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why do guys do this? there's this random guy to whom I talked Anonymously, he then unticked (I'd like to mention he hasn't posted his picture) we talked for an hour almost he asked for my WhatsApp, I usually don't add up but I kinda wanted to add him, and the other day he ghosted me!

Talk to someone and share your emotions and pain...! You'll feel better surely...!

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I always wonder. Kya jese movies main dekhaty hain waise Larkay hoty hain? Jo aik hi larki se pyar kare for the rest of their lives? Jo un ko special feel krwaye. Or jinko us larki k elawa koi larki nazar naa aye. Jo hotay hain ayse. They deserve all the respect. They are the real man. 🤍

G hote hain ese larke but larkia apne attitude ko thora side pe rakh ke dekhein to I am sure you'll find the loyal one...!

What kind of person you were in school?

A guy who entertains whole class by arguing with the teacher and not a nerd but still get good grades...!

Your favorite/ recommended song from 90's and early 20's

aleena_kamran1’s Profile PhotoAleenah~||
I can give you whole playlist LOL ...!
Chalo ek baar phir se Ajnabi banjaye humdono...!
Rafta Rafta wo meri hasti ka samaan hogye ...!
Aapki nazro ne samjha pyar ke kaabil mujhe ...!
Chupke Chupke raat din ansu bahana yaad hai ...!
Mujhe tum nazar se gira to rahe ho...!
Yeh mera deewanapan hai ...!
Awara hoon ...!

These are just few that I recalled right now...!


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