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what is life to you

arsal_11’s Profile PhotoArsal
Life to me is strange sometimes. All your expectations, investments and hopes get multiplied with zero and suddenly you feel impossible things going in your favour. Its a combination of being optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. For all those in the state of confusion and insecurities May Allah be there for you all♥️

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ask fm should name itself as depression community

zeerwah_’s Profile PhotoZeerwah
Tbh i miss the time here when people used to play different sort of games with each other, giving complements and acknowledging every single thing here was a trend. People used to make random couples just for fun. Appreciations and long paragraphs were dedicated to each other. I have logged in after years and i found people harrassing each other and giving unnecessary comments to each other. Even in midnight hours opening this app has just become a disturbance to mental peace. I miss the good old days i miss the ask community which was actually decent.


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