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Aaj apun ne apna crush bhi chor deya... Ub relation wali hope he dafaan hogae hai🥹

saadsk9’s Profile PhotoSaad
Jani don’t lose hope, everything has a time n place where it happens.
Set your targets, achieve them and you’ll get everything else as byproduct.
Aur ma tja motivate krta aasy hu jasay langra dusray langray ko sahara de raha ho 🤣😂🤦🏻‍♂️🌚

PAP. 🍫

John McLaughlin: Mr President you’ve got best of all worlds. You’ve created the illusion and that would be your word, that you have the b ô m b but you don’t have the b ö m b, so you still gonna get the american aid and you still gonna keep endia off balanced.
Gen Zia ul Haq: I am not indulging in self praise but Pakistanis are intelligent people. 😈

Thoughts 💭 on NEW Batman movie ?

alfax1’s Profile PhotoSHARJEEL ALI ♾
This version of Batman is probably not as good as the Christopher Nolan Trilogy, but it’s still worth the hype because this one sticks to the comic books “Batman Year One”, “Batman Year Two” and “Batman Ego and other tales”. This batman is kinda realistic as compared to other batman movies, moreover this batman is a dark detective type rather than the types we are used to.
No offense, but according to normies who watch senseless action movies with no proper storyline said Batman is such a boring movie. (They watch $hitty endian movies and are like best movie bro) These kinda movie watchers ruined new movies cuz they just want action and film studios are influenced by this demographic and their money so they make pointless action movies. 🤦🏻‍♂️😒
Why am I writing like a movie critic 🤔🤣


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