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middag is het met mijn ook goed ge gaan liefje van mijn xxxx ik hou met heel mijn hart van jou lief lief lekker stuk van mijn xxxx love you met heel mijn hart lief lekker ding van mijn xxxx duizend 78.199 kusjes voor mijn liefje xxxx en duizend 78.199 knuffels voor mijn liefje straks ben ik op werk


Just installed this app, I don't know how it works. Is this like threads?

Fatima_Zehra3’s Profile PhotoSevda
Not at all. You ask questions to friends and strangers, and you answer them as well.

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Best place to dine out for two person, privacy lazmi pls within budget of 2k in Islamabad? Privacy bht achi ho place ke

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I wouldn't know I'm afraid, but hope you got some useful answers.

Zijn hakken leuk om te dragen

Ligt aan de persoon en de situatie, I guess. Niet zoveel ervaring mee.

greetings!!!!! What book do you reread often and why?

U rarely reread any books, actually.. 🤔

Had you ever kicked a random metal bottle cap that was laying on the street somewhere?

It has happened before, yes

I know of a very dangerous person that thinks she's being very slick that likes to hack social media accounts and has hundreds of profiles if you would like the story or a full list get all of me

Please raise your drama in the form of a question.


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