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How'd you describe the kind of weather you often have where you live? ❄️🌧️☀️

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Hot and cold in the same week. One day it's in the 70s then a day or 2 later it's dropped to 28, and some sunny days mixed with rain or snowing in some areas.
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What is the most ridiculous nightmare you have ever had?

I once dreamed that my house appliances came to life and tried to kill me.

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Which Chinese year were you born in? Do you relate to the animal of said year in any way? 🐇🏮

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Year of the horse, and I haven't read much up on the traits of the Chinese zodiac so I'm unsure how I compare.

If you play video games, how much does achievements matter to you? Have you ever finished a game 100%? 🎮

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I always try to get 100% completion if I'm able to. Though, I'm not too bothered if that doesn't happen.
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