Ask @XaviourTheHoratio:

How to console your friend jiska paper bura hua ho?

To keep faith and and don't lose or give up hope cause the miracles are held up there and many things can be set upside down with just a lil hope and belief and trust
Be positive encounter whats negative and makes you go the wrong end and lane cause its not worth trying cause you are gonna get lost in it mate and it takes a lot more effort getting out once you in it instead when you can avoid it to begin with

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Tbh/ You are the person who is just amazing in all his ways and younnowat hamza the main thing about you is that you have a pure heart and that literally make someone melts about you so yeah keep going with that and In sha Allah one day you'll write the part of that story you want :'))

JazakAllah bro means alot
InShaAllah bro
Same goes for you like myself you have and is fighting battles learning and writing a story of your own 😊

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Do you think procrastination and posting sad things on the internet is a trend, nowadays or people are actually going through it irl?

Everyone is fighting thier own battles at a Different Level and State and we Tend to React in Various Ways taking into Consideration the Deriving Factors which can either be Optimism or Pessimism out of it.
We all get Tested at some Age in our Lives. The only way to Surpass and Triumph over it is to be Understanding, Patient, Calm, Tolerant and Observing Silence and Offering your Prayers and Seeking Help from the One Above who is the Sole Entity that always Fulfills amd Provides.😊

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