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Share your dp ki story? 🌸

Many people ask me why I’m covering my hair. Here is the answer ✅👇🏻
Hijab is not for Angel’s, Hijab is for flawed beautiful humans, who’re saying everytime that they’re trying. And there’s so much beauty in that struggle. Allah sees it. Never belittle any act of love and worship.
Hijab is a big test, May Allah reward all sisters who’re either wearing Hijab, in the process of wearing Hijab or Struggling with Hijab BECAUSE i know it’s not easy.
REMEMBER, Every strand of Hair and every inch of skin you cover for Allah , You will be rewarded for it in hereafter.
Allah is Al baseer, and is a witness to all efforts, May Allah reward us all. Ameen 😇💫

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Night thoughts? 🥀🌚

Farquan Chaudhary
Haram relationships will always bring more depression than happiness. Girls think they have found the love of their life while guys often use “Love” as a mask of their desires, not knowing that they are both just sinking into depression.
One heart hardened by deceit, the other hardened by sadness
A real man, will always find a way to your parents, no excuses, no lies, no using you or keeping you on a leash.
-Hard Truth🥀

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