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پسندیدہ اشعار ✨

“Tu ne puchi ha imamat ke haqeeqat mujh se
Haq tujhe meri tarah sahib-e-asrar kare,
Ha wohi tere zamane ka imam-e-barhaq
Jo tujhe hazir-o-mojood se bezar kare,
Mout ke aaeene me tujh ko dikha kr rukh-e-dost
Zindagi tere liya aur bhi dushwar kare,
De ke ehsas-e-zayan tera lahoo garma de
Faqr ki saan charha kar tujhe talwar kare,
Fitna-e-millat-e-baiza ha imamat us ki
Jo Musalman ko salateen ka prestar kare!”
Zarb-e-Kaleem 49
Dr Muhammad Iqbal

Which northern area of Pakistan is your favorite?

Osaama98’s Profile PhotoUSAAMA
The Northern Pakistan region as a whole is truly spectacular, yet the Satrangi Lake in Naltar Valley stands out as an exceptional gem. The visual splendor of this location cannot be fully captured through mere photographs or videos.
arqamayub’s Video 171400722442

Song that depicts your current mood ?🌚 Mine :bhega bhega sa ye December hai ,bheegi bheegi si tangai h "

dictator_1059’s Profile Photoexistential crisis
Look in the mirror of my mind
Turning the pages of my life
Walking the path so many paced a million times
Drown out the voices in the air
Leaving the ones that never cared
Picking the pieces up and building to the sky
My patience is waning
Is this entertaining?
Song that depicts your current mood 
Mine bhega bhega sa ye December hai bheegi


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