why do I always get such subjective questions. 🤧

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When you were a kid, what were some of your favorite home-cooked meals that you always looked forward to your family making? Have any of those turned into comfort foods you regularly eat now, as an adult? Have you ever attempted to make any of the recipes yourself? How did they turn out? 🤤

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I used to really love Sundays when I was a kid because I looked forward to my mom cooking our favorites like sinigang😄 Sinigang is a meat/seafood stew with sour fruits usually tamarind used as souring agent. It turned out to be one of my comfort food and I cook it myself sometimes since it's quick and easy.
Here’s a clip of my first time making it. It tastes okay considering there wasn’t much veggies, I only made do of what’s on my fridge😆
shaireen’s Video 173196769664

What's the WORST thing you've cooked/made to eat? Haha

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
My first try at making noodles was probably horrible. The noodles were hardly done at some point still hard to chew. The noodles also turned out too salty, while the tomato sauce was not salty or flavoured at all. I'm so sorry for my mom when she had to try this. x'D
I always liked baking more than cooking, but at least I can make some simple dishes that turn out decent nowadays.

What are some goals you have for yourself, this 2023? ☺️🎉🥂

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
@JoyouslyJoanna Figured I'd tag you, since this also answers a similar question you sent 😊
Last semester was quite intense for me, studying a course in political science at 100% speed while also writing my thesis. Now all of that is behind me and I'm now looking forward to a more chill semester. I'll be taking a course in CAD at 25% speed starting next week and one in graphical design at 50% speed starting in March. I also aim on working a bit on the side. I want to put more effort on keeping up a good workout schedule and get better at cooking. I've recently become a movie foreman at the student organization I'm active in. So another goal of mine is to make some real nice after movies and commercials 🎬🏊🍳
What are some goals you have for yourself this 2023

What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
When I was growing up, we'd wake up to a stocking on our beds that we could open as soon as we woke up. Which had lil stocking filler gifts etc in from santa. And then we would get ready for church. We'd go pick up my nonna, and go to the Christmas Mass that morning. Then go back home after and mum would start cooking the Christmas meal. We'd have music playing and we'd open the gifts that were under the tree from mum and dad, any other gifts from family members sent to us. And also more gifts from santa haha (obviously all by mum and dad but we saw them as seperate because we didn't know any different haha). Then we'd have the Christmas meal, and relax, or play games etc :). Usually my older siblings would travel down and spend it with us, or come down on the boxing day to spend it with us. And we'd have more gift exchanges.
My dad was also a part time DJ so every Christmas was party time to the max haha. Lights, lazers, bubble machines, you name it haha. And then again on new years :). I have many lovely memories at Christmas growing up.

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في نظرك كيف تكون طبيعة العلاقة المثالية و السوية بين الزوجين!!؟

Both parties should look out for each other, care for each other support each other. As for housekeeping, husband should help his wife if not the house should have a maid except for cooking it's done by the wife and everyone has a job but they don't forget their romantic roles. it's good to travel together every once in a while

How do you celebrate Christmas where you live? Do you have any regional foods, traditions etc.? 🎄🎁

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hi, Tobbe 🙂
Yes, we do have traditions and specific food we are cooking for Christmas. One of my favourite traditions is Christmas carols. https://youtu.be/eLxSMaLq_qoscreams6’s Video 171409078239 eLxSMaLq_qoscreams6’s Video 171409078239 eLxSMaLq_qo
We cannot practice this in the UK, but back home kids and adults on Christmas Eve go from house to house and they sing carols on. Then they have to be rewarded with fruits or money for prosperity and health. We practice this for New Year's Eve too.
As for food, I will attach a picture. 🥰
How do you celebrate Christmas where you live Do you have any regional foods

Ok but what is your content ?

medohosa’s Profile Photoحُسَآم *استغفر ربك*
Oh man I do everything and post everything. From daily life and family life to gaming, cooking, baking, modeling, my animal shelter and petsitting business, etc.
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Ok but what is your content

Are you superstitious in anyway?

respectfullyme1’s Profile PhotoThinker
I come from a culture that has many superstitions, but since I am a Christian, I don't believe in that 😁
Just today, my neighbor bought a good knife for cooking for my parents, but she hesitated to give it to me unless I give her a coin, because there is a superstition that if somebody gifts a knife, the receiver will have a fight with someone in the near future, so people in my country usually pay a coin, symbolically, so it's not a gift technically anymore 😂 That made me confused because I don't even know all of my culture's superstitions, but today I learned something new 🤦‍♀️😁
The most popular superstition thou is not going the way where a black cat crossed the street, but, my family has a black cat at home 😎
In my home country, in the city where I lived, there was a huge electric pole that was supported by a wooden log, that created a triangle-like entrance through it. All people in the neighborhood believed that if anyone walked through it, a stray dog would bite them, so they were bypassing it, or they walked through while touching the pole😅🤷🏻‍♀️
Of course, I didn't mind that and always walked through, but if my classmates were around, they literary dragged me another way, to help me avoid bad luck 😂

