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Because at the end of the day , we need re charging too. But hamain charge karnay kay time pay koi nazar nai ata , because kahin na kahin , ham bhi waisay hi muhabbat aur sath chahtay hain jaisa ham detay rahay logo ko. Thats the sad reality. I dont know if you relate or not

ofc I can relate to whatever you just said cos honestly I dont have the energy to talk or respond to people anymore, I used to stay active on this app back then spreading positivity, making jokes & socializing etc, but not anymore

I dont know about others. But clearly , ur energy levels have dropped , you used to be vibrant , always spreading positivity with jokes , and overall radiating a different kind of optimism. Now you seem a bit quiet. Aisay pyaro logo kay sath yehi hota hai hamesha because main khud aisa hi hun.

I SWEAR. there comes a point in life when you realize how much nonsense things/people you wasted your time on. You start accepting things what they really are and you stop forcing friendships and connections with people, you just grow.

آسک کی عوام کے نام کوئ خاص پیغام؟✍

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idk but people who send anonymous hate questions are the biggest losers istg. what's the point in being horrible and tearing people down when you could just be nice? How can you live with yourself knowing you purposely made someone feel awful? lmao get a hobby

Do you have someone in your life who you feel close to? Or someone who might get this status? (STAIF)

i feel like i don’t really have any friends anymore. i have people i used to be close with, in one way or another who used to check up on me from time to time, but i don’t think i’m close with anyone anymore. i feel like i closed myself off big time

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