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Piece of poetry on Autumn season?

afiyah_khan’s Profile Photoعافیہ
A sonnet of the fall...
I say I love the autumn...
but I love its fashion more...
I like its visual expressions.
But its autumn nights that I adore...
Night oh night, quiet
Ningh so long and cold
It undresses the trees when its freezing and its dark
Trees that sigh and mourn losing them leaves and bark...
And when at dawn you find the dew
Lying down in their feet
Placed upon them dead leaves
delecately spreaded underneath
You find this aluring, you feel like its romance
But its a tragedy, ask the moon if you get the chance...

I had seen him crying in my dream Should i take this matter seriously

And what will be the serious take on this matter from your side???

If you were loml, i would have asked you to shut up and stop texting me when i am tired. No forced conversations.

IF: everything ends in the beginning of the sentence...
Liked by: Unza Zulfiqar

yar everyone says i am very pretty when they meet me but why i dont feel myself pretty people calle magroor but i never feel myself pretty

اس ساری بات کا مقصد؟؟؟

Har kar sochtay rehtay hai k haara kiya hai

dr_lecter__’s Profile Photodr_lecter__
نہ کوئی مرتا ہے، نہ کوئی مارتا ہے۔ یہ میں نہیں کہتا۔ گیتا میں لکھا ہے۔
Har kar sochtay rehtay hai k haara kiya hai


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