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Are you superstitious in anyway

On a scale of 1-10, how will you rate your cooking skills?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
والدتي ووالدي والعيلة الكريمة بيقولو نفسك حلو في الطبيخ الحمدلله.
بس صفر علي الشمال في المعجنات):
الواحد مش عارف بعد الgraduation هيهتم بالمعجنات، ولا بالعلم الشرعي، ولا هينزل الشغل🥹.

Do you prefer to cook or eat out?

It really depends on how tired I am. If I have worked all day I rather eat out. For a date too. But I do love cooking! Just wish I had more time for it.
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Do you prefer to cook or eat out
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How do you deal with a mental breakdown?

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Lots of crying, comfort food, comfort movies, art therapy, talking to a psychiatrist, taking anti depressants if recommended, going on a walk, observing and enjoying nature, writing, cooking, sleeping a lot, doing things at my own pace, spending time with loved ones, making a constant effort to get better, reminding myself that it's just a bad phase, not a bad life, everything is temporary even sadness...
All of this helps me.
Find out what works for you, what makes you feel even a little alive, and do that. Remember you're worthy, you deserve happiness. Allow yourself to heal. May Allah bless you. ♥️🌸🌻 Sending a big hug and prayers! ♥️

[white noise] here we go with most to least likely: • spoiler a comeback | • take care of others when their sick | • cry in a public place | • get drunk first | • have terrible cooking skills | • stay longest in the bathroom

jetzt wo die website aktualisiert ist, widmen wir uns auch den ask fragen! es hat sehr viel spaß gemacht, gerne mehr :D
» spoiler a comeback
nara . kanae . kaoru . tala . sooyun . saebom . yurim . narae . woori . belle . solbin
» take care of others when they’re sick
saebom . yurim . kaoru . nara . kanae . solbin . tala . woori . sooyun . narae . belle
» cry in a public place
yurim . saebom . nara . kanae . sooyun . woori . solbin . tala . narae . kaoru . belle
» get drunk first
sooyun . saebom . nara . yurim . kaoru . woori . kanae . narae . solbin . belle . tala
» have terrible cooking skills
nara . sooyun . kanae . kaoru . narae . tala . woori . belle . solbin . saebom . yurim
» stay longest in the bathroom
narae . tala . kanae . yurim . woori . kaoru . nara . saebom . solbin . sooyun . belle

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🎄 Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, what do you do around the holidays? :)

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Bake red velvet cake bars and cookies for 'santa' with my kids, take them to look at Christmas lights around the city, read them a Christmas story on Christmas Eve & give them their Christmas Eve box, celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve usually but idk if i'll be working or not this year. We have a big dinner Christmas Eve instead of Christmas bc I let my kids eat all the candy they got in their stockings on Christmas. Saves me from cooking on the holiday😂😂

Have you ever put something on too cook but fell asleep as it was cooking

absolutely not. i wouldn't give myself a chance to lay down and close my eyes if i was cooking something? lol
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When was the last time someone said "You are Best" ? 🥱

MoMz_Chuza’s Profile PhotoTHATGUYISNOT^
Last time my friends came to my house on 17 February on my birthday day , I made the best fajita pasta , bolognese pasta ,made basic vanilla pudding with caramelised sugar poured and custard with jelly and pit pie in the sky chocolate cake on dinning table .everyone liked my hand pasta ,pudding and custard.i got lots of compliments and my friend said : Mohammed you are best in cooking

First impression of me on you?

An introvert first of all... A rather different kind of introvert who kinda finds it difficult to accept it... Seems like you want people to get closer to you but you believe somehow you cant afford it... Temptations are always stored in freezer in your kitchen and doubts or alternative theories or ideas are always cooking on your stove... I am zonked as fuck right now warna main to answer bhi nai karta 😂

You’re having dinner with your partner, are you guys eating at a restaurant, ordering in or having a home cooked meal?

We like to do all three :)
Just depends what we fancy and on what day! I do like cooking together with my boyfriend :3 but eating out or ordering in is just as nice :D
Youre having dinner with your partner are you guys eating at a restaurant
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So is the man working while the woman sits in the kitchen cooking and doing housechores an outdated thing?

