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How to deal with negative people?

Jannat khani
Negative people are very egoist. If you keep ignoring them for a few days, they themselves will leave you nd feed your faith constantly by remembering the Almighty. Focus on the good He has bestowed on you nd be ever grateful. When you live a life of gratitude, you see things which a negative mind can’t. Thank Him for everything and He will grant you more..!!
#StayBlessed 🙂

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Have you ever looked back at a situation and realised how deep it acc was but in that moment you took it very lightly?!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been going in the wrong direction, all it takes is one move, one jolt and the Almighty Allah can turn you around again. Heed the signs. Trust Him completely nd your heart will be at ease. He is the ultimate guide.. Indeed 🙂

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How's life treating you so far?💥

I hope one day u give ur heart to someone nd they will hold it tight as if it's their own. I hope one day u wake up nd have something or someone to live for. I hope one day u can go to bed smiling without a worry in the world. I hope one day the battle is over nd u've won. I hope one day u meet someone who makes u realize how beautiful u truly are... 😊

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Share Something.....?

اے خدا ! اِنج دی نظر کر دے
میری مٹی نوں معتبر کر دے
دن گذردے نیں رات دی صورت
میری ہر رات نوں سحر کر دے
رات گذرے تری عبادت وچ
میرے جیون نوں اِنج بسر کر دے
سبز گنبد رہوے نگاہواں وچ
ایسا لیکھاں دے وچ سفر کر دے
حمد لکھاں تے لفظ بول اُٹھّن
ایسا حرفاں دے وچ اثر کر دے
ہر قدم تے ستم دی اُسری دیوار
اپنی مہروں توں اس چ دَر کر دے
چھاں مِلے پاندھیاں نوں جس کولوں
مینوں گھن چھاواں اوہ شجر کر دے
تیرے کرماں دی حد نہیں کوئی
ایس بسمل تے وی نظر کر دے..

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