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A line for me suggestion/advice/criticism/compliment anything?

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It would amount to judging you 🙈 but kher i'll suggest you to learn new things that make you happy and keep your mind active 🖤
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i have frequent fights with my bsf and im so tired of it. she has a problem with one of my other friendsand doesnt want me to talk to her, she is so much more imp to me and i love her but i cant cut off my other friend, shes a good person. i just cant handle it anymore what do i do

Make them both sit in front of each other. Tell her to take out what she's got for your other friend. After that you being a mediator sort things between them.
You three would be the best trio afterwards 🌸

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Chal aa aik aesi nazam kahun jo..

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Jo lafz kahoon who ho jaye
Bas askh kahoon to ik ansoo
Tere gorey gaal ko dho jaye
Main aa lekhoon to aa jaye
Main baith lekhoon to aa bethey
Mere saney pr sar rakhey to
Main neend kahoon to so jaye 🌸
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