It's an old fashioned / out dated concept. There are still people who feel that way, though sadly alot of them go about it in a toxic manor. (Most of which are unfortunately men. Which is a statistical fact)
Realistically both men and women are on level playing fields. Despite what some may think.
Not to mention with the current situation amid rising costs etc, that outdated thinking could lead to financial struggles. Not to mention worse scenarios.
Personally both myself and my boyfriend work. We do the same hours and earn the same :)
We're both perfectly content with that! So I'm incredibly happy and fortunate to have a partner who doesn't see me as a lesser being that only deserves to be a servant.
So is the man working while the woman sits in the kitchen cooking and doing
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Mera naam Maryam hai, age 21, Karachi, height 5'7, zodiac sagittarius, im a university student or muje khane main sabkuch or sona bohat pasand hai....aurrr inky ilawa koi or sawal karlia karo🤦‍♀️😪

Maryam2181’s Profile PhotoMaryam
HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. My name is Hanan, age 23, islamabad, leo, i just got graduated, and i love eating and cooking almost everything, my hobbies consists of trying new makeup looks and baking, i was a social worker and yes i do use insta and snap but i only add highly selectives. And for the sake of God idk k meri ankhien itni bari kiu hain. 🤦🌚

Describe the process behind one of your favorite meals to make? 👩‍🍳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I make garlic chicken all the time. I heat up garlic and olive oil in a pan. Add thin sliced chicken breasts or thighs. Season well on both sides with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and poultry seasoning. Cook until it’s almost done, then add a bag of fresh spinach and sprinkle with grated Parmesan (grated, not powder). Put the lid on and finish cooking another 5 minutes until the spinach wilts and the parm melts. Serve with salad. It’s fabulous.

Have you ever had bad chippy before the food was horrible ect ?

missygls’s Profile PhotoGₑₘ ☆
I’m fortunate that I live somewhere where the chippies are mostly decent (certainly the ones we use). TBH I don’t recall ever having bad chips from a chippy.
I’ve bad food from various takeaways and restaurants here and there over the years, but I think the chippy chips have always been good!
(As an aside I once had a chow mein from a now-defunct Chinese takeaway, and they didn’t bother cooking the noodles at all. When I got down to them they were still dry and crunchy, straight out the packet …)

How can I lose weight in a sustainable way where I don’t suppress my appetite?

Sarbu2418’s Profile PhotoDr. Angry Bird
Set yourself a weight loss target. Make changes that work for your lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet. Don't give up if your progress is slow. Does It Work? You will likely lose weight on any diet if you eat less than 910 calories a day. But losing 10 pounds in 3 days is both unlikely and unhealthy. To lose just 1 pound of body fat, you need to reduce your daily calories by about 500 a day for a whole week.
Eat more foods high in fibre (ie black beans, pulses, nuts/seeds) with modest carbohydrate content.
2. Eat more protein rich foods. This can be any animal proteins, but in time, move to healthier alternatives (plant-based, oily fish etc).
3. The brain has a 20 minute lag effect in response to hormones released and the stomach stretching to inform us of our satiety. Drink a couple of glasses of water before mealtimes, eat more slowly (chewing food 20-30 times before swallowing) and take more time over your meal.
We need to change our association with food and our cognitive dissidence around eating habits. Moralising foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ encourages failure and leads to binging, largely undoing all the good work. Simply enjoy the right foods. Whether cooking for yourself, trying new ingredients and new recipes. There are plenty of delicious and tasty foods which do not cause weight gain. Certain vegetables, protein, berries and fibre-rich foods.
Hormones such as grelin, can suppress appetite, which ties in with low insulin levels (keep carbs to a minimum). A high protein/fibre, low-carb breakfast could help improve the hormones that reduce hunger. For example eggs, oats, nuts or porridge.

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wow hes got soo big time flies tbh x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
Oh definitely! It's crazy how fast time goes and how fast babies develop. He cleans, helps cooking, tries to talk, he's a full functioning person already. Madness!
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wow hes got soo big time flies tbh x

If you were to invite someone over for dinner and you wanted to really impress them with your cooking, what'd you make? Like, what's your absolute best dish to make? 👨‍🍳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am sure that any person will be impressed by my signature dish - burnt gаrbаge. Burning stuff - I engrossed with reading again...😅 By the way, I will probably get out of it by explaining that this is an Azerbaijani shish kebab or some fancy dish of French cuisine.

Co do gara włożyć żeby się najeść ? 😉

wyluzowaana’s Profile PhotoDziewczyna z Dobrym Sercem♀❥
What to put in a pot to eat?
Search the Internet for a dinner recipe that you would like to eat. Buy the items you need to prepare your dinner. Follow the cooking recipe and you will get the dinner you want
Poszukaj w Internecie przepis, na obiad który z chęcią byś zjadła. Kup potrzebne produkty, postępuj zgodnie z przepisem gotowania i masz obiad jaki chcesz

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