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How would you react if Aliens showed up at your house just to probe your chocolate funnel?

I met Danielle in Juvenile Detention and we always stuck together since, shes a true friend and i just want to say i love her.

(sorry if you receive this twice) I was just wondering what games do you all like on Nintendo Switch?

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The only video game i play is the real life thriller of being a clown
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What is your opinion on tattoos?

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I have a tattoo of Pennywise holding a balloon on my arm. I'm kind of like a person who would paint a clown face on my face everyday but i can't go to important events looking like i got a mental illness 👍🏻

You know wut Angela.. I do forgive you. Wanna have a holy baby together? Own it! Come back! We can work this out! But u have to want it! If not then I dont want it anymore either! Give and take, 50/50. We can start over, why are u so against it? Now I know, now you get the nice honest loyal! #realme

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They really thought they could block in a 800hp corvette and break reinforced glass lol no plates no case, no face no case.
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im blocking all the freaks on here that were sending me nasty messages for the past 2 YEARS smh🥴

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Honestly they will do it on throw away accounts, i'm dealing with another talking to other people on here and they think its me when its not lol its just some weird person on anonymous trying to get a rise

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What's something you feel good about doing?

Taking care of my friend when she is blackout drunk 😂 i put one of her granny's diapers on her before and it saved her bed 👍🏻 plus i feel good just making sure she gets home safe
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