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I'm back

manobilli0287’s Profile Photomanobilli0287
Wese Watching insta reels are such an extreme sport
One moment you're seeing a random ass girl promoting her "OnlyFans" account.
You scroll through it and there's some Islamic post waiting for you.
And now you're at such a dilemma that it would be so weird to watch it at this point so you quicky scroll past it but then you feel guilty about skipping that Islamic content.
Such a madness i swear

Post something cringe.🦆

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
This insta page "Instant Bollywood" would often post a video of some Female Celebrity who has turned her back on camera walking away with a caption saying:
Guess the celebrity?
I mean how disgusting and objectifying, right?
Am i just suppose to guess the celebrity merely by looking at her Buttocks?huh
I'm not that guy, mayn.
but yes, that-ass JANHVI KAPOOR 🥶🥶

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