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Do you know what a Beard is? The pop culture definition. 🤣

They lost the instructions on how to use a razor 😂

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you were there for us we'll be there for you

Awww shucks.... thanks.............. Wait, what are we talking about 🤨

You, my friend, will need a strong woman to help protect you from the opinions of others. Fuck society 🙌

Like I ever gave AF about opinions.... and society can fondle my twins

why are all tops oversized or cropped? what happened to regular tops? no wonder girls shop from the men's section

You think you have problems 🙄
why are all tops oversized or cropped what happened to regular tops no wonder
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when do you introduce your partner to your family?

I don't.... it would be like feeding her to the wolves

in the current world where everyone is on their phones and any advancement by a man is creepy, how does in person work?

Well I walk my dogs.... they usually say that very foreign and alienated word "Hello"... Can I pet your dogs.... My answer, Then we have coffee?? BAM!!! I love my dogs 😁😁😁

How would you react and would you ever talk to someone again if they were to lie about something serious for the sake of pranking you?

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If the lie/prank was hurtful toward someone I knew... They're going to need a strong tool to un-pry my fingers from a neck😈

Do you tend to get your work/house chores done ahead of time or do you have a tendency to leave things till the last minute and get to work when you feel like doing so?

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I do chores as therapy on a daily basis... Nothing gets piled up
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Do you tend to intuitively sense there’s about to be a problem before the problem occurs?

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Yup... My Apey sense starts tingling


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