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idk how to explain it but as you get older, you can just tell when someone's gonna break your heart like you can just tell.

I haven’t experienced that since I was with the same person for so long but I can tell when someone is meant to be in my heart… not necessarily romantically but just in general.

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What does it mean when the left side of my hand and pinky twitches? Seems to happen after being in nature lately.

I haven’t heard of anything relating to that but if it seems to you that it means something I would pay close attention to your thoughts and surroundings when it’s happening. Maybe something trying to capture your attention. A sign of some sort.

Have you or anyone you know ever had cancer? What is the best thing to stop it?

Just one of my cats that has since passed. We tried some natural cures with him and he may have lived longer than expected but I don’t feel comfortable giving advice about this.


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