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What do you suggest, how Pakistan needs to help Palestine in current situation? 🇵🇸 🇵🇰

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Jis mulak ke حکمران apnii شہ رگ ko 75 salon se ملی نغمے sunate aa rhy hain, You think they will stand up for the Muslims of another country?
they can only posts on social media. Even Indians have posted that "we are with the Muslims of Palestinians". aise toh hr koi Posts kr raha hai, bat toh tb hai jb Pakistan koi stand ly, lkn bat toh wohii aa gayii "Pakistan ne hm kashmirion ko bhi 75 salon se ملی نغمے hi sunaye hain"
And I can say with certainty that the Palestinians have no hope for anyone but ALLAH because they know better.

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