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What y'all favorite YouTubers I need new YouTubers to watch and what they do

Queen_Bri118’s Profile PhotoQueen_Bri118
My current faves are:
Marknarrations - he covers reddit stories such as AITA, relationship stories, etc.
CinemaTherapy - they talk about advice and psychological topics in movies.
TheBirdman (can't remember exact spelling) - he pokes fun at CinemaSins using logical arguments, and he covers movies.
EmKay - they cover all of reddit using jokes and opinions.

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How do u answer questions

I answer them as honestly as I can. Some answers take me awhile to figure out what to say, but others are simple.

Guys. Are the questions in my inbox actually directed at me? This whole time, I've thought these were questions that were jut up for grabs to answer :l

You get both shoutouts and personal questions. Personal questions will have "personal" under the question, and it's directed to you. Shoutouts are questions that are massed sent to everyone from one person.

are you disgusted by anything second hand (i.e. clothes, furniture, kitchenware, etc) or do you love a good steal even if it's free?

lagniappekayy’s Profile Photo.morgann.
As long as it's not in bad condition, I don't care if it's hand-me down or not. I'm happy with anything.

Do you think you should reframe from saying negative words in a argument?

If you mean insults, then yes. Otherwise the argument will only get worse.

Do you believe pets have a therapeutic effect on people's mental health?

Yes. Snuggling against a loved pet can help release serotonin and dopamine that calms and relaxes you.


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