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Gamers, which Call of Duty campaign was your favourite? Mine would be a Modern Warfare 1 and 2 the originals. The Modern Warfare remake wasn’t that bad either, but you can’t beat the originals!

SlimMan’s Profile PhotoBilly Walker
None I don't play fps games

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What does it usually mean when a man send me “xxxx” in the end of texting? 4x

He is attracted to you

Why don't you like to have s*ex? What's the problem with you?

I just gave no interest in it, I would much rather cuddle up and watch movies than have sex. To me sex is a means of reproduction not pleasure.

Why don't you like sex? Are u disabled? Or what?

I just gave no interest in it, I would much rather cuddle up and watch movies than have sex. Also asking if someone is dasabled is rather rude.

If Ask were to become defunct like Formspring, would you try to look for an alternative Q&A app such as Tellonym?


It's disgustingly hot, I loathe this weather so much. Can we pls just skip summer and jump to cozy sweater season?

I agree I hate the sun and heat

Hi I asked her out In person, would you like to meet for sports and dinner She blushed and said,I'm sure we can arrange something on WhatsApp.its been 3 days and havent text once nor has she.Should I give her more time.Bad online, but better in person.Thankyou Write your answer...

Hannesja’s Profile PhotoHannesja
Message her and arrange something don't be a dick and make her wait

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If I were your girlfriend, would you give all your money?

No and as my girlfriend you shouldnt expect that. 50/50 is only way a relationship works

Going to sleep for a while Anyone wana get into the blanket with me?

Yes offer to have minors get in bed with you, smart move

why did people keep their radios on top of the fridge? even my parents. there's a picture of me standing in the kitchen when i was 3 and our radio was on the fridge. it's a very old pic though from 2009. we aint had a radio since then lol but bruh why tf was it ona fridge im saekfgkdgffgfgfe

Higher up for better signal. Also thanks for making me feel old "very old picture from 2009" in 2009 i was 15


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