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How do you maintain work -life balance 😊

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
I only work 2 maybe 3 times a week but I'm hopefully soon going to be looking after my cousins (paid work) I look after my nephew but I get paid in drinks instead of money haha. I don't care about money all that much I know how to save if/when I need to so work is simple, life I hate. There's not much I enjoy anymore when I'm not working I'm just at home gaming or reading but I'm gonna get into wood burning soon and then hopefully eventually I'm going to work out how to tattoo, doubtful but I hope I can work it out on my own I just need the stuff/money

What game(s) are you most excited for? 🎮

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
There are four games in particular that comes to mind that I'm especially excited to play this fall! 🎮
Warhammer 40K Space Marine 2 💀
A friend of mine convinced me to try the first game, despite it being quite old I quite liked it! So I'm very excited for the sequel, with seemingly more fun enemies to fight, absolutely gorgeous visuals and full on co-op campaign and missions. Am looking forward to playing through it with friends!
Kingdom Come Deliverance II 🏰
Despite it sometimes being a little janky, I absolutely loved the first game with it's attention to detail and it staying true to medieval Bohemia. It was also great to play a game where you aren't a typical action hero, but the lazy son of a blacksmith who can't read or write who's suddenly thrown into war. The sequel seems to be bigger and better in every single way and I'm beyond hyped!
Indiana Jones and The Great Circle 🗿
I'm a big fan of the original three Indy movies and this game is set in between Raiders of The lost ark and The Last Crusade. It's made by Machinegames, a Swedish studio which made the Wolfenstein reboots. They've successfully made fun first person games where you fight n@zis in the past, so I hope they can do the same with Indy! Some gameplay they showed recently looks promising!
Star Wars Outlaws 🌌
I think Star Wars gaming has gone strong, better than the recent live action shows! Now I'm very curious how it'll be when non-EA studios are allowed to make Star Wars games, in this case with Ubisoft! I hope this game won't have too many Far Cry / Assassin's Creed like elements and more be it's own thing but I'm cautiously optimistic! It's seems to be a more gritty game which doesn't focus on Jedi which I like! It's also made by a Swedish studio! If it wasn't for me wanting to play the game when it's finished, I could've signed up to be a tester for that game Haha

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What games are you most excited for

How long have you been using social media for and how has your relationship with it evolved over the years?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
I would say I have been using social media properly for about fourteen years now. I joined Facebook in 2010. Prior to that, I had accounts on various art and gaming forums, but as I said a little while back, I've never really thought of those as being 'social media' platforms. Even though I suppose, technically, they are. To me, they felt significantly different from, say, Facebook and Instagram. But I digress.
As for my relationship with social media.... Hoo, boy. Let's just say it's been a journey! These days I prefer to keep a rather minimal social media presence. Most of my accounts are set to private and that's how I like it. There was a time, about six or seven years ago now, when I desperately wanted to become an "influencer". Needless to say, that didn't pan out.
(Thank god!) 😅

How are you? What are your weekend plans?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Oh hi! So, I have two separate versions of this question in my inbox (amongst many others that accumulated during my short absence) and I want to answer them both so, I'm going to use this one to talk about what I did last weekend... I hope you don't mind!
But to answer your question, I'm doing good! Last weekend I went on a short trip with my fiance to one of our favourite cities, Manchester, for his thirtieth birthday. Manchester has a lot of personal significance to us. It was one of the first places we travelled to together as a couple, way back in 2018. It was also where we got engaged, some years after.
We spent our time exploring, mostly. We had a couple of places in mind where we definitely wanted to go-- namely Pixel Bar, which is a gaming bar, and our favourite Teppanyaki restaurant in Chinatown. But other than that, we mosty played it by ear! We spent a lot of time just looking around, seeing what we could find.
We also got a bit too drunk on cocktails and woke up with a pretty gnarly hangover on day three, but it was easily remedied with the help of a very, VERY strong coffee. 🤣 🥲
All in all, we had a pretty great time. It was nice to revisit some of the same spots and relive the memories we made years ago, while also making some new memories. 💕
(Pictured: Some street art we spotted in the Northern Quarter. Ducks!!)

