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Don’t ignore the effort of someone who tries to keep in touch. It’s not all the time someone cares.

So true

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Be honest! Why are you on this app?

Was hoping this certain guy would ask me questions and change his mind about me but I know better then to think he would ever care.

If a man go out his ways to buy your kid toys or medicine. Does it mean he likes you? We had known each other for so long and we even had sex the other night but now i am so confused. We didnt talk about relationship but it just happened. He lives 2 hours away so next weekend he is driving to me.

It could mean he likes you !! (:

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I’m all over the place rn, making decisions, & doing what’s best for me 🤞🏽💗 I’m stressing, I’m learning, I’m bettering myself😭😭. I’m trusting the process & keeping my faith high🙏🏽❤️ Storms don’t last😩😩

Same !!! I hope evrything works out for you and gets better ❤️
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I lose a lot of hair in the shower and when I brush it. Does anyone know a way to prevent losing so much hair?

Brush it when it’s dry before you shower and then after shower when it’s dry brush it. Or use some detangler if your going to brush it wet
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