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Do you even have bikinis chelseaaaa

Literally posted one, and it got removed.
Enjoy the stretch marks 👍
Do you even have bikinis chelseaaaa

Bikini pic please you look so amazing

So I posted one and it's gone so someone must've reported it lol

Song recommendations?

Don't be nice-watsky
Tear the roof off- Bennie and watsky
Lose control-teddy swims
FML-Krizz Kaliko
How I'm feeling-(idk if it's tech 9 or krizz)

What clubs or out of school activities do your kids do?

Alexi is in National junior honor society, does yearbook, and is a tutor.
Aurora isn't in anything because of her anxiety. But she gets picked for kindness crew every year and is great.
School is out May 24th and Alexi will officially be a Freshman. Aurora will be a 4th grader.

Lowkey I am very sad. I remember when you posted a bikini pic way back when on your old account and you said you’d post an updated one when you lost weight but never did :c

Idk why you're so obsessed


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