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How are you What are your weekend plans

Richard is probably happy that you're going on a trip because then he can have a built-in excuse for why he isn't seeing you. His ideal life is getting blasted while gaming, vegging out, seeing his friends and having a phone-relationship with you where he cosplays being a grown man.

Well of course he’s excited that I’m going to Spain and jokingly I said you should come too since you speak Spanish it would be perfect

What are the 80s and 90s consoles that you owned? And are you a fan of retro gaming?

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Sega Game Gear. Many of the old games are available on Switch with my subscription. Yes, I prefer older games. Sometimes I cannot believe how simple some of the new ones are. It makes it kinda boring but at least I don’t get angited. 🤣

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I don't have one! However, we're currently in the process of renovating our second bedroom into an office/personal library sort of space for myself... So I am going to have to purchase a computer chair for myself at some point in the near future! I'm open to recommendations if you have any... 👀

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I "game" in my bed lmfao.
My office chair is older, not sure if the brand & my husband's was off Amazon but idk what brand it was. I like his better lol
Liked by: Tobbe Kasey e✨️

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have a very good chair in the office in ergonomic shape👇. For me it is comfortable to have elbows and knees in right angles, to have high back side and shaped middle part 🤩👍
If you have an office  gaming chair that you regularly use what kind is it What

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have my gaming chair from DXRacer Formula (F08-NR) and I love it! It is sturdy, comfortable and the fabric is so nice and soft whilst easy to clean!
I didn’t attach the back pillow, so I can take it away when I feel like it. 😌 I actually basically always have it in my back, but there are times where I just don’t want it to be there.
Sad thing: the one I got isn’t made anymore.
This one is also adjustable, but it’s not as adjustable as the office chair I have at work! We have a BMA Axia! Literally everything is adjustable, so cool!
If you have an office  gaming chair that you regularly use what kind is it What

If you have an office / gaming chair that you regularly use, what kind is it? What do you think of it? 👍👎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would be more comfortable sitting in a regular chair.
I like simplicity😌👍🏻
If you have an office  gaming chair that you regularly use what kind is it What

Which gaming system specs would i need to play every game?

My specs
Windows 10 (preferred)
CPU: Ryzen 9-7900X
GPU: RX 7900XTX (24GB)
Chipset: X670
Hard drive: 5TB Toshiba (internal)
Solid State Drive: Samsung 990 PRO 1TB (Internal)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 128GB DDR5 (5600mhz)
PSU: Corsair HXi 1000w

Was social media a part of your childhood?

lostineden’s Profile PhotoLost in Eden •°•☆
It was not. Social media was around during my preteen and early teens, albeit it was still in its infancy. I am fairly certain that myspace and facebook were around but seeing how I was about ten years old at the time, I wasn't allowed to use them.
Instead, my first experiences of socializing on the internet occurred on gaming websites and art/anime/music forums, which I suppose you could argue are also social media in and of themselves. To me though, they've always felt very different from one another.
I didn't end up joining 'social media' as we know it today 'til I was around seventeen, when I opened a facebook account. I joined instagram a couple of years later, shortly before I turned twenty. Somewhere in down the line I also made a twitter and a youtube channel, both of which are deactivated now.
To summarise: no, social media wasn't a part of my childhood (not until the very end) and in a way, I'm glad that it wasn't. It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others online and I think, if I'd had social media in my young teens, it would've had a catastrophic effect on my already rather fragile self-esteem.
I'm glad I got to avoid all of that... For the most part, at least.

