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ہے پھر کیوں آنکھوں میں نمی؟؟

RaziaShah_’s Profile PhotoKURKURE ❥
Sometimes it feels like I should talk to you. i know already, you would love to talk, but still, I stop myself. Sometimes people get closer with nicest of intentions but when they split apart they have lost a small part of them, a tiny little piece of them, somewhere in each other. I have always wondered why they call it emptiness. Seems like its all those missing pieces, isn't it...

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If you could magically change one thing in your life, what would it be?

shahzadmeelu’s Profile PhotoShahzad Ahmad Wayne
Dudeness there are almost no ifs and what ifs in my life, mainly which address my lack of might... My ifs are like "if he calls me, i will tell him or i will call him myself in an hour" or "if there is some chicken in the fridge then i will make it tonight's dinner or i will eat whatever is there"

میرے وجود کے طے خانے میں شکستا خواہشوں کے انگنت آسیب بستے ہیں۔ جو آدھی رات کو روتے ہیں اور آدھی رات کو ہنستے ہیں۔

itx_Umii’s Profile PhotoThe DARKEST
Why are you doing this to this epic sad poem... You just practically fucked the poem...

Can you please feed me with your hands. 😢❤️

I dont wash my hands after washing my arse... Is it okay to you???

If you want to second wife anyone, please please please pick me. Me abbu ko mana lu gi. 😭😍

Only if you have pink nipples...


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