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You can text me on my Instagram we can further discuss things there.

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I'm sorry, it's been 5 months, and now I don't even remember what we were talking about.

I used to date this guy.. He was really really nice and actually took care of me. But had zero ambitions about his career. And never tried to get a job or get settled not to mention he was the only son of his family. So i eventually dumped him. But now i don't know what i did was right. Opinion..

Deciding to end a relationship based on differing ambitions and long term goals is a personal choice. It's important to prioritize your own values and future plans. Reflect on whether your decision aligns with what you want in a partner and life. Communication about these concerns could have been an alternative, but ultimately, your well being matters in relationships.

How to deal with depression?? It is draining my soul

If you think you are becoming a burden on everyone; ain't able to think straight; can't focus on your studies/life, just keep one thing in your mind. That's not depression. Neither are you a villain of some edgy psychological-horror movie. You're an ordinary person, who has put himself into this cage of social media. You're just stuck inside of it & no one could help you with that, so, stop running to people for gaining sympathy & stop with the excuse of using them as material to cope with your so-called self-made depression. In depression a person can't hold a phone even can't type a word, patient feel excessive trembling in body and can get a side effect which is dangerous. Doc don't allow screening in depression. If you are depress and still using social media without any disturbance then you are just sad not in depression!
You need a break from social media. That's all you need. You've gotten so deeper into it that now it's all over your head & you're so dependent on that. Help yourself, save your self-esteem.

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When someone says I love you, Wallahi so many of them are just saying it because it's just like saying hello , hi, hru. If people can say LOL without Laughing they can say I love you without loving. And YK what I love you means sometimes nowadays, I want to use you. So be careful, abstain. Be strict

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Love is the biggest scam of all


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