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Who do you like watching on Youtube? ▶️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Oh wow... where to start? 😂 YouTube is definitely my most used app! First and foremost, I enjoy watching several gaming related creators, like Scott the Woz, his dry humour always cracks me up! His side channel Scott's Stash is also fun! Then I watch various Sea of Thieves creators like Phuzzybond, Cliff The Story Guy and AShinyRay. Even though I don't really play DBD anymore, I still enjoy watching Otzdarva quite a lot! Then I watch a few D&D creators, like Pointy Hat, Critical Role and Blaine Simple. Then I have a few urban planning channels I enjoy! Like NotJustBikes, Adam Something and City Beatiful! And to finish off with a lightning round: Good Mythical Morning, Corridor Digital, Brickcrafts, Linus Tech Tips... I could go on and on honestly Haha!
Who do you like watching on Youtube

1. Какого цвета твоя любимая кружка для чая? 2. Что самое страшное залетало/заползало к тебе в дом? 3. Покупал(-а) потерянные посылки? Какое наполнение там было? 4. Свидание на улице или в помещении? 5. Чем любишь заниматься на пляже? 6. Каким opyжиeм владеешь лучше всего?

1. Белого цвета с объёмной фигуркой корги.
2. У меня всё время открыта форточка, когда я дома, и на вечер к окну сползаются пауки. Уже несколько раз они умудрялись падать на оконную раму и спускаться вниз на подоконник в то время, когда я закрывала форточку. Они небольшие, но я всё равно не уверена в их безобидности, поэтому очень боюсь и, да простит меня Вселенная, yбuвaю их.
3. Мне дарили такую на День рождения ещё в Америке. Она очень окупилась, потому что внутри была бритва Braun, электрическая мухобойка 😁, наушники Razer Barracuda без чехлов, игровая клавиатура Mars Gaming, автомобильный держатель для телефона, щётка для вычёсывания шерсти, картриджи для принтера и мелочи по типу нескольких адаптеров, карт памяти и слабых павербанков.
4. Если речь о первом свидании, то главное только чтобы место было тихим. Но зимой, понятное дело, улица не годится.
5. Люблю почитать, но буквально час-два. Обычно я прихожу на пляж только, чтобы покупаться, потом иду сразу спать или заниматься другими делами.
6. Не владею пока что.

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Are there any discontinued products you used to enjoy that you wish were still available in stores? 💁

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
As far as I know, my current office chair is discontinued! So if I wanted to get a new one for whatever reason, I just can't! But if this one were to break, I think I'd try and find one with a taller backrest, more akin to a typical gaming chair! Though I haven't found one with padded armrests, which I want! Also, I really used to enjoy a certain Marabou chocolate with whole mini-oreos inside! I don't think they're discontinued per say, my store just doesn't sell them anymore. Then I miss semlor! But those are just a very seasonal thing, they'll come back next year! 🥲
Are there any discontinued products you used to enjoy  that you wish were still

How do you njoy your lonely time??

lonely_pearl’s Profile Photolonely_pearl
There is alot of things. I train, go on a drive/ ride. Go on a walk or jog.
Work on cars. Learn something new. Netflix and chill. Gaming. Coffee. Travel. Music. Something adventurous. Rarely do nothing and be lazy. Sometimes smoke. List goes on and on and on. It totally depends on my mood.

Kogo ciekawego macie w tym roku na juwenaliach?

katja_krist’s Profile PhotoKATJA KRIST
Juwenalia są obchodzone na studiach dziennych, niemniej studenci kierunków dla pracujących również mogą uczestniczyć w juwenaliach. Cytuję z programu juwenaliów:
"Line-up Juwenaliów UEK 2024
Na scenie Koncertu Głównego Juwenaliów UEK będziemy mieli okazję zobaczyć Video, VINAI, Topic, Otsochodzi, braci Kacperczyk i Żabsona. Poza ogromną dawką muzycznych doznań, organizatorzy zapewniają także niesamowitą atmosferę, która zapewni niezapomniane wrażenia. Juwenalia UEK zapewniają nie tylko świetną rozrywkę muzyczną, ale także różnorodne wydarzenia i atrakcje dla studentów. Od wydarzeń związanych z modą, sportem i e-sportem, po kino plenerowe, stand-up i koncert muzyki rockowej! To doskonała okazja do spędzenia czasu razem.
Juwenalia UEK 2024
Juwenalia UEK już trwają. W najbliższych dniach zapraszamy na nadchodzące wydarzenia:
06.05 - UEK Gaming Stage
07.05 - Stand-up Stage UEK
08.05 - Silent Party UEK
09.05 - Noc Kinowe UEK & Festiwal Food Trucków
10.05 - Koncert Główny"
https://youtu.be/HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4k Video - Szminki róż

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KubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4k

Redmi note 13pro koi use kr raha? Kesa mobile hai ye?

