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Women don't have clean hearts and soul, they're tainted bitchs, even if she's masoom she'd look like a phudu girl

Idk what kind of frustration you have! Remember, perception matters, the way you are brought up and your environment you belong to matters too. Women are the purest souls its always the opposite gender who manipulate them. Being a girl you are posting such questions and disgracing nature, pity on your existence....

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Why boys lose feelings when they get a girl the want!!

La hasil hamesha zid hoti ha. Once you get what you want, you start losing interest. Phr jb tk apk pass rahay you don't bother. Jb door jaye then you start realising the importance.
So, Jo ha oski qadr krein Apni Anna or waqt guzari k liye kisi ko emotionally vulnerable na krein k bad me apko jawab dena mushkil hojaye Remember, in this world, Karma exists....

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