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Could it be possible that species from another planet or universe secretly resides in the unexplored depths of our oceans? the fact that our planet has it’s unique amount of oxygen that only us humans can inhabit, but there are mostly water and oceans in other planets that also remains unexplored.

mayaembers1’s Profile Photo✦ Maya ✧
It would be foolish to thing we are the only ones in this vast universe... So throw away your holy books and believe there's other out there more powerful than your "god"

Can you imagine if women didn’t have to compete and tear each other down? It would be wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s rare to share such a wonderful vision with everyone else being so catty and bitter. 😒

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Welcome to America

Do you believe that both the feminists and misogynist are the most problematic figures in society? Their argument about who’s sex and gender is more superior is rather counterproductive, when both sexes has strength and weaknesses that compliment each other.

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Absolutely... why does everyday life have to be a f*ck'n competition? Who GAF who can be better... We all die anyways


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