It's a good phone. I'm using a 256gb variant by the way with 8gb ram and 4gb extended ram. Its indeed a great phone but this time redmei has put a virtual proximity sensor in it instead of a hardware sensor. I bought it for gaming and i play call of duty and lost light on it and it's pretty dope in gameplay as well. With 200 megapixel hdr shot, its camera is not that bad for a 70000 rs phone.

What activities/hobbies give you dopamine? (What hobbies make you go absolutely crazy?)

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I absolutely LOVE hiking, bowling, gaming, hairstyling, doing makeup, cooking, baking, drawing, painting, and writing. I also, love going to amusement parks and festivals, but it’s rare I actually get a chance to go to either one. I was lucky enough though, to experience TWO festivals last year, and it made me so happy! 😁
However, hiking has to be one of the top ones… Especially if it’s a more difficult hike, and you get the payoff of an amazing view at the end, plus being out in nature, it doesn’t get much better than that for me. Like the amount of dopamine is HIGH! 😂☺️
(Took this after completing one of many hikes in Hawaii. This is what I mean when I say payoff.) 😍
What activitieshobbies give you dopamine What hobbies make you go absolutely

I fell in love with the idea of owning a mobile home for the garden. They're awesome and affordable 😭. What's something you'd really, really love to have? 🤩

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I really like the idea of having a dedicated media room once I get a house! Like a place where I can have some comfy seats and a projector set up! And a siiick gaming rig in the corner 😊 Like the one place I can house some more nerdy stuff, in comparison with the rest of the decor Haha
I fell in love with the idea of owning a  mobile home for the garden Theyre

An was denkst du gerade?

Indie-Developer sind so süß und supportive. Ich habe einen kleinen Bug eines Early Access Spiels (Snacko) beschrieben und die Antwort und Hilfestellung, die ich erhielt, war so wholesome. Jetzt will ich mit einer Schachtel Pralinen und Blumen in ein imaginäres Gaming Studio rennen und alle supporten, die fleißig Spiele entwickeln und nicht von Großkonzernen gefressen und ausgespuckt wurden. :<

How are you doing? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’m doing so, so good! My insurance/medication issue has been resolved and in the best way possible, aka I still can get my meds. 🥳😁
I also, recently got back to gaming as I haven’t played anything, Sims included, for 7 months. It’s felt SO good to get back to it! I’m very excited to keep playing. ☺️
How are you doing

Why don't you watch new movies? Do you get anxiety because you don't know how it's going to end?

I don’t watch any movies at the moment, because I don’t have the time for it and I don’t want to make the time for it. In the short moment of free time I have errands to run or time to spend with my boyfriend, which is gaming mostly. 😊

I don't want to sound mean but why do men not have hobbies? or if they do, it's always either gaming, sports and in a more modern fashion crypto. I want to see more unconventional men, men who break stereotypes. Like, go crochet, go do nails, go do something different.

I know men who like to paint, play music, write, cook etc. Maybe you just don't know the right dudes

🌼 как вы относитесь к регрессии? Был ли у вас такой опыт?

vcirkova763’s Profile Photoспроси Curly
Welcome to my world
Для справки: Регре́ссия(лат. Regressus — обратное движение) — защитный механизм, являющийся формой психологического приспособления в ситуации конфликта или тревоги, когда человек бессознательно прибегает к более ранним, менее зрелым и менее адекватным образцам поведения, которые кажутся ему гарантирующими защиту и безопасность. Иными словами, человек начинает вести себя как маленький ребенок. Даже если это большой взрослый, он может подойти к детям (но он не воспитатель и не родитель), и поиграть с ними.
Опыта нету, но знаю людей которые вместо современных "тяжёлых" видеоигр, предпочитают играть в 8ми и 16ные игры. Это не регрессия, это ретрогейминг (от слова retro - старый, gaming - игровой. В данном контексте, старые игры). Или например, он может обнять подушку, представляя что это плюшевый медвежонок (с которым расстались в далеком детстве). Надеюсь правильно ответил на твой вопрос)).
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 08/04/24
Time: 21:02

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как вы относитесь к регрессии Был ли у вас такой опыт

Do you spend a lot of time on the internet and if not, how do you avoid being online for so many hours?

