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Are you a clean or messy person?

I don't like things too clean because I want to be able to find stuff easily and at the same time I'm not a messy person because then I would lose stuff easily. So somewhere in between

Yeah I think it's going to be okay. Don't be a stranger, I am off for the night.

I think I'm supposed to be the one to say that since you are chatting from anonymous lol.
But yes great chatting and you're right it'll be fine.

Well you deserve it. I know that badge is just iCandy and all, but still lol.

We'll just see if they kept their word about the 1000 followers limit in order for you to qualify.
But honestly it's no big deal, so far there's a few people that's still around that I know but not many of them. I was afraid that would happen on a site like this not that it didn't happen plenty of times before out of the many years I've been on here. It's not surprising.

My ex girlfriend said she lied about being on birth control and I told her I refuse to help. I told her it’s my choice to be a parent she can do it alone or get abortion I’m not ready to be a parent and have no intentions of rushing it. She’s having it anyway am I wrong for not caring like at all?

It takes two people to make a baby. She was wrong for being a liar for birth control but at the same time you could have had the option to wear a condom. And since you're not a a real man to own up to your responsibility then I hope she takes you to court for child support.

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving and I'm glad you're back ya cute nurse. Btw how many followers? You need to get that blue check mark

Thanks for that. It's the scrubs I think lol.
Far as the checkmark is concerned, somehow I ended up gaining over 400 new followers in the course of 3 months during that time I took a hiatus.
So from 500 and something to a little bit over 920 followers currently, hmm. 🤔

We need some of the OG's back, it's nothing but bots and new people who don't know how to be social or to ask a question correctly

Even though I've been on and off of this app for more then half a decade I wouldn't call myself an OG.
But I'm actually going through the people who I follow and hopefully still finding signs of life.

Hey I haven't seen you around for a while how you been? It's the same friendly anonymous you've talked to before. 😊

I've been hella busy to the point where I hardly even get on the internet lol.
But I've been doing okay, goodness this website seems to be dying additionally. Half of the leaderboard has people on it who hasn't been active. 😔

I think I'm back. Kind of sort of, life has me really terribly busy right now. But I'll try to be active as much as I can. 👍

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