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Why here anyone is not interested in fun

I'm sure plenty of people are interested in the fun of asking and answering questions.

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Hey!!! I had been lied to for 3 years and then confessed to lying (not cheating)... How you would act?

Difficult to say, it also depends on all of the circumstances and who it was. And how big the chance it that things would improve from there, that would take a lot of convincing..

what are your life goals?💯

shirley15482’s Profile Photoshirley
I want a larger home just putside the city, a sort of mansion to call my own for generations to come. And to make the world a slightly better place. :)
What are yours?

I am alone looking for a girlfriend❤️🤗😏

Good luck. But this is not really the place for it.

Wat is iets dat de meeste mensen niet weten over jou?

Ja, dat ga ik hier natuurlijk niet plaatsen he 😇

you so addorible with cosplay outfit keep it up dont give up,music :) much love

Which cosplay outfit would that be? :)

Waarom is het zo moeilijk loyale vrienden te vinden die in je leven blijven?

Mensen veranderen nu eenmaal, ontwikkelen andere interesses of gaan een andere kant uit in het leven die anders is als de jouwe.
Vriendschappen verwateren soms, maar: nieuwe vriendschappen ontstaan ook weer..

Do you love me 💗?

This question comes by a lot and asking it anonymously is a bit senseless. Is this spam?


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