I spend quite a lot of my time on the internet/online.
Part is for my work, another part is for my personal enjoyment.
I can’t avoid being online during work. I want to be online in my free time because my boyfriend and I live quite a distance apart from each other and we mostly see each other online.
I often try to be offline on social media by listening to music, gaming, reading a book, working, walking/being outside.
Do you spend a lot of time on the internet and if not how do you avoid being

What's your favorite daily routine?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Idk about favorite, but my routine is pretty consistent. Wake up, let the dogs out, breakfast with the dogs, shower, and then it depends. If I'm off I'm usually reading or gaming with a drink. Then I usually cook/meal prep when it cools off in the evenings. If I'm due to work I try to clean or work on a project until time to go. That's about all. Unless something of particular interest comes up

منو بيكم اله واهس بسوالف الكيمنك ps5 او xbox او pc و البنات هم الكم واهس بهذا الشي و كل واحد يكتبلنه بدربه شنو لعبة المفضلة او احلى لعبة جربهاا و استمتع بيها

MohammedAlmubaraka’s Profile PhotoMOHAMMED ALMUBARAKA
مو كلش إلي واهس بال gaming
آخر لعبة جان إلي واهس بيها من بعد ماريو هي درايفر
اذكرت اني جان عندي شغف جزئي بأن ادوس بانزين بسباقات السيارات
بس مؤخراً أكتشفت نوع ألعاب تعجبني الي هو عبالك فلم مو لعبة مثل gris
منو بيكم اله واهس بسوالف الكيمنك 
ps5 او xbox او pc
و البنات هم الكم واهس بهذا

Have you ever spilled liquid on something which shouldn't get wet? What did you do then? Was that thing okay afterwards? 💧💻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I spilled quite an amount of water on my laptop during a gaming session once. I immediately turned the power off and let it dry for a couple of days.
I also contacted my insurance company to tell them what happened and that it might be damaged, but I still wanted to try it out after letting it dry for a couple of days. Luckily my laptop was just fine! 😊

What's your favorite form of entertainment?

My favorite form of entertainment is gaming. It has been this way ever since I was a child.
Everytime I want to take a break from my work, I usually launch a game and play it for several hours.
To some people, this might seem like a waste of time. But to me, it is something that helps me reassemble my own thoughts. Sometimes, I even work on something that I have in mind (A good example are the multitude of Pixel Arts that I made throughout the years), so it can be quite an interesting experience.
In other words, gaming is the perfect entertainment for me. No stress. No people to annoy you. Just peace and quiet, away from all the bad things in the world.

What’s something that you’ve recently become interested in/developed a passion for? Can be anything! (For example, I’ve become very interested in learning mythology lately, even bought some books about it). 🤔🤩

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
That's very interesting. 🙂
I've recently got back into and rediscovered my passion for gaming. I still haven't touched my PlayStation in over a year, but I'm now playing on my Switch daily and whenever I can. It's great as it keeps me busy. Less time to be alone with my thoughts haha.

Habt ihr nicht manchmal das Gefühl, wenn ihr Bus/Bahn fährt oder ähnliche Dinge tut bei dem viele Menschen um euch herum sind, dass manche NPC’S sind?

Aus Sicht des Universums sind wir alle NPCs gefangen auf einem kleinen unwichtigen Planeten am Rande einer unwichtigen Galaxie und wir nehmen uns trotzdem viel zu wichtig. Diese NPCs halten das System für uns am laufen. Man kann mit den Meisten sogar sinnvolle Unterhaltungen führen - versuche das mal beim Gaming. Dein zukünftiges Schicksal sitzt vielleicht irgendwo in diesem Bus als NPC getarnt ...
Habt ihr nicht manchmal das Gefühl wenn ihr BusBahn fährt oder ähnliche